An Aussie Supernatural Experience

Sequel to An Australian Supernatural Christmas.

Disclaimer: Hmm the usual applies I guess, everything that is not out of my fetid imagination belongs to Kripke and crew. Including Sam and Dean. Although, they still need customs clearance to get out of Australia! Hehehe.


Author's note: On my way back home from my holidays in Sydney, I had the misfortune to have a tyre blowout, on the highway, virtually in the middle of nowhere; it took the roadside help nearly 3 hours to fix it for me. (coz of my shoulder I can't physically do things like that anymore,) I had thunder, lightening, and pouring rain while I waited and during the fixing of the tyre. I was about 500 kms from Sydney and had just under another 400 kms to go to get home to Bendigo. The nearest town I found out later was about 16 kms away still too far to walk in a storm and on the side of a national highway! While I sat there waiting I started to think about how to write this into a new story. What if the roadside guys were sent to the wrong spot deliberately by an unknown source? What if when they finally get to the car the driver is gone, no trace of a struggle, nothing, and the keys are still in the ignition with all the driver's luggage and bag; turns out that there had been periodic disappearances along the same stretch of highway, from Gundagai to Albury. So here goes...



'You sure that you want to do this?'

'Yeah why? You in such a hurry to get back?'

'Well ... no ... but.'

'But what?'

'Well we're not exactly legally here; we should be getting the passports and tickets off Annette and heading back to the states.'

'And miss out on cruising through a different country.'

'It's not like we can just drive across the border to be back in America ... it's a sixteen hour ...flight.'

'What? What's that look for?'

'That's it, we have to fly back the proper way, and you are avoiding it.'

'Am not.'

'Are too, just admit it Dean you are starting to freak out at the thought of the long flight home.'

'Sammy ... where's you sense of adventure?'

'Dean please ... think about this, we have overstayed already, we were supposed to have gone back ... Dude do you know what tomorrow is?'

'What has that got to do with it?'

'Nothing ... it's just I forgot the date there for a minute, but wow it is too.'

'Don't go there Sammy, just don't go there.'

'Why? You give me crap about mine every year.'

'Yeah but that's different.'

'How is that different?'

'I'm the older brother it's my job to give you crap.'

'I thought that it goes around the other way, the younger brother is supposed to give the older one crap especially when it comes to birthdays.'

'Don't go there Sammy, I already told you.'

'What Dean? You gonna hit me with your walking frame?'

'Yuck it up Sammy, while you still can.'

'Seriously Dean we're nearly out of money and we can't keep taking from Annette she's already done too much.'

'Well, ya see it's kinda like this.'

'Dean where did you get that from?'

'Well, geek boy while you were checking out the local history I was doing some business.'

'Dean ... you didn't?'

'Yep gotta make money where you can.'

'So you really want to stay?'

'Just another week that's all; we can drive to Sydney and get a flight out from there.'

'Drive across country? You? Dean you keep forgetting your left from your right.'

'Can I help it if everything here is backwards?'

'Ever think that's what the Aussies say about America?'

'Oh funny Sammy, very funny.'

'What about a car?'

'I rebooked the one we got, that's how I worked out with Sydney, turns out that they have a depot up there, we can drop the car off when we done with it at the airport, near their office.'

'You really thought this through?'

'Sure have, apparently it's about a twelve hour drive if you drive straight through but I was thinking we could stop on the border for a night, get some fishing in, rest and relaxation and then move on to Sydney after that.'

'Dean you never cease to amaze me!'

'What's that look for?'

'Dean ... nothing I didn't have a look.'

'You so did.'

'So do I get a chance to have a say in these plans of yours?'

'Yeah always Sammy you know that.'

'Uhhuh sure I do.'

'Aw come on Sam where's your sense of adventure?'

'I lost it driving with you after we left the clinic.'

'Oh come on, think of it this way it's a different version of our road trip, just detouring through another country.'


'Saaammm, Sammy, Sam, Dude come on it'll be fun.'

'Fun? I think you and I have two different definitions of fun.'

'Don't make me do it Sam, don't make me pull out the big guns.'

'Oh now I'm really enthralled at the thought of a twelve hour drive with you at the wheel driving on the left side safely.'

'Think of it as an extreme sport, look we're both still recovering and we didn't really have a vacation since leaving the clinic, considering we had to keep an eye out for the authority types but now...just think of it as my birthday present.'

