Well this is the epilogue. I hope you all enjoyed this fic! And pardon the long delay for this epilogue… I hope I still have people awaiting this epilogue haha. I know, its short. But its an epilogue, not a real chapter.

It took weeks for Meg's wounds to fully heal and when they had they left bright pink scars, but the trauma to her mind was what kept her up at night, still afraid of the nightmares that would cause her to give way to an invading soul. Hercules had explained to her that the cause of the possessions had been rectified, but a part of her would not let her guard down. This fear, in time, would heal as well.

Meg, in an almost cliché manner was standing over the balcony at their villa, staring out at the garden under the shadow of the storm clouds rolling harmlessly overhead, carrying their heavy burden to an island far across the sea leaving Greece dry for at least one more night. Hercules had arrived home from another long day at work and after much searching found her out on the balcony.

"I should have known you were out here." He chuckled, "you're out here almost every night." Meg looked at him and shrugged shyly, a rather uncharacteristic gesture.

"I feel trapped inside lately. I don't know I just get creeped out by the fact that in the villa I was constantly possessed,"

"I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you I've been thinking we should move out of Thebes. I like the country better, and you don't like the villa. A lot of bad stuff has happened in this area. Maybe its time we get a fresh start out in the countryside. Or um well as good a fresh start as a celebrity demi-god and his mysterious and gorgeous love can get," he teased lightheartedly.

"Hmm… I think it's a wonderful idea." She commented kissing him as the storm overhead changed its mind and brought a deluge of rain onto the city, drenching the young couple in a matter of seconds.

Within a year Hercules announced his engagement to the mysterious auburn beauty. Their marriage and the legacy of their lives would live on for years, and it was one jealous man's forbidden crush on the Hero that would write the story of the Hero's betrayal and murder of his young family and this story would carry on through the ages while the true legacy of Greece's greatest hero would be lost. But none of this would matter to Hercules or Megara, as they cherished their five sons and had many grandchildren. After Meg passed away at a surprisingly old age of 53, Herc's demigod blood would carry him on many more years to be one of the only people in ancient years to see his first great-grandson. And when death finally caught up to him he forsake a life on Olympus to be reunited with his love in the underworld paradise, both having found a silver coin in their hand upon waking from death on the shores of the river Styx.

Hercules had carried on an amazing 30 years after Meg's death, and upon seeing his long lost love he ran to her and her to him, both having returned to their former youth, the many years had not come between them,

"Hercules… I waited so long for you." She whispered, and Hercules began to weep at the sound of her voice reaching him for the first time in three decades,

"You won't have to wait anymore."

And I hope you enjoyed that adorably CORNY ending. I know that if you take into play average lifespan of people in ancient times Herc would probably have outlived all of his kids and would meet them in the underworld too, but they would be quarter-god so thus live longer too unless they died via sickness or injury. But lets not take that into play and just make it about the reunion of Meg and Herc. I hope you enjoyed this fanfic and please continue to be my loyal readers for when I update other fics =)