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Chapter 1

The waves splashed quietly on the shore, giving the beach and the ocean a peaceful and tranquil look. A young man with silver hair and blue eyes sat silently on the beach, he wore a simple blue jacket and black pants , quite different from the outfit he wore only a few months ago. His eyes gazed into the sky, silent tears were running down his cheek, and he didn't know why. "Are you crying?" a voice asked from the young man's side. The silver haired man turned slightly to see a tall man with black hair tied back in a sort of braid. He wore a green looking robe and he had white pants with a red rope tied around it. Attached to the material was a sheath and its sword. The silver haired man turned back to the sky and smiled weakly.

"It's nothing, just thinking about the good old days," the silver haired man said. The taller man smiled as he walked up to the side of his friend.

"And you are thinking about her, aren't you...chaos?" the tall man asked. The young man named chaos sighed as he turned his head to look at the man.

"You can always tell what's happening in this head of mine," chaos commented. "You are an interesting person...Jin Uzuki." Jin chuckled slightly as he gazed at the water.

"I'm not that interesting, I just can read you like a book," Jin said. "You are always thinking about her aren't you?"

"I can't help it, I miss her," chaos said simply. "I really want her to find her way here, but, at the same time, I don't won't her to come here."

"Why?" Jin asked as he got down on the sand and stretched out his legs. "Don't you love her?"

"Yeah, I do, but, it would never work," chaos sighed. "I don't know if I can even handle being near her. I might experience some emotions, and may end up hurting her."

"You won't hurt her, and, I think she cares for you as well, as hard as that may be," Jin said. The man closed his eyes and lend his head back, letting the wind brush up against his face. chaos turned his head slightly to stare at Jin.

"What if I tell her, she won't even know what love is," chaos commented. Jin laughed slightly as he opened his eyes and stared at his silver haired friend.

"If I remember correctly, she is more human now. She'll probably know what you're talking about," Jin said.

"I hope," chaos sighed again.

"Maybe we can ask my sister when they arrive if she can make her even more human," Jin said.

"That would be great, but, we have to find her first," chaos pointed out.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we will find her," Jin said. He gave a deep breath as he got off the ground and turned to chaos, his hand now extended. chaos took it and was hoisted up off the ground. "We can talk about this later. Abel and Nephilim have called a meeting."

"I guess we should get going," chaos said simply. Jin gave a nod, and together, the two friends headed off towards the location of the small village. chaos's mind swarming with thoughts of Shion, Allen, MOMO, Ziggy, Jr., the crew of the Elsa and Durandal, and...KOS-MOS.


Shion gave a small yawn as she got herself out of her small bed. She walked over to the closet and slipped on some clothes, and then she headed off towards the bridge. She saw Allen come out of his room. She gave him a small smile as she walked up to him. She placed her arms around him and gave him a short kiss. "Good morning," she said.

"Good morning to you too chief," Allen said.

"For the last time call me Shion, we are a couple now, you don't need to call me chief wherever we go," Shion said with annoyance.

"S-Sorry ch-I mean Shion," Allen said, quickly correcting himself. Shion shook her head as he made for the bridge. She looked around to see the drones going about their business. They entered the bridge and saw Jr. leaning up against the wall. At the computers on the right side of the ship sat Shelly, and beside her was Mary. Tony was busy guiding the ship forward, while Hammer was messing with controls. Captain Matthews lit a cigarette and gave a sigh as he watched the ships progress. He was board like everyone else. Jr. turned slightly to gaze at both Allen and Shion.

"Good morning you two, sleep well?" Jr. asked.

"I slept fine thank you," Shion replied.

"Same here," Allen answered. Jr. nodded before turning back to face Allen.

"The Professor has requested that you be sent down to the robot academy immediately," Jr. said. Allen nodded and turned to Shion.

"I'll see you later," Allen said. He gave her a quick kiss before heading towards the robot academy.

"Getting comfy with Allen?" Jr. asked with a smile.

"W-What?" Shion asked with surprise.

"Come on, don't try and hide it, you two are in love," Jr. chuckled.