'Oh now that makes it a lot better.'

'I knew you would change your mind.'


They drove in companionable silence, neither willing to admit success or succeed defeat. Sam fidgeted in his seat and turned to stare at Dean's face as his brother concentrated on the driving. He had to admit that he was enjoying the different landscapes for a change, if it just wasn't so hot.

'What is it Sam? Need to pull over or something?' Dean asked glancing quickly at Sam and then refocusing on the road ahead.

'Nope, just thinking,' Sam answered slowly and fidgeted in his seat again, even with the seat pushed right back his long legs cramped after a while.

'There's a stop just up the road, about another kilometre according to the last sign, how about we stop there, fuel up and get something to eat.'

'Sounds good.'

Dean fiddled with the car radio until he found a station playing reasonably loud and heavy metal music. Drumming the steering wheel with his fingers, Dean took surreptitious glances over at Sam's profile whenever he thought his brother's thoughts were else where.

Dean sighed as the heavy feeling of guilt settled back down on his heart and squeezing it enough for him to wince visibly. Even in another country, he couldn't stop the demon messing with Sam, yet again. This time using the spirits of tiny children to get at him, with Sam's innate sense of justice and empathy for people in trouble he was an easy target for the worst that bastard could throw at him.

The yellow eyes haunted Dean's own dreams, often in the face of his beloved father, as it ripped into Dean's chest and stomach. With each blow it used his father's voice to torment him, used Sam's sensitivity and vulnerability to undermine Dean's resolve the onslaught was relentless. Often causing him to wake in the middle of the night, shaking, shivering, and sweating profusely staring around wild-eyed as his hand clutched at the scars running down his chest and stomach.

Sam twisted and moaned caught in the web of his own nightmarish experiences in the bed next to his but Dean now remained wide-awake, with a pounding heart and growing headache. Tension filled his neck muscles with knots, unable to reveal what pulled his heart down and smothered it in a fog. How could he tell him? How could he not?

'Dean you okay?'

'Yeah, need to stretch that's all,'

They pulled into the rest area, complete with a garage and a McDonalds Dean put the petrol in the car while Sam went to pay, both of them thinking of a cold drink and something to eat. Dean watched Sam stride towards the car, his brother slipping a small package in his jeans pocket, frowning Dean made a mental note to bug Sam about it later when they were eating.

As they ate Sam grinned sheepishly and pulled the small package out of his pocket, 'not much but ... happy birthday.'

'Dude!' Dean brandished his trademark grin complete with upraised eyebrows.

'So open it already.'

Dean sat staring down at the tape in his hand, 'Wolfmother' the International Edition and a tiny koala wearing a skull and cross bone's T-shirt and bandana. 'this is so cool thanks.'

'They say that Wolf...'

'Yeah I love them, oh dude this has that song on it.'

'Which one?'

'Joker and the thief.'

'I should have guessed.'

Settled into their motel room, their appetites sated with large home-cooked meals served in the small restaurant attached to their motel. A movie playing softly on the television went ignored for most of the time, just good for background noise. Sam sat at the small desk surfing the Internet on his laptop, Dean sat at the neat little kitchen setting, cleaning his guns with an expert's care and precision.

'Dean check this out,'

'what? What is it?'

'A driver was stranded on the highway just north of here, had a tyre blowout, called for roadside assistance but they couldn't find her, says that they got the wrong directions and were looking in a completely different place for her. By the time they found the car, she was gone. The keys still in the ignition, her purse, and luggage everything even an opened bottled of water left untouched. No sign of struggle, no blood nothing to say what happened.'


'And it says here that she is the fifth person to go missing, in the exact same circumstances as the others all along this stretch of the highway north of Albury.'

'Same everything?'

'Down to the untouched stuff in the car. They vanish completely, the other thing is that they all seem to be drivers on their own, with no one else, even their mobile phones are left behind.'

'That's the highway we're following to Sydney isn't it?'

'Yeah, dude we drive straight past where she disappeared from.'

'And the others?'

'All within a stretch of about fifty kilometres between Albury and Gundagai.'

'Gundagai ... who thinks up the names of these places?'

'So want to check it out?'

'Dude we're supposed to be on vacation.'

'Uhhuh that's why you're cleaning your weapons.'

'Something to do.'


'So ... Dude there's two of us.'


