Chapter 24.

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Mary's Room.

Frank looked at a picture of Mary and himself, taken at her college graduation. He had been such a proud father that day. Mary had worked hard and earned a teaching degree, she wanted to teach early elementary, as she loved working with kids. She had looked so beautiful that day. He put that photo down and picked up one of Mary and John at the beach, both looking so happy and carefree.


Frank jumped when he heard something behind him. He turned and felt himself calm and his heartbeat slow down when he saw it was just his butler. "Oh, Miles, it's just you. You startled me."

Guest bedroom.

"What did you see, Sammy?" John asked after Sam had drunk his water. There was no time to beat around the bush, they had already lost valuable hours.

"A man," Sam said. "In a girl's bedroom. The demon was there and he killed the man, just like mom. Someone else was there as well, a woman. I heard a scream," Sam said as he tried to describe what he had seen. The man's back had been to him, but Sam knew that he recognized him, he just couldn't place him and it was driving him crazy. "The man in my vision, I think I know him," Sam added.

"Think, Sam. If you can't place the man, describe the room, it may trigger something," Bobby said reasonably. He had been a hunter for a long time and he had a really bad feeling about this.

Sam thought back to his vision. "The walls were soft colors, I forget what they call it," he murmured faintly.

"Pastel," Dean offered. "What?" he said when Sam gave him a funny look. "I remember mom saying she loved pastels."

John shuddered as if he had been hit with a bucket of ice water. An uneasy feeling was growing in his stomach. "Con... uh, Continue, Sam," he stammered.

Mary's Room.

"Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to startle you. I was just wondering if there was anything you needed before I turn in," Miles offered.

"No, thank you, Miles. I'm okay."

"If you're sure," Miles said.

"I am, good night," Frank said as he turned back to Mary's pictures.

"Mary sure was a pretty girl," Miles commented.

"Yeah, no one was ever as beautiful as her," Frank agreed with a touch of pride in his voice.

"You want to know what my favourite memory of her was?" Miles asked.

Frank knew that Mary had often confided in their old, trusted, family servant. He would love to know what memories Miles held of his beloved baby girl.

"Please tell me?" Frank said almost begging.

"Hearing her scream," said a cold hard voice.

Guest Bedroom.

"The bed had a pink flower pattern and there were three posters on the wall," Sam continued.

"Ja...mes, ah James Dean?" John asked in a shaky voice.

Sam looked at his father in surprise. "How did you…?" He trailed off. All of a sudden he knew why the man had seemed familiar.

"Dad, Sam," Dean said in fear.

"Oh my God," John said adding his fears. "That sounds like your mother's room."

Mary's Room

Frank whipped around and faced his butler and he was brought up short when he took in the man before him. It was Miles, yet something about him seemed different. His eyes, which were always warm and friendly, now seemed threatening. His face was hard and uninviting. Frank couldn't believe it when he watched the dark brown eyes of his butler start to glow a bright yellow.

Before Frank could react, he found himself flying across the room, as if being pushed by invisible hands. He felt himself slam into the far wall and found himself pinned, unable to move. He did the only thing he could do. He screamed.


Guest Bedroom

Dean's eyes grew wide in terror. This couldn't be happening. "Where's mom's room?" he asked.

John took charge. "Bobby," he said with authority. "Get the colt out of the Impala's trunk. The rest of us will stake out your mom's room, it's the last one in this hallway, on the right." He tossed the keys to his friend and Bobby bolted for the door.

John and Sam looked at each other, they knew they had to stop this, it would destroy Dean if something happened to Frank now, even Bobby wouldn't be able to bring him back from that.

"NNNNOOOO!!!!" No sooner had Bobby left than a scream rose from down the hall.

Dean paled. This was not happening. "GRANDPA," he screamed. He didn't care that he had nothing to use to fight the demon, that yellow eyed son of a bitch was not going hurt anyone else he cared about. He dodged John's efforts to stop him and ran down the hall toward his mother's room.

"DEAN," Sam and John cried out in unison and took off to stop him.

Dean sped down the hall toward his mother's room. His emotions were churning like the sea during a violent storm. He had just gotten his family back and he would be damned if he was going to lose any of them.

Dean reached the open door at the end of the hall and felt a small glimmer of hope when he saw his grandpa pinned against the wall, struggling to move. He was alive. Thinking with his heart, rather than his head, Dean charged in through the open doorway, fully intending to tackle the man the demon was possessing. No one was going to hurt his grandpa.

Brilliantmove, Winchester, was Dean's next thought as he found himself pinned to the wall next to his grandfather.

Sam and John were not far behind Dean, but those few seconds proved costly when, just as they approached the door, it slammed shut and no matter what they did, it held fast.

Inside Mary's bedroom.

Dean could hear his father and brother pounding on door as he found himself face to face with their life long nemesis. "Well, well, well, we meet again, young Winchester," the possessed form of Miles said in his best imitation of Darth Vader.

"Don't quit your day job," Dean quipped.

"Never could control that smart mouth, could you, boy?" the demon replied.

"Yeah, must have been absent when they taught that lesson in kindergarten," Dean responded with a smirk.

"Still hiding behind the smart ass attitude, I see."

"No, what you see is what you get."

"Ah, Dean, maybe you shouldn't piss it off," Frank commented. Was this actually happening? Was Miles possessed by a demon? Was his grandson actually mouthing off to it? Was he going crazy?

"You should listen to grandpa, young Winchester, he knows what he's talking about," the demon cautioned.