"Shut up!" Shion snapped at him.

"Little Mastah," came Mary's voice. Jr. turned to look at her.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Your little girlfriend is on the line," Mary replied. Jr. blushed as he caught Shion's smile.

"What's so funny," Jr. snapped.

"Your giving me a hard time about being in love, and look at you," Shion laughed.

"Very funny," Jr. said sarcastically. He turned and walked over to the console. His mind plotting ideas of revenge he can deal to the girl. He got to the console and saw MOMO staring at him.

"Hey," MOMO said happily. Jr. forgot his anger towards Shion as he smiled at his friend, and his secret crush for that matter. He was to scared to tell her how he felt.

"Hi, how are you doing?" Jr. asked.

"Just peachy," MOMO replied.

"That's good, what's the old man and Mizrahi doing?" Jr. asked.

"Oh, Ziggy and mom are out somewhere, I can only imagine what they are doing," MOMO said with a snicker.

"What's so funny?" Jr. asked confused.

"You are so dense," MOMO groaned.

"Am not," Jr. said defensively.

"I was implying that they are probably on a date or something," MOMO said.

"What!" Jr. exclaimed in a voice of pure shock. The others on the bridge turned to see what Jr. was yelling about. "I can't believe this, the old man and Mizrahi a couple, wouldn't that be like...weird?"

"I guess," MOMO said as she placed a finger on her chin and thought. "She is human and he is a cyborg, but, it could still work."

"I can't believe this, even the old man is getting someone to love," Jr. mumbled.

"Anyway," MOMO's voice cut through Jr.'s thoughts. "How is the search for Lost Jerusalem going?"

"It's kind of boring, but I have a feeling we will be there shortly," Jr. said confidently.

"I hope so," MOMO said with a smile. "When you find it can you give me a call, Ziggy and myself will head over there then. I really want to see chaos again."

"Do you love chaos or something?" Jr. asked, a hint of sadness in his voice.

"What! No, no, he is a good friend, and I really enjoyed hanging out with him. He's also older than me," MOMO said, fear evident in her voice. She didn't like chaos in that way, and just hearing that freaked her out.

"Oh, okay," Jr. said. He sighed in his head, he was happy that she didn't think of chaos in that way. "Don't worry, we will call you."

"Thanks, talk to you later then," MOMO said, the past comment about chaos completely forgotten. Jr. nodded and turned off the communication device.

"Little Master!":Hammer called. Jr. looked over to see what the man wanted.

"What is it?" Jr. asked.

"There is a planet coming in range," Hammer said.

"Can you tell what kind of planet it is?" Captain Matthews asked.

"I can try," Hammer said. He quickly pressed some buttons, turning to Shelly and Mary to see what they could get. "The readings match up perfectly," he finally said. "That planet is putting off the same signature as our home world."

"Then that means," Jr. said with his hand on his chin.

"That it's Lost Jerusalem," Shion finished for the U.R.T.V. Jr. nodded at her before moving his eyes to gaze at Tony.

"All right Tony, take us full speed towards that planet," Jr. commanded. "We will be seeing chaos before dinner."

"Got it Little Master!" Tony exclaimed as he pushed the throttle of the Elsa into full speed. The ship launched forward at an amazing speed. Everyone was anxious to reach the planet after months and months of searching. As they neared the planet, they could make out the details that show that it is in fact Lost Jerusalem. The ship suddenly shuddered. Jr. and Shion were thrown to the ground while the others were thrown into their different consoles.

"What the hell was that?" Jr. asked no one in particular as he got himself off the ground. He turned his eyes to gaze out the window and saw a squadron of A.M.W.S. units flying near them, their guns at the ready. "Damn," Jr. muttered.

"What was that!" a voice yelled from the doorway. The members on the bridge turned to see The Professor, Allen, and Scott standing beside each other.

"Shion!" Allen yelled as he ran over to pick her up off the ground.

"Don't worry Allen, nothings wrong," Shion tried to assure him. But he wouldn't let up as he scanned every part of her body. When he was convinced that she was fine, he gave her a quick kiss.

