Here's my new fanfic, I hope you like it. I'm abandoning my other one because it had no plot and in all truth was rather aweful. This one actually has a plot.

Disclaimer: All characters are property of the Disney corporation.

Summary: After being brought back to life, Meg retained a link to the dead. After moving in with Hercules the dead begin to try and communicate with her. First she beleives they are just dreams until they evolve into nightmares. It isn't long until the dead are able to carry out unfinished business, and avenge their deaths through her. Hades finds out about this way to manipulate Meg without her knowledge, and decides to use this against Herc, forcing him to fight her.

Rating: PG-13 for now because of languge.


The sound of Meg retching in the bathroom was enough to make Herc's head throb worse. He groaned, massaging his temples asking himself why the hell he drank so much. He forced his eyes open, feeling somewhat bad. He could just make out her blurry form kneeling in front of the toilet. She retched again, and his hands immediately rubbed roughly at his face. The celebration over Hercules's triumph over Hades had been the greatest celebration Greece had seen in many decades, and now they were reaping the rewards.

It only took a few minutes however, for Hercules migraine to settle into nothing worse than a bad headache. He frowned a bit as he heard Meg groan before sitting back, rubbing her head. He got up cautiously and went to the doorway of the bathroom,

"You okay in here?"

"Ah Gods I can feel your voice in my eyes." for a moment she thought she was going to be sick again but the moment passed. She managed to get to her feet, bracing herself against the wall, her other hand pressed firmly against the side of her head as if she was trying to push the headache out. Trudging towards the bedroom Hercules offered her a shy hand, feeling like he should help her. Meg took it mutely, letting him guide her back to the bed where she collapsed, her legs still hanging off the edge of the bed which she pulled up with exaggerated effort.

"I'll let you rest," Herc said as quietly as he could manage. He crept out of the room, making his way downstairs to the kitchen. He boiled some water for tea and oatmeal, hoping to ease his headache. Meanwhile upstairs, Meg managed to fall back asleep, but she couldn't stay asleep for long. A sigh escaped her lips, her head still throbbing. She considered for a moment staying in bed but got up, realizing the only way to help her hangover would be to get something in her stomach. Downstairs she found Herc who was still sitting at the table with his empty bowl and teacup in front of him, and the news scroll in his hands. Noticing her enter he looked up from the scroll,

"Feeling any better?" He asked, his own headache having cleared. She stared at him blearily for a few seconds before shaking her head mutely. She sat down at the table, setting her head down with a thud. Noting the look on Herc's face she gave a weak smile, forcing herself to sit up.

"I'm fine, just a bad hangover." She explained. "I just need a chaser," the blank stare Meg got in return made her chuckle a little, Herc really was as naive as he seemed. "A drink with a little bit of alcohol in it."

"Won't that just make things worse?" He asked, furrowing his brows.

"No. I don't really know why but it's a good chaser. Do you have anything here?"

"Just some wine." Meg sighed at this, that wouldn't do.

"I'll just have something to eat then." she resolved.

"I'll make you some tea too." Herc smiled as he got up. After a moment he realized he had absolutely no idea what she liked to eat. "Umm… what would you like to eat?"

"Something I wont throw up… do you have just toast or oatmeal?"

"Yeah." Herc smiled again, gathering what he needed and getting a fire started to boil some water. He sat back down at the table while he waited and reached over the table to grasp Meg's hand, rubbing his thumb across the backs of her fingers. This drew a smile from her and she brought her other hand up over his.

"How are you feeling though? You drank a lot too."

"I had a bad headache earlier but it went away."

"You're the lucky one…" Her free hand massaged her forehead. "I just want to go crawl back into bed… is that water boiling yet?"

"I just put it on the water on fire, it'll be a few minutes." Herc grimaced. In response Meg just let her head fall onto the table with another loud thud. Herc furrowed his brows at her, wishing he knew what to do to help her hangover.

They sat silently for a few more minutes before the water began to boil, and Herc used it to make the oatmeal and a cup of tea for Meg. He looked for something to put into the tea for her, but found that his cabinets were rather bare. He had yet to shop for a while.

"Here," Meg looked up as Herc placed the cup and the plate before her. Just the sight of food make her queasy but she knew she would feel better if she ate something and more importantly had something to drink. "Sorry I don't have anything to help with the headache." he explained shyly.

"Its okay its just a hangover," after a short pause, "and thank you." She gave a sad chuckle, "this is the first time someone has made breakfast for me in a long time." Herc returned her smile and took his seat at the table again. Meg couldn't believe the sudden change of things. Just the morning before she had been Hades' wench forced to try and betray the man she loved. Now this morning she was sitting at a cedar table in a marble kitchen, sitting across from the sweetest man she had ever met. It seemed unreal to her. The night before was still a blur, she couldn't believe that Herc took her in to live with him.

