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I know you're there, I see you watching me at times; only I don't think you know. Occasionally I see you out of the corner of my eye just staring at me as I walk, you're always behind me and I never seem to know why you don't walk at my side. Angela says you try to get a good look at my ass and I'm beginning to think she's right.

I've never noticed how annoying you can be, but then again I've also never noticed how sweet you can be when called upon. I guess everybody has something good and bad about them, you just seem to be a little more sweet compared to you being annoying.

Anthropology speaking the male feels they have more dominance around the female of their species and try to display said dominance every opportunity that is given to them. However, I've noticed a slight difference in you. Whenever we are working on a case I feel as if you let me figure everything out, though I'm not sure as to why.

Everything we go through I see you there, even if you are in the back talking to someone as I work over a grave, I can feel your eyes on my back as I try to push you away. My life has changed with you. I'm no longer the lonely woman with a distance from the world. You have given me a name, you have let the world know who I am, but most importantly you have let me know who I am.

I can swear every time I feel alone, I get a sudden urge to call you just to talk and on certain occasions when I've acted on the urge you were there for me, no matter who you were with. I feel grateful for having a friend like you and, I guess what you would say, blessed for being there for me.

I never realized how much you tried to censor Parker from the women in your life, I know you only do it so every time one leaves he's not attached, but I'm glad you introduced me to him, it made me feel that you would never leave me alone or let me pass on as another woman in your life. You trust me enough to stay, almost like you wouldn't let me go. You told me that day that I'm with you for life, even if it's as a friend.

When my father left you told me there were other forms of families and though I didn't know what that meant at the time I understand now. You are my family just like Angela, Jack, and Zach are. We maybe a little dysfunctional, but I understand we are a family.

Special Agent Seeley Booth, you will always be my friend, but at times I feel something more for you, I feel as if my life has been given a new meaning and that I have a reason to wake up every morning for. I thank you for being in my life and excepting me as a friend.

"Bones!" the name could be heard from the lab entrance.

Even if you can be an annoying jerk at times and gave me the most ridiculous name in the world. I honestly try to tell you that I hate being called it, but you may have noticed I've grown used to it and haven't mentioned anything about it to you. If one day were to pass when you wouldn't call me Bones I would began to wonder what I did wrong, I can only hope someday I can repay you for my nickname with one of your own.

"Bones?!" the name sounded frustrated now.

"What?!" Tempe yelled from her office saving everything she had said on her laptop and got up to see Booth walking towards her office.

"Hey Bones." He said handing her a folder.

"what's this?" she asked looking down at it, then opened it up to see a picture colored by a four year old.

"a gift from Parker." He explained. "you busy this weekend?"

"no, why?"

"care to spend it with my son and i?"

but I must say what touches me the most is the fact that you try to include me in your and your son's life as much as possible.

"sure why not?" Tempe said smiling and followed him out of the lab for lunch.

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