"I was just worried," Allen said. "I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I understand," Shion said with a meaningful look. "It's okay."

"No time to celebrate, every one brace yourselves, we need to break through to the planet," Jr. said. "Tony!"

"On it," Tony said as he pushed the throttle and the Elsa stormed towards the planet. The crew felt another blast as one of the A.M.W.S. fired at the ship.

"Damn, can't they leave us alone," Jr. growled. The ship took a pounding as it continued its run towards the planet. One blast shot into one of the engines and made the ship slow down considerably.

"Damn," Hammer screamed in a panic voice. "They took out the engine. They will get us at this rate."

"This is pathetic, we finally find the planet, and now we are about to be killed," Captain Matthews growled. Jr. turned and watched as one of the A.M.W.S. approached the bridge. His face turned into a snarl as he waited for the inevitable end.


"What do you mean!" chaos shouted as he smashed his hands on the table he was at.

"I'm serious," Nephilim said. "There are A.M.W.S. units on the outside of this planet."

"How could they find their way here," chaos growled.

"That I can't tell you. But, it is obvious that who ever sent them knows exactly where this planet is," Nephilim said.

"There has also been a report that a ship is closing in on this vicinity," Abel commented. "And I'm betting that the A.M.W.S. will attack them on site."

"Do you want us to go out and save that ship?" chaos asked.

"I want you to take out those A.M.W.S. and turn that vessel around," Nephilim instructed.

"But, what if its the Elsa?" chaos asked.

"You will contact me if it is," Nephilim said. "And together with Abel, we'll decide if they will be allowed to land."

"What!" Jin finally spoke up. "Why do you have to think about it? They helped us remember. As far as I'm concern they are allowed to come to this planet."

"That may be true," Nephilim sighed.

"But, we need to make sure that their reasons are pure," Abel said. "If it is then we will use our power to sense their hearts, and find out what their plans are."

"I'm sorry, but if we find out that they are here for reasons we don't approve of. We will send them away," Nephilim said. "Now, go chaos and Jin."

"Yes Nephilim," chaos sighed as he made his way out of the room.

"Don't worry, we will take care of this," Jin commented as he also left the room. chaos and Jin made their way through the village and to the starport that was set up to hold any ships that the planet produced, and the E.S.'s. chaos and Jin entered the starport and headed over to one of the four E.S.'s.

"Good morning chaos and Jin," a voice said from their side. They turned to see a group of small children run up to them. "What are you doing today?"

"We got to go out on a mission in space," chaos told them.

"Ah man, are you going to be long?" one of the kids asked.

"We shouldn't be," Jin told the kids. "We will finish this up as quick as possible."

"So, you'll have time to play with us?" another kid asked.

"Sorry, maybe tomorrow," Jin said.

"Why?" one of the kids asked.

"Because, after we get back, we'll need to head back home," chaos said. "I've got a lot of stuff to clean up. I'm sorry."

"It's okay chaos and Jin, we will see you tomorrow then," another kid said. With that the group of kids ran out of the starport and to the beach, most likely, to play. chaos sighed to himself as he made his way towards the E.S.'s.

"What are we going to do if the others are allowed to land?" Jin asked.

"What do you mean?" chaos asked as he turned his eyes towards Jin.

"I mean we have four E.S.'s, and there is probably going to be eight people," Jin began. "So, who will pilot which one?"

"Don't worry about that Jin, we will decide when they get here," chaos sighed. Jin nodded as they reached the E.S. Asher. "Let's get going." Jin climbed into the pilot's seat, while chaos took the co-pilot chair above him. They turned on their controls and made sure everything was running smoothly.

"This is E.S. Asher, ready to launch," Jin spoke over the communication device.

"Understood E.S. Asher, all systems are green, launch when ready," a voice at the other end said. Jin nodded to himself as he turned off the device and prepared to lift off from the starport.

"Here we go," Jin said. He pushed the throttle forward and the E.S. Asher launched out of the starport. They exited the atmosphere shortly after take off, and they could make out a ship heading towards the planet, it was in fact the Elsa. A squadron of A.M.W.S. were firing at the ship, and one blast hit the engines.