Hercules leaned over the railing of the veranda, a glass in his hand staring out at the dark city dimly light under the starlight of the new constellation. Meg walked outside, finding her hero standing by the railing. She left the loud sounds of the party behind her as she approached him.

"Hey there wonder boy." She smiled, also holding a glass in her hand. He turned, his eyes focusing on her and a broad smile broke out on his face.

"Hey." Meg almost chuckled when she saw how bright red his cheeks were flushing when she felt the heat of her own cheeks and realized she was blushing as well; though she wasn't sure if it was due to the fact she was growing tipsy. The night had been the most intense night either of them had ever experienced, both the best and worst had happened to them.

"E-enjoying the party?" Herc stammered. There was so much he wanted to talk to her about, especially after all that had happened but he couldn't seem to bring himself to actually ask what he wanted to.

"I'm having a really good time. What about you?"

"Yup!" He answered enthusiastically. Walking over to him, she leaned on the railing next to him. He had bathed earlier, she could just make out the vague lingering scents of the bath oils on him. She tilted her head, leaning a little against his chest. She felt his arm wrap around her shoulder and she sighed contently, closing her eyes for a moment. Herc took a deep breath, managing to gather up a little courage.

"Meg… where… umm… well… do you have a place to go…?" The question came with difficulty. Meg paused now, she hadn't considered that complication. She didn't belong to Hades anymore and the underworld had been her home for nearly three years and she had no family to speak of.

"Nowhere I guess." She furrowed her brows, feeling embarrassed at having to admit that she had nowhere to go now that she was free of that sadistic deity. As much as she despised him with every fiber of her entire being she had actually relied on him. The thought alone made her shudder.

"Then… you should stay here at the villa… with me." He bit his lip nervously, feeling like he was being too forward.

"Really? I really would appreciate it… I mean… I'd love to stay with you." She was surprised that she had difficulty articulating herself. She relaxed however, once she saw that he didn't seem to notice her awkwardness. "Thank you."

Meg ate slowly, her mind juggling the events of the past few days. Things also seemed like a drastic change for Hercules as well. He always felt like an outcast, and now had a stronger sense of belonging. Once finished eating Meg got up to wash the dishes when Herc approached her and took the dishes from her hands,

"I'll take care of these for you."

"They're just dishes I can handle that," Her protest was useless however, as he just grinned at her and placed the dishes in the sink; Meg just shook her head with a smirk. lightly. "I still have a headache. I'm going to go lay down." Her massaged her head, the oatmeal and tea had done very little to help. Hercules frowned a little,

"Can I umm… is there anything you need?" He asked. Meg just shook her head,

"Wonderboy I'm fine." She couldn't help but laugh lightly now, despite how much it made her headache worse. "I've had hangovers before."

"Well, at least let me bring you upstairs," Hercules replied, lifting her up into his arms without effort. Meg was sure that if she protested he wouldn't let her down anyway, so she let him carry her up the stairs. In truth she didn't want to protest.

Herc placed her gently on the bed, helping tuck her into the blankets as she sank into the pillows. He smiled at her, leaning down to give her a soft kiss before standing back up.

"I hope you feel better." Meg nodded mutely, burying her face into the pillow to block out what light was still filtering through the curtains which were still closed over the windows. Downstairs Hercules settled on the couch of the den, picking up the Iliad which rested on the end table. He tried to read, but found that he couldn't seem to focus. He found himself glancing back at the stairs constantly. He couldn't help but feel jittery. Just thinking about everything that had happened the day before almost brought his headache back. He had stopped cosmic take-over, maintaining the balance of power among the Gods. The woman he loved moved in with him. Meg. He glanced over at the stairs again, finding himself gnawing at what was left of his stubby thumbnail. He wondered what it would be like living with her. Especially after Phil had been his last roommate. Meg's mind however, was caught deep in a dream-filled slumber.

Meg was startled when someone grabbed her arm. She spun around and saw a pale woman standing before her, who appeared rather beaten.

"That damn alcoholic. You have to stop him! He can't get away with it." The woman had a bottle of rum clutched tightly in her hand, and smelled strongly of alcohol too. Backing away from her for a moment she held one of her hands up,

"Look… lady,"

"Gods Damn it!" She screamed, stomping her foot, "Listen to me! That alcoholic bastard has to be stopped! Get that worthless fool!" She slammed the bottle down by Meg's feet, sloshing the heavy smelling liquid on her feet and the hem of her dress. The smell alone made her feel queasy with how she already felt. She took another few steps back when the enraged woman came closer.

"I said he has to be stopped!" She swung her fist, landing hard against Meg's cheekbone.

She rubbed her cheek blearily, barely registering that she was awake and that her cheek was fine. Her head began to throb instantly but it wasn't as bad as earlier, but she just sighed and let herself bury her face into the pillow, asking why she had to dream about an alcoholic woman throwing rum at her when she was trying to get over the hangover from hell.