An Aussie Supernatural Experience

Sequel to An Australian Supernatural Christmas.

Disclaimer: Hmm the usual applies I guess, everything that is not out of my fetid imagination belongs to Kripke and crew. Including Sam and Dean. Although, they still need customs clearance to get out of Australia! Hehehe.



Dean slipped off the bed and backed away from Sam and the other men, 'Sammy's blood on my hands.' Dean murmured wringing his hands desperately, 'I – I can't get it off.'

'Dean calm down please.' Wayne crouched down in front of the distraught young man and gripped his shoulders, 'look at me Dean.'

'I – I can't get it off Doc, why aren't you ... Sammy?'

'Dean your brother's fine.' Wayne said gently, 'he's sleeping off the sedative I gave him earlier that's why he didn't wake up.'

'But his blood, I have his blood on my hands.' Dean cried out confused staring at the thick crimson fluid dripping from his fingers.

'Dean there's nothing on your hands, I swear it mate there's nothing there.'

'I – I don't understand.' Dean blinked turning teary eyes to the bed where his brother slept peacefully. 'What's going on Doc? What's happening to me?'

'I'm not sure Dean and that is the truth, you never had a reaction like this last time, if anything Sam was...' Wayne stopped himself when he realised just how much he was saying.

'Doc what?' Dean blinked at the other man momentarily forgetting his hands, 'what did you just say?'

'I'm sorry Dean, honestly I am so sorry.' Wayne said stumbling out of the room; he pushed Keith out of the way in the process. With an angry growl, Dean pushed himself up and followed the doctor downstairs.

'Start talking Doctor Morgan now.' Dean snarled, wrapping his hands around the doctor's neck staining him with Sam's blood.

'Dean please...' Wayne gasped pushing at his attacker.

Dean let go but remained standing over Wayne, 'start talking now and it had better be good.'

'Doc? Wayne everything alright down there?' Keith called from the bedroom doorway.

'Ah can you stay with Sam please Keith, the good doctor and I have some catching up to do.' Dean said sounding brighter but his eyes glittered with cold hatred.

'I – I was the one in America who administered the drugs to you and your brother.' Wayne whispered sinking down on the couch, 'the Master sent me to make sure that the two of you were ... he did not want any mistakes.'

'So even then he was the one? But I don't understand, we were brought here to help that lady doctor ... oh crap.'


'She was working with him all along, that demon Sam saw in his vision was that a set up too?'

'No, nicely timed coincidence that's all.' Wayne said, 'I was the one who administered the drugs, signed the so-called death certificates and accompanied you back here.'

'Why? Why do it?'

'At that stage I was ... I could not refuse the Master anything and I didn't know either of you.' Wayne dropped his gaze and stared at the floor, 'he wanted me to make sure that both of you arrived here and at the clinic without incident.'

'Then everything else?'

'Was exactly as you remember happening.' Wayne admitted.

'What's going on Doc, I have blood on my hands but you say that you can't see it, I can't wake Sammy up and ... and.' Dean stopped and started to frown, he tried to get the words out but his throat constricted on his voice. Swaying drunkenly, he turned a dismayed stare to the doctor when the temperature in the room dropped and two shadowed forms appeared behind the doctor. Suddenly Dean flew across the room and collided with the wall, but instead of sliding down to the floor he remained pinned there, unable to move.

'Dean?' Wayne gasped turning around slowly the colour drained from his face as he stared up at the Master demon and a slight figure hovering behind him. 'Joel?'

'Doctor, doctor, doctor what am I going to do with you?' the Master sighed mockingly, 'did you really think that you could take Sam away from me?'

'You stay away from my brother.' Dean ground out.

'Now, now Dean watch that temper of yours, for a dead person you look remarkably alive.'

'Get fucked.' Dean growled trying push himself away from the wall.

'No thanks but I will see about my precious boy, by the way how is he?' The Master asked mysteriously.

'Sammy is fine no thanks to you.'

'Oh ... you see I caused him to bleed all over you and yes he is injured the doctor just couldn't see it for looking.'


'Young Joel had a small job to do for me.' The Master practically crowed with delight when he saw the look of dismay on Dean's face, 'yes at this very moment young Sammy is bleeding from a stab wound, not a bad one but the knife I had Joel used was cursed.'

