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Bella sighed as the wind blew through her hair, carrying with it the lingering scent of burning leaves, wood, and vampire. Chases 'funeral' had been today. They took his ashes to the coast and dumped them into the ocean. Chase loved the ocean. He would swim for hours and miles, going to the very bottom of the deepest trenches.

Bella frowned as the storm she had been expecting began, first starting as light rain droplets, turning into heavy drops, whipped at her by the wind. The thunder echoed around her, the lightening lighting up the night sky, although she could see her surroundings just fine without it. In a matter of seconds, Bella was soaked to the bone, her clothes clinging to her body like a second skin. But the cold never seeped into her skin, and never would. She remembered when she had first woken up a vampire, how Chase had made sure she never slipped and drank from a human. How he had stood by her and protected her until his 'death'.

Bella took in a shaky breath, feeling like there was something missing inside of her. Like Chase had taken a piece of her with him when he died. And he did. He was her best and closest friend of all her siblings. She knew that things would never be the same.

Bella was startled out of her reverie when she sensed someone sitting next to her. Without looking, Bella asked, " What are you doing here?"

" The question is, what are you doing here?" Edward responded.

Bella stared straight ahead, feeling his gaze on her face, " Why'd you follow me up here?"

Edward turned to look in front of him, " Everyone was worried, especially Mackenzie. I decided to come make sure you were okay."

Bella continued to stare out at the burned land that once held hundreds of trees. She frowned subconciously as she remembered playing hide-and-seek in those now dead trees with Mackenzie and Chase. Bella heard Edward sigh next to her, " What?"

Edward's gaze returned to Bella's face, " I just...I wish I knew what you were thinking about right now."

Bella smirked, " You've been wishing that since you met me, and that wish still hasn't come true."

" No...it hasn't." Edward's face broke out in a crooked smile, the smile Bella loved.

Bella and Edward both looked back out into their surroundings, the storm still raging on. With a sigh Edward stood up, drawing Bella's gaze to him. Edward held out his hand, " Come on. It's time you got inside and out of this storm."

" I like the rain." Bella said simply, looking back towards the far sky, " It gives everything a new start. You know? It washes away all the dirt. Makes everything clean and new."

Edward frowned as Bella went into yet another one of her trance-like states, staring at nothing and everything at the same time. " Bella, you don't have to forget him to get on with your life. It's okay to hurt."

Bella smiled, " I know. Besides, I couldn't forget him if I tried. He was my best friend. He was there for me whenever I needed him, and then when he needed me, I let him down."

Edward took a hold of Bella's shoulders and shook her, " That was not your fault, Bella. He chose to save you. Don't stop living and put his sacrifice to waste."

" I stopped living fifty years ago, Edward." Bella turned her gaze to meet his amber eyes, " The day you left is the day I died...literally and figuratively. Chase brought me back to life. He saved me when I needed it the most, and I couldn't save him."

" Would you stop talking like that, please? He knew what he was doing." Edward sat back down, " Bella, think of Mackenzie. She needs you right now. And so does Abby. They already lost one sibling, don't let them lose another."

" I'm not going to kill myself, Edward." Bella spat.

" Dieing isn't the only way to lose someone, Bella. If you act like this for the rest of eternity, they'd have lost you as well has Chase." Edward said seriously.

Bella looked down, unable to meet his gaze. She was surprised when Edward's shoulder rammed into hers softly, yet hard enough to push her sideways. Bella's eyes widened as she looked back at Edward, seeing him smile. Bella raised her arm and punched him in the arm. Edward winced and smiled, " Now that I see you haven't lost your personality, how about we go downstairs and see how everyone's doing?"

Edward stood and extended a hand towards Bella. Bella looked at his hand then met his gaze, " It'll take me a while to forget him, Edward. We can't...not right away, I mean. "

Edward reached down and grabbed Bella's hand, lifting her to her feet, " I'd wait for you forever, Bella."

The two walked towards Bella's bedroom, jumping into the house through the open window. Bella sighed and went straight to her closet, changing into a gray hoodie with light blue jeans. She tied her hair back into a loose bun and then went back into her room. She nodded for Edward to follow her and the two made their way slowly down the stairs to where the Owens and Cullens were all gathered looking solemn. The minute Bella entered, Mackenzie's head shot up. She got up instantly and ran to Bella, who scooped her up in her arms, holding the little girl close as she clutched Bella's hoodie in her fists. Bella met eyes with Abby and walked to where she was sitting next to Tristan. Bella sat on Abby's other side, grabbing her sister's hand in a comforting gesture as she adjusted Mackenzie in her lap.

Damien sat in one of the armchairs, gazing at the fire in the fireplace. The Cullens all sat by their respective partner, leaving Edward to sit in the other empty armchair. Damien raised his head and smiled sadly, " Quiet around here isn't it?" The others nodded, " Well, he's in a better place now."

The vampires in the room nodded their heads in agreement. Bella looked around. The Owens and Cullens seemed to blend into one family. Sure she had lost a brother, but she gained two brothers, two sisters, another father, and a mother. Bella's gaze landed on Edward and she smiled more to herself than to him. She had Edward. Although her family had lost an important piece, a piece that coulc never be replaced, she firgured they would be ok. As long as they stuck together.