'Didn't the story say that there was always only one driver?'


'So why would we be any different to all of the other cars, trucks and other shit that drive along this highway every day?'

'Coz we know that there is a supernatural cause and the others are oblivious to it.'

'I dunno Sammy, I think that we should just hang tight, have some fun and no hunts until we get home.'

'Tried that Dean it doesn't work, the demon is here, following me ... who's to say that it's not the one who's doing this? It knows that I will want to help.'

'Now you're just being paranoid Sam.'

'Thanks Dean, I really need that right now.' Sam spat out, standing up he stripped off his T-shirt and went to go into the bathroom.

'Sam wait...' Dean started and then stopped himself as he stared at Sam's stomach, 'dude your stomach ...'

'What? I know that the scar is awful but it ... ah Dean, fuck, it hurts.'

'Dude you're bleeding, the cut's reopened.' Dean caught Sam's arm as his younger brother started to sway slightly, his face losing all colour in seconds.

'Dean what's happening?' Sam panted out, his own hand slick with blood as he pressed the reopening wound, 'it was healed.'

'Sit down Sam over here.' Dean guided his brother to the chair nearest them and then crouched down in front of him to check the bleeding wound.

'Dude it's wide open again, almost as if someone has come along with a knife and sliced you open again.' Dean muttered passing Sam a spare towel, 'press this against it hard, I'll go and get the first aid kit from the car.'

'Dean ... so cold ... so tired.' Sam stuttered, 'what, what's happening?'

'Damn I wish we had Annette here,' Dean muttered under his breath. 'Okay Sammy I'm going to help stand you up and we're going to go over to your bed.' Dean spoke softly and slowly trying to keep Sam as calm as possible.

Suddenly Sam's knees gave way and a soft sigh escaped from his lips as he collapsed, sliding sideways giving Dean just enough time to catch him and carefully direct his fall towards the edge of the bed. After managing to get Sam's upper body onto the pillows Dean lifted his legs and with as much care as he could muster moved them onto the bed also, the entire time watching the cut reopening and parting, showing the glistening blood richness of muscles and tendons, to the outer skins of his internal organs. Swallowing deeply Dean rushed to the bathroom and grabbed another towel to cover the incision trying to staunch the flow of blood. With fingers covered in Sam's blood Dean tried to dial Annette's number on his mobile, after three attempts he managed to finish dialling and waiting impatiently for her to pick up.

A quick explanation and discussion ensued before Dean disconnected and dropped the phone, Annette was on her way, he only had to try to keep Sam still and his gaping stomach closed as much as possible. Pushing Sam's feet he managed to bend the stiffening knees and eased the tension on the muscles breaking down in his abdomen. Wiping a bloodied hand over his own face, he ran to the car to get the first aide kit, not noticing the shadowed figure watching him intently.

Laying out the meagre medical supplies on the bedside table Dean washed his hands and then with a soft clean washcloth tried to wash away as much of the congealing blood as he could. Then he swallowed down the rising gore while he pushed the slick edges together using butterfly strips, then before they could pop open again he ran two long strips of steri-tape along the length of the cut. Finally binding the area with gauze and more tape. He didn't want to lift Sam to wrap a bandage completely around him in case he started to bleed again.

Exhausted Dean dropped the tape dispenser and sat back, not letting himself to relax yet, picking up the electronic thermometer he put it in Sam's ear and waited for it to beep, the reading said 39.6 Celsius. Doing the conversion quickly in his head, well to the closest he could manage he knew that Sam's temperature was rising but not life threatening yet. Only a degree or more to go but for now that was better than nothing.

Staggering to the bathroom, he braced himself at the basin and stared at the wild-eyed stranger in the mirror mimicking him. The blood swiped across his face, the wide shock-filled eyes, the pallor he took it all in before dipping his face and running the cold water. Cupping his hands in the cool water, he splashed his face repeatedly trying to wash away the horror but it stayed staining more of his soul and psyche.

'Dean?' Sam's hoarse whisper registered in his 'older brother's radar' before he heard it audibly. Rubbing his face, he straightened his shoulders, shifted masks on his face and sauntered out to the other room. 'Hey Sammy, how you feeling now Dude?'

'Sore, what happened?'

'What do you remember?'

'Talking and then ... pain ... my stomach?'

'The healed wound Kylie inflicted to your stomach ... it opened again.'