'No!' Dean cried out before renewing his fight to free himself from the invisible bonds holding him prisoner.

'I beg your forgiveness Master.' Wayne said weakly staring in shock at the sight of his youngest son hiding behind the demon.

'I will discuss your punishment with you later, now Dean you and I need to talk.'

'Leave my brother alone.' Dean ground out.

'I don't think you are in any position to order me around Dean.' the Master said moving closer to his prisoner. 'Ah you are such a tasty little morsel.'

'No more.' A familiar voice broke through Dean's despair, glancing up Dean saw Sam standing at the top of the stair propped up by Keith. 'This ends now!'

'Oh my has the pup finally grown into a full dog?' the demon mocked.

'Let my brother alone.' Sam said his voice low and filled with anger. 'Now!'

'And pray tell what are you going to do if I don't?'

'This.' Sam said, moving away from Keith Sam closed his eyes, visibly calmed himself down and then opened his eyes again. Though they were longer his normal sea-green colour, now they appeared a deep forest green so dark they appeared black.

'I gave you warning.' Sam's hair whipped around his face as the wind picked up and swirled into a whirlwind. 'Dean, Wayne down now.'

'What is this supposed to impress me?' the Master asked, but even he moved backwards when he saw Sam's storm start to build in momentum. A large freestanding cupboard crashed into the demon pinning him to the floor. 'Get Dean out of here now.' Sam's words came out in a low monotone volume.

'I am not leaving you Sammy.' Dean said, 'not this time.'

'Now Dean please I have to finish this.' Sam said turning his glittering eyes to his brother, 'I will be fine.'

'Dean please.' Wayne yelled as the wind grew in strength.

'Dad.' Joel looked up at his father, blood poured down his face from his eyes, nose and mouth. 'Dad please he's killing me.'

'Joel!' Wayne cried out forgetting Dean he ran to his youngest son catching him as he collapsed. 'Joel no son.'

'Dad, why did you let me die?' Joel asked a knife glinted in the light before he plunged it into his father's heart.

'No!' Nicky shimmered into view standing next to Sam, 'let us finish this.' He said to the youngest Winchester.

'Dean please get out of here now and take them with you.' Sam said indicating Joel and Wayne, 'Keith help him please.'

'Sammy?' Dean breathed watching as his brother's tantrum intensified with the power he received from Nicky.

'Save them Dean and then come back for me.' Sam said a small smile on his face, 'this ends now.'

'I'll be right back Sammy.' Dean vowed as he staggered towards the fallen doctor, Keith meeting him there, together they dragged the doctor and his son out of the room as Sam and the ghostly figure next to him finished the demon who had made their lives a living hell for so long now.

'Go to your brother Sam.' Nicky said flicking a finger, he swept the cupboard away and then pinned the demon against the wall. The human body devoid of any lasting signs of humanity looked like a bloody lump of meat as the skin slowly flaked away.

'Nicky are you sure?' Sam asked feeling his own strength waning.

'This is meant to be, tell my brother and father that I love them.' Nicky grinned, 'I'm free Sam I am finally free.'

Sam watched with cold detachment as Nicky systematically destroyed the human body housing the demon leaving only the acrid smoke. Before his stunned eyes Sam watched as Nicky flew to the smoke before it could dissipate and absorbed it into his own non-corporeal form.

'Go now Sam.' Nicky grinned as he disappeared from view dragging the remains of the demon into the ether, a loud screeching sounded and then the room fell still and silent.

'Sammy!' Dean's voice boomed through the smoky air. 'Sammy!'

'Dean?' Sam whispered as his knees buckled under him and he toppled down the short flight of stairs.

'Sammy?' Dean gasped as he saw his brother fall, hurrying as fast as he could he managed to skid to a stop next to Sam's crumpled body, 'Sammy?'

'Dean? Is it over?' Sam coughed painfully as he squinted up at his brother, raising a shaking hand to touch Dean's cheek. 'You really here?'

'Live and dangerous.' Dean quipped blinking back the threatening tears.

'Doc Morgan?'

'He's going to be alright, Keith is with him, we have to get you outta here Sammy.' Dean said making sure that Sam watched him taking in what he was saying. 'We have to get clear of here now.'

'Can't Dean.' Sam shook his head weakly, 'go now before it's too late.'