Dean felt his anger grow. That stupid son of a bitch had no right to speak about his grandpa so familiarly.


"SHUT UP." they all heard Dean scream.

What the hell was that thing doing to his son now, John thought, Dean couldn't take much more before he was permanentlybroken.

"Dad, what are we going to do? We have to get in there," Sam said frantically.

"I know, Sammy," John said, his own voice betraying his fear for his father-in-law and his eldest son.

"That thing will kill them both," Sam said. He was not going to lose his brother.

"Don't you think I know that, Sammy," John replied as he desperately wracked his brain for a plan.

"John, what's going on?" Bobby called to them as he ran down the hallway, holding the one thing that could stop the demon.

"Frank and Dean are trapped in the room with the Demon and the door's stuck," John explained with a sigh of relief at Bobby's return. His friend was an expert on demons, if anyone could get them out of this mess, it was Bobby.

"We need a plan," Bobby said trying to be the voice of reason, even though he was every bit as panicked as John and Sam. It would be like losing his own son if something happened to Dean. And if something does happento him,I will march into hell myself and slaughter each and every one of those evil sons of bitches. So help me God, Bobby vowed.

"My plan is to bust in and shoot that son of a bitch," John stated.

"Then you'll end up on the wall next to Dean and Frank and the demon will have the gun," Bobby tried to reason with frantic father.

Mary's Room.


"Struck a nerve, did I? You're so transparent, so pathetic. Fighting for a family that doesn't want you, that has never wanted you."

Dean's first instinct was to agree with what the demon was saying, but then he thought about everything that had happened recently. His father and Sam making every effort to get along for his sake. His dad sticking around rather than taking off after the encounter with the demon and the crash. Meeting his grandfather, and Frank following him all the way to Bobby's to try to patch things up with him. Bobby always being there. His family did want him. Plus, he could hear the pounding on the door and knew that his family was trying to get to him.

"You need new material, that's getting really old," he said, refusing to wallow in self pity.

The demon was a little surprised when Dean didn't break like he had done in the cabin. The setback was very brief, however, and he launched into a new plan of attack. He could kill the young man anytime he wanted, but where was the fun in that? No, it would so much more fun to break him first. He had never met a challenge like Dean Winchester. The kid was like a cockroach, he just kept coming, and the demon was determined to best him.

"New material, thanks for the advice. What do you think about this?" the demon said as Frank suddenly flew off the wall and across the room, slamming into the opposite wall. As soon as he made contact, Frank let out a grunt of pain, and this time, the demon got the reaction he was looking for. Dean went mad.

He began straining against the invisible bonds, trying to pull himself off the wall to get to his grandfather. "LEAVE HIM ALONE,YOU SON OF A BITCH!!"


Sam began pounding on the door once more when he heard Dean scream, he knew that the demon had to be doing something to Frank. Sam was shocked when he realized that his own feelings weren't just about how Dean would react if something happened to their grandfather, Sam didn't want anything to happen to Frank, period.

"Sam," Bobby said, trying to get through to the distraught young man. "This is going to do you no good. We have to find another way in."

"Oh yeah, let me get out my handy-dandy guide to secret tunnels in large mansions," Sam said sarcastically.

"Look, smartass," Bobby said as he tried to think, Sam had sounded eerily like his older brother. "Go find Miles or Margaret, they'll know the layout of the place," he instructed the younger man.

"I'm not leaving my brother, Bobby," Sam said stubbornly.

"Damn it, Sam," John growled, his son never stopped questioning orders. "Never mind, I'll do it. You two just keep working on that door."

Before he could take off down the hallway, though, they heard Frank scream Dean's name and then there was a click and the door started to swing inwards, as if they were being invited to join the party.

Mary's Room

Dean was still struggling with all his might, trying to accomplish the impossible and free himself of the demon's hold on him. All of a sudden, his grandfather was next to him again.

"Grandpa, are you alright?" Dean asked trying to stay calm.

"Yeah, a bit of a headache, but nothing a few Tylenol wouldn't cure," Frank said trying to reassure his grandson.

"Isn't that touching?" the demon commented. "Now it's grandpa's turn to watch." With that, Dean went flying across the room and slammed into the opposite wall. Unfortunately, Dean was taller than Frank, his head connected with the corner of a wall shelf and he slumped to the floor, unconscious.


"Oops, got to be more careful," the demon said sarcastically. "Let's say we invite more people to join the fun." The demon released the invisible hold on the door and it opened slowly.


The three men wanted to charge into the room and put a bullet right through it's heart, but they knew that if they did, they were all going to be trapped.

"I'm going in to distract it," Sam said suddenly. "Then you guys send it straight back to hell." With that, Sam bolted into the room before John or Bobby could stop him.

Of course, the minute Sam entered the room, he found himself right next to Frank. Having both his boys trapped was more than John could bear, so he followed Sam and ended up right next to his youngest son and his father-in-law. Neither John nor Sam missed Dean lying in an unconscious heap on the floor and they could only hope that he was okay he was okay. They both started struggling futilely, but quickly realised that they were trapped. At least Bobby was still their ace in the hole, or so they thought. Bobby pulled out the colt, aimed it straight out in front of him and walked boldly into the room.

"LET THEM GO," he demanded, his anger growing as he took in Dean's prone from. This demon had broken the number one rule, you didn't mess with his family.

"My, my, the gang's all here," the demon commented in an almost sing song voice. "Oh no, you got me. I'm shaking in my boots. Please spare me."

"I said let them go," Bobby repeated in that deadly calm voice.

"Let me guess, I'll never get away