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It was the day after the Inu-tachi and Touga's close encounter with death at the hands of the bird princess Abi. Many lives had been saved by Abi listening to her mother and leaving before more than a few birds had been killed. Anyway, the group of traveling random people were walking along a coast near sunset.

Inutaisho halted. "Inuyasha, do you smell that?" he growled.

Inuyasha sniffed the air. "Yeah, bat demons… Hyakkikoumori, I think they're called."

Inutaisho nodded. "Watch out for them. They can mean trouble."

"Hyakkikoumori? Didn't you kill the lord of that tribe, Taigokumaru, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked the dog-eared hanyou.

Touga blinked down at his son. "You killed Taigokumaru?"

His son nodded. "Did you see his son, Tsukuyomaru?" the old man asked urgently.

The group looked at each other.

"No," replied Sango. "He was dead before we got there. Taigokumaru said he killed Tsukuyomaru himself."

A brief flash of sadness showed in Touga's eyes.

"But wouldn't that mean that he's wandering around somewhere?" Shippou interjected.

As if on cue, a voice called out "Oi, Touga!"

The small group whirled to see a middle age demon, a human in her twenties or thirties and a young girl, most likely a hanyou.

"Tsukuyomaru!" Touga exclaimed. "Good to see you!" They gave each other a high five.

"Are they always like this?" Sango wondered out loud to her comrades.

"Well, Tsukuyomaru is…" the woman sighed.

"Excuse me miss, but I don't believe we caught your name last time," Miroku said, wandering over.

"Oh yes. I'm Shizu," Shizu answered.

"And I'm Shiori," the small hanyou answered for herself with a small bow.

"Neh, how about we go back to our house and exchange formalities and whatnot there?" Tsukuyomaru asked, white teeth flashing in a smile against his darker skin and looking like a hyper eight-year-old.

Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippou and even Kirara sweatdropped at the two demon lords. No one is sure why, but it may have been because both of them, at one time 'respected' lords of the western lands, were acting like 11-year-olds on caffeine and sugar. And trust me, I know how they act.

About five seconds of silence later, they all walked over to the house.

The villagers, who had been somewhat freaky and freaked out last time the Inu-tachi had passed through, were pretty quiet, probably because there were now two demon lords in their village instead of one, who they were already wary around.

Once inside the hut, Tsukuyomaru exclaimed, "I call pudding!"

Shizu laughed and asked Inutaisho if he wanted some. The so-called 'Great' demon lord eagerly agreed.

Inuyasha's eyes twitched at his father and the bat demon, who were practically inhaling the pudding.

"Is your father always like this?" Kagome asked Shiori, who nodded.

The night continued like this, until the villagers' screams interrupted a highly random conversation about pudding and cucumber. How the conversation started was anyone's guess.

"Should we take that as a sign from Souunga that someone's attacking the village?" Inutaisho asked Tsukuyomaru with faux-politeness.

"Yep," answered the Hyakkikoumori with a nod of his head.

"For the last time! I do NOT send signs!" yelled a certain possessed sword from Touga's back.

"Shut up!" both Daiyoukai chorused as the made their way out of the hut.

The Inu-tachi, plus Shiori and Shizu, took this as normal behaviour for them and followed them to meet whatever bad-guy had popped up.

Once outside, they were greeted with the usual sight of a demon-attacked village.

A voice stopped them.

"Kukuku… I see you too, Tsukuyomaru, have returned!" laughed Taigokumaru. He was hovering over the sea next to the ledge where Inutaisho and Tsukuyomaru were standing.

"Hey! What about me!" demanded Inutaisho, pointing at him-self.

"You don't count," replied Taigokumaru tartly.

"What?!?! How dare you say such things to a King of Makai!" demanded the Dog General.

"What did I tell him about pretending he's from Yu Yu Hakusho?" muttered Shizu.

"What did I tell you about tricking people into thinking you're Raizen!" demanded Tsukuyomaru to Touga. "'Cause if you're him, I'm Yomi!"

"Okay, since that's settled, who should we give the role of Mukuro to?" asked Touga innocently.

Tsukuyomaru thought for a minute before saying, "Abi. They both rule in the South and have almost the same personality."

Touga nodded, but before he could say anything, Taigokumaru interrupted him.

"Who can I be?" he asked, giving his son and his son's best friend his best attempt at puppy-dog eyes, which, needless to say, sucked.

The two younger looking-lords looked at each other. "Either Sachi or Elder Toguro. You choose," Tsukuyomaru finally said.

"I hate you! Die!" Taigokumaru yelled as he fired his youki blast thinggie at the two, who dodged easily. "I will be Mukuro!" (A/N: I have nothing against Mukuro. Taigokumaru's just an idiot)

Touga and Tsukuyomaru looked at each other and then fell over laughing at the mental image of Taigokumaru dressed as Mukuro.

"What the Hell are they talking about?" demanded Inuyasha as he, the Inu-tachi, Shiori and Shizu sweatdropped at the three arguing Daiyoukai.

"Yes! I WILL be Mukuro! Because Yomi and Raizen suck!" yelled Taigokumaru. Once again, the author would like to take three seconds of your life to say that she has nothing against any of the Kings of Makai.

Both of the two demon lords that were currently dying from lack of breath suddenly stopped laughing.

"You DARE say that ANY of the Kings suck?" demanded Inutaisho, his eyes going red.

"Hell yes!" laughed the floating mass of wrinkles known as Taigokumaru. "And so do you!"

"You DARE say that WE suck? You're a flying Dead Man!" growled Tsukuyomaru, his normal hyper violet eyes going a demon-like red.

The next scene involves graphic violence of Taigokumaru being tortured. For your comfort, we have omitted this scene and replaced it with the best quality static available.

Static. In the background, you hear Taigokumaru swearing and screaming in pain and Tsukuyomaru and Touga laughing like deranged maniacs and sounding like chipmunks on helium.

We now return to our feature presentation.

Taigokumaru's bloody and dismembered corpse lay on top of the Hyakkikoumori Tribe's island roost.

"So, how was that for weird?" Tsukuyomaru asked, turning to the frozen Inu-tachi, Shizu and Shiori.

"Well, seeing as I was the only one who could understand it, that would very weird," muttered Shizu.

"Oh yeah," Tsukuyomaru and Inutaisho laughed at the same time, identical sweat-drops appearing on the side of their heads.

"Could you explain who those people you were talking about are?" Miroku asked the two.

Inutaisho opened his mouth to reply, but was stopped by Tsukuyomaru, who told him just to explain the characters and not the entire cast. Inutaisho blinked, then quickly described the Three Kings. Which created very confused Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippou and Shiori.

(The Next Morning)

"So we'll see you guys later?" Tsukuyomaru asked Inutaisho.

The dog demon nodded.

"And Inuyasha, thank you for last time," Shiori spoke up, smiling.

"Keh. It was mostly you and your father," Inuyasha replied, closing his eyes and crossing his arms.

Kagome knelt down by the Koumori-hanyou and told her, "That's his own way of saying 'you're welcome'."

"I know," Shiori replied with a smile.

"So, shall we head out?" Miroku asked his companions.

"Yeah!" Inuyasha exclaimed, turning, like his companions into the sunrise.
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