'Not without you sasquatch now come on.' Dean ordered, carefully slipping his arm under Sam's he hooked his hand in the waistband of Sam's jeans and helped him to stand, and then with each painful step they made their way closer to freedom.

'Dean don' wanna travel for a while.' Sam slurred a little resting his head on Dean's shoulder.

'Same here dude, come on one foot in front of the other.'


'Yeah Sammy?'

'How we gonna get home?'

'Don't you worry bout that now, just keep moving.'


"Yeah Sammy?'

'You're short.'

'Yeah well you're unnaturally tall so deal with it.'


'Yeah Sammy?'

'Love you.' Sam said before his eyes fluttered shut and he fell forward as they reached the doorway. Keith watching the brothers emerge ran to help them taking some of Sam's weight off Dean. 'We already got an ambulance here for the two of you.'


'He's going to be alright Dean.'

'No, they'll find out ...'

'No,' Keith shook his head at Dean, 'they think that you are American tourists kidnapped by the demonic cult they have been trying to break for the past two years.'


'Detective Keith Walker at your service,' Keith winked at Dean, 'Dean and Sam Millers.'


'Later Dean, let's get you and your brother fixed.'


'Already on the way to the hospital.'


'He didn't make it.' Keith said helping Dean down onto a gurney, 'I'm sorry Dean he was dead a long time ago.'

'What kind of report are you gonna do?'

'The truth, though something tells me that no one is really going to believe me with a lot of what happened. But the sexual assaults on your brother will be enough to break it wide open. That and the auctions, I just wish that I could have helped Kyle and the others.'

'Same here Keith,' Dean blinked wearily, 'you're not so bad for a cop ya know that.'

'Thanks Dean ... I think.' Keith smiled.


'Already in the ambulance and waiting for you to join him.'


'Yeah I know mate now get outta here and let me get my job done.' Keith patted Dean's shoulder and then walked away, taking on the mantle of lead police officer as easily as slipping a coat on.


Sam and Dean stood at the Sydney International Airport, tickets in hand waiting to board the flight home. Wayne and Keith stood with them chatting away to the two brothers they now called friends.

'Dean are you alright?' Wayne asked staring at his young friend, 'you're awfully pale.'

'Dean doesn't like to fly.' Sam spoke quietly, still awkward in crowds and even Wayne and Keith.

'You haven't got any of the death stuff have ya doc?' Dean asked trying to make it sound like a joke.

'Nope but got some light sedatives.' Wayne grinned opening his satchel bag, 'never travel without em myself.'

'Thanks doc for … ah thanks.' Dean said gratefully taking the tablets from Wayne. 'Well umm yeah we have to go. Now you sure that Qantas is the safest airline?'

'More than safe, you'll be fine Dean.' The older man smiled shaking hands with him.

'You boys be safe.' Keith said shaking hands with Dean also, but with Sam, both men settled for a nod of the head. They knew after what Sam had been through he would be still uncomfortable with physical contact with anyone other than Dean.

'Thanks Doc, Keith.' Sam said smiling shyly, he took a step back and started to blush with embarrassment.

'Sam, don't worry bout a thing, you will be fine again I promise.' Wayne said gently patting the boy on the shoulder.

'Now if you two want to come back for a proper holiday, know that you're always welcome here.' Keith said.

'Thanks again.' Dean swallowed deeply and looked at the plane waiting on the tarmac ready for boarding. 'Let's ah ... okay I can do this ... let's go home Sammy.'

The boys waved bye again and then disappeared with the rest of the passengers on the plane. Keith and Wayne watched them for a few more minutes before turning and walking away.

Dean settled back into his seat, hands clutching at the armrests as he swallowed deeply.


'Yeah Dean?'

'We in the air yet?'

'We're still taxiing down the runway Dean.' Sam smiled softly and patted his brother's hand, 'hey Dean.'

'What Sammy?'

'What about these Aussie flight attendants?' Sam's grin grew wider, 'blonde blue-eyed attendant coming this way.'

Dean's eyes snapped open and he twisted around in the seat to see a young, blonde and blue-eyed male attendant coming towards them making sure everything was stowed away before take off. 'Oh that's low Sammy.'

'Nah it's funny.'

'No, it is not.'

'Yeah it is a little funny,' Sam chuckled.

'Just you wait Sammy Winchester until we get home.' Dean snapped his voice hitching as the plane took off. 'Bitch!'