"They will be destroyed at that rate," chaos said. He aimed the two guns on the E.S.'s shoulders and fired. The two blasts took down two of the A.M.W.S. that were in the back. The E.S. then lifted up the guns on each of its arms and fired rapidly, taking out a total of three more A.M.W.S. units. One of the units headed towards Asher, who merely rolled to the side, firing its cannons at the exact time, taking out the enemy unit. chaos turned his head to stare at the Elsa and he could make out an A.M.W.S. heading towards the bridge. "Jin!" Jin looked up at chaos. "Over there." Jin followed his friends site to see an A.M.W.S. prepare to fire at the bridge.

"Damn," Jin said. He turned the Asher and headed full speed towards the A.M.W.S. chaos aimed the cannons on the Asher's shoulder, and fired at the enemy unit, destroying it. The Asher flew by the bridge, and chaos glanced to the side to see a wide eyed Jr. staring at them. He smiled as the Asher turned and began to take down the other enemy units.


The others watched as the A.M.W.S. approached the ship, each with their teeth gritted as they watched the gun take aim. In an instant a blast came from the side and completely destroyed the unit. "It can't be," Shion muttered.

"It is, it's the Asher," Allen said.

"I thought the Asher was destroyed in that battle at Michtam," Shion said.

"It was, it must have been rebuilt," Jr. said with wide eyes as he watched the Asher pass by the bridge. They then saw the Asher turn sharply and headed towards the other enemy units. They couldn't believe their eyes as the Asher maneuvered expertly, and destroyed enemy units like they were nothing.

"I wonder who's piloting it?" Hammer asked.

"That I don't know, but whoever it is has a lot to answer for," Jr. growled. "I hate it when someone else uses the Asher."

"Let's not get angry Little Mastah," Mary said.

"Ya, your right," Jr. said with a sigh as he turned back to the battle at hand. He just hoped that whoever this guy was, he was on their side.


Jin flipped the Asher in the air to dodge a sword that one of the enemy units held. He then turned the guns and fired a rapid shot at the unit. He then rolled the Asher to the left to dodge a two beam blasts. chaos aimed the cannons and fired two shots, destroying the attacking units. "One more," Jin said as he shifted the Asher around to face the other one. This last enemy unit headed at full speed towards the Asher, its gun blazing. Jin ducked down and launched to a spot directly under the unit. Jin smiled as he lifted up the device on the Asher's arm. He shoved the device into the unit, and activated the swords that extended from the weapon. Piercing the armor of the unit, and, destroying it.

"That's that," chaos said with a sigh. Jin nodded as he moved the Asher towards the Elsa. chaos's eyes caught a glimpse of something floating along side the Elsa. "Jin, over there." Jin followed chaos's finger and headed over to the object. He slowly lifted the Asher's hands so that it could grab it. chaos looked down and his breath caught in his throat. It was KOS-MOS.

"I guess we did find her," Jin smiled.

"Yeah," chaos whispered.

"You okay?" Jin asked.

"Huh? Oh, I'm just peachy," chaos said as he pressed some controls.

"What is it," the voice of Nephilim asked over the communications device.

"The ships is that of the Elsa," chaos began. "And we also found the remains of..." chaos broke off slightly.

"KOS-MOS," Jin finished for him. chaos gave him a thankful look.

"Hmmm...that is wonderful," Nephilim said. There was a long pause over the line, Nephilim and Abel were probably using their powers at the moment. After a while Nephilim finally spoke up, "They are allowed to land. Please guide them in."

"Understood," chaos said. He turned off the device and turned towards the Elsa. "You are allowed to land on Lost Jerusalem. Please follow us."

"Understood," came the voice of Captain Matthews. chaos smiled slightly at the look of surprise that would be evident on their faces. He took one last glance to KOS-MOS who was still in the Asher's hands.

"Let's go Jin," chaos whispered.

"Right," Jin said. He turned the Asher towards the planet and headed towards it, the Elsa right behind them. chaos closed his eyes slightly, and thought of KOS-MOS the whole way to the starport.

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