Gaara's sand comforted him as he cried.

It had only been a few days since Yashamaru had tried to kill him.

And the assassination attempts kept coming.

Yashamaru had said that his mother had died during his birth, but what if his mother had become part of his sand?

It made sense to him.

From what he heard, mothers were supposed to protect their children, which the sand did.

Mothers carried their children if they were hurt.

The sand carried him all the time.

The sand played with him, comforted him and did all the things he heard mothers do.

Did that make it a mother to him?

Yes, he thought as he fell asleep on the sand, it did.

"Good night, mother."

He thought he heard mocking laugh right before he lost consciousness, but it must have been his imagination.

After all, how could a laugh come from inside your own head?

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