Okay this is yet another fanfict by the mistress of craziness, but having to do with Inuyasha's and Sesshou-maru's father. I realise he does not have a name but for simplicity I'll call him Touga (fighting fang), Inutaisho/u, Inu no taisho/u, ect.

Contains spoilers for pretty much every tankoubon/episode/movie. Oh well, on with the show!

Disclaimer: I own nothing! It all belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and the guys how made the movies! All except the plot!

A masked man entered the demon graveyard.

"It hasn't changed since last time I was here," he whispered, a trace of menace in his voice. "I will resurrect every demon here to destroy that mutt Inuyasha and his friends."

As he removed his mask, he began chanting. His eerie voice filled the graveyard, silencing even the squawks of the skeletal birds.

"Heh, heh, heh," he laughed softly, as he put the mask back on. "Many of Inuyasha's enemies' spirits are here if not their bodies. "Hiten, Manten, and many more, Inuyasha will fall to them. The curse shall take effect in a few hours."

But the man had made one grievous error. He had also resurrected not an enemy, but an ally.

Hours later, in a flash of light, thousands of youkai came back to life. They were all clamouring of how they would kill the one who killed them: Inuyasha. As the rest were yelling, a great skeleton, still clad in magnificent armour, was lit up, as if by a thousand white fireflies. Slowly, the light began to recede as the youkai took his human form.

"I wonder why I was called back from the dead… Oh, well. Maybe I should go find Inuyasha. He seems to be the object of all these demons' hate. I only wish I had Souunga, though… I wasn't planning on being resurrected," Inutaisho said out loud. Why he was so calm, no one will probably ever know.

No sooner than he had said this than a purple/pink light descended from the, uhh… 'heavens' and the Souunga fell into his hands.

"Well, damn" the old Taiyoukai said, stunned. He had not expected this outcome. "How the heck did this thing come outta nowhere like that?"

"I'm dead, you old fool! It was you're damn plan!" The jewel at the hilt of the sword glowed a purple-ish light as it spoke.

"Oh, yeah…you're right on that one…"

"Of course I'm right! It happened to me! You gave a damn sermon when I fell back into the Netherworld!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that…"

"How could you forget!? You demon!"

"I'm not even gonna argue."

-----5 minutes later, in the human world-----

"Kagome! Do you sense that?" Inuyasha asked his companion.

"Yeah, sort of."

"What is it Kagome-chan?" Sango asked.

"It's a demon aura, and it feels… kinda familiar," the modern schoolgirl answered.

"I feel it too," Miroku added.

Inuyasha sniffed the air and exclaimed: "It smells like Naraku!"

"Then, let's go see what this is all about," Sango told the white haired Hanyou.

"Right, Kagome! Get on!" Inuyasha said. He was about to offer her his back, but stopped.

"He's…here." Kagome whispered as the trees in front of them began to crash to the ground. And standing there was a youkai none of them ever thought they'd see again: Goshinki!

"How the hell were you brought back?" Inuyasha demanded the purple demon, to shocked to wonder if this was a dream. It was certainly bizarre enough to be.

"That is not for you to know! You won't able to beat me!" The mind reader charged at the hanyou.

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that! KAZE NO KIZU!"

The force of the blast hit Goshinki head on and destroyed the undead youkai.

"Ah, damn! I couldn't save you like I planned to! Ah well…" spoke a man as he appeared out of the shadows.

"And just who in the hells are you?" the reckless Hanyou demanded.

"Inuyasha, I am your father," the man stated, attempting to sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars, but failing since the writer of this fic has never seen any of the movies.

"Oh yeah right! My father's been dead for ye-," he broke of as Tetsuaiga pulsed. "Keh! The sword says that you're him, but that doesn't mean any-."

"Chichiue," a clam voice stated from behind the Inu no Taisho.

"Oh, Fluffy! Come and give your father a hug!" Inutaisho said gleefully as he tried to jump into Sesshoumaru's arms, like a big, fluffy puppy dog.

"Father, first, what have I told you about acting like a puppy. Second, do not call me 'Fluffy' or I will become cross."

At that, Inutaishou ducked behind Inuyasha. A very out of character thing for Inutaisho to do, making Inutaisho less like Inutaisho and bringing Inutaisho's Inutaisho-ness into question.

"Oi. Oyaji! Why are you hiding behind me?" Inuyasha asked. At this point, Inuyasha did indeed believe that the stranger was his father.

"B-b-because," he stuttered. "Sesshoumaru's angry."

"Keh! I've survived his wrath plenty of times, and I'm a Hanyou!"

"You're right! I was just kidding!" Touga said jokingly, standing up straight again.

All of the Inu-tachi were probably thinking something like this: This is the feared Inu no Taisho, the great lord of the Westlands?!

Inutaisho looked at the sun. "It's nearly sunset," Inutaisho said. "Why don't we go find a place to set up camp?" He looked at Inuyasha's worn out ningen friends. "I would like to get to know these people better. Sesshoumaru? Will you be joining us?"

"I have better ways to waste my time then camp those ningen and that Hanyou."

"Suit yourself. But I would prefer it if you called your brother by his name and not 'that Hanyou'."

" ……" Sesshoumaru disappeared into the growing darkness.

"So where do suppose we camp?" Touga asked his company.

"You mean you have no clue?" Shippou asked, exasperated.

"No. But give me a break, I've been died for 200 years!"

The Inu-tachi did an animefall before going to find a camp.
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