Harry walked glumly through the corridors. That foul Umbridge woman had banned him from Quidditch and now Ginny had taken his place as Seeker on the Quidditch team. He didn't feel like going down to breakfast to eat or wish her good luck yet. In fact, he didn't feel like going down to the pitch at all, but he knew he would have to eventually. If he didn't, Umbridge would probably seek him out and force him down there to watch as torture. Harry wasn't really paying attention to where he was or where he was going, so he was very surprised when he found himself outside the Room of Requirement.

He looked around to see that nobody was coming and he started walking back and forth. I need somewhere where I can relax and think. I need somewhere where I can think. A door appeared in the wall and Harry stepped inside. It looked remarkably like the Gryffindor common room, but without the staircases to the dormitory. Harry sat himself in a squashy armchair in front of the fire and stared absentmindedly in the flames.

This had not been a good year for him. The Dementor's, the hearing, the Daily Prophet trying to convince everybody he was crazy, Seamus and his mother believing the Prophet, and getting banned from Quidditch for life. Worst of all, he couldn't talk to Sirius about all of it. After the incident in the Gryffindor common room fire where he almost got caught by Umbridge, Harry didn't dare to try and make contact with him, it was too risky.

I wish I could safely talk with Sirius, Harry thought to himself. He felt his stomach grumble and he remembered he should go down to breakfast to get food and try and give Ginny some advice before she had to go out to the pitch. With that in mind, Harry carefully peaked out the door to make sure nobody was coming down the corridor before stepping out and shutting the door behind him. As he walked glumly down the corridor, the door to the Room of Requirement vanished.

Harry was still depressed about not playing, but determined not to show it so he didn't notice anything or anybody around him. So he definitely didn't notice that nobody was familiar to him. Not until somebody called out "Oi! Potter!" did Harry bother to look around and notice that something was different and definetley not right. A tall black boy was running toward him, dressed in Gryffindor Quidditch robes. The boy looked familiar. Almost like Angelina. But, this boy wasn't on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Harry knew everybody from the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

"What are you still doing in the castle?" the boy demanded. "And where's your broom? You should be at the pitch with the rest of the team! You're the Captain! Wait…you're not Potter." The black boy eyed Harry for a moment. "Oh, sorry for the mistake. You do look a lot like Potter." What was this boy talking about? When did he get on the Quidditch team? Why did he think that Harry Quidditch Captain? And why would this guy think he wasn't 'Potter'? Of course he was Potter! Before Harry had to time to protest that he was Potter and ask why the boy was wearing Quidditch robes, a voice shouted from behind them.

"Oi! Johnson! Get to the pitch!" Johnson jumped a little and looked at somebody over Harry's shoulder.

"I'm coming, James, keep your hair on!" Johnson rolled his eyes. "That guy who shouted my name is the one I mistook you for. James Potter: Head Boy, Quidditch Captain, Seeker, and a pain in the arse if you're late getting down to the pitch. I have to go before he clobbers me for stalling. I'll see you at the game." Johnson nodded to Harry and took off. Harry stood frozen. Did that boy just say 'James'? James Potter? Harry ducked behind the statue he had been standing by and carefully peeked out from behind it.

Johnson ran up to a boy with messy jet-black hair and hazel eyes and hit him on the shoulder. They both shouldered their brooms and walked out of sight. Harry felt all the color drain from his face. He was somehow in his parent's time, back when they were in school. How did he get back here? Then he remembered the Room of Requirement, where he had wished he could safely talk with Sirius. Harry gotten his wish, that was for certain. He had gone back to his parent's time.