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Almost 18 circlings ago…

The Icecarls travelled cautiously across the Ice. This portion was treacherous, weakened by the Slepenish and so dangerous. Their goal was the Selski, travelling away. This was their chance to hunt. They would not blow it.

A movement caught the eye of one of the Icecarls. Someone – or something – was throwing a bundle down on the ice. Perhaps an enemy.

She raised her weapon and skated towards him. She was sure it was a male. Before she got there, however, he escaped, leaving the bundle where he had left it.

She sheathed her sword and approached cautiously. It seemed harmless, but that was the problem with traps. They wouldn't be very effective if you could tell that they were traps.

But it wasn't one. It was a child, less than a circling old. Much less, as a matter of fact. She wondered what she was doing here, and what she should do. Then she shrugged. Whoever it was, the child was blameless, and should not be left to fend for herself. She bent down to pick her up.

The ice under her cracked, and in that instant, she knew she had made a terrible mistake. The person who had abandoned the child had thrown her down, weakening the ice further and wounding the child. When she bended over, it was enough to tip the balance and break the ice. She only managed to grab hold of the furs the child was swaddled in before plunging into the icy water.

The crack of the ice had not gone unnoticed to her companions. In a flash they were beside her, one of them taking the child from her grasp and the others grabbing hold of her hands so that they could pull her to safety. Then they skated away before the entire section of ice broke up.

Before long both the rescued and rescuer were swaddled in warm furs, and taken back to the ship before more harm befell them. One of her companions leaned over and peered at the child closely. Then she gave a derisive snort.

"This child is weak. No wonder the parents abandoned her. I would not want her either. I do not know why you bothered to save her. I would have left her to the Ice."

"She is weak, it is true," acknowledged the Icecarl. "But the abandonment of a child, no matter what, is a dishonourable thing to do, without the judgement of the Mother Crone."

"And what do we do with her now? She would die anyway. Why not save her the trouble and slay her now?"

"Hush," said another. The aura of authority was around her, and no one would doubt that she led these Icecarls. "We will take her to the Mother Crone to decide. The decision is not ours to make."

The two clapped their fists. "Yes, Shield Mother."

They brought the child to the Mother Crone and told her the happenings. The Mother Crone shuffled forward and placed her hand over the child's face. The Shield Maidens fell silent. Obviously, the Mother Crone was going to prophesy.

After what seemed like eons, but could not have been more than minutes, the Mother Crone withdrew her hand and shuffled back. She did not speak. Whatever she saw, or did not see, she kept it to herself.

Just then, the child awoke, feeling the vice grip of the Shield Mother. She did not cry, but began to struggle.

Seemingly alarmed by that, the Mother Crone took the child from the Shield Mother. She did not cease struggling, which brought a smile to the Mother Crone's face. Suddenly, she saw the child grown, fighting, playing a part in the future, as all Icecarls do.

She also saw what the child's name would be.

The Mother Crone allowed her to live, under her care, and that of the other Icecarls. She did not speak of her vision, and orders were given to never speak of the child's "birth", at least not till there was a need to know. She was to be treated like the rest, no more than that.

The pair who had chosen to abandon the child were slain not very long after. Their daughter lived.

And no one would know what part she would play in the distant future.

The child was no different from the others, in most aspects. The only difference would be unknown, unseen, till the day she came to fight for her place, and the place of all the Icecarls, in the world.

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