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One Last Final Kiss

Remus knew that it was hopeless to wait every night for something to happen. He knew better than that, but kept it in the bottom of his brain and out of his heart. He wanted something to happen though he knew sorrowly that it wouldn't. It couldn't.

It was hard to believe that everything was possible when it really wasn't to Remus. Wizards and witches had been roaming the earth for thousands of years, yet Remus is ashamed that not one of them has found out how to bring back the dead. He wishes they would hurry.

Remus is still in love with something gone forever. It's too hard to admit, with tears already interrupting his everyday life, and memories floating into his brain idly. He was in love and he was sure that he had loved him too, but now that he was forever gone, he doubted it, because he had left Remus alone with no caution.

He wants one more kiss. He wants one more memory and one more hope that helps him remember that he isn't turning insane hoping for him to return from the dead. He hopes nightly in his bed through blurry visions of salty tears that if he simply closes his eyes and reaches out, he will feel him. And he will touch him. And he might, just might, be able to have one last final kiss.

And Remus clings on to hope, and hope guides him to a place where all he can do is cry and wish and wish and wish that this wasn't all a horrid dream. He wants to be back. Back with the memories of happy life, life where he can feel his gloved hand in his, running down an icy slope, or where he can remember the feel of his breath on his lips, or where he can hear his deep laugh echoing in his ears, or where he can taste the freshness of the air with him, or where he can see his determined and delighted face. Just one more time.

But pleading won't help him. He is alone and he only knows in the bottom of his heart. The part where the rest of the awful world lies.

But hope is still with him, and he holds on, wishing and dreaming and hoping that he will return for one final and last kiss.

But all of this has driven Remus insane. Insane at the heart, at the brain, and at the soul. He wants to feel him by his side, and he closes his eyes very tightly, he swears he can. And as clearly as he has ever, and that is what keeps Remus alive; knowing that he is not so very alone and hollow.

Life had left his bitter, but he had not. It wasn't wise to dwell on dreams and forget to live, but Remus wasn't living anymore. So maybe it might just be possible. It just might be possible if he closes his eyes and calls him name softly, and wishes for one last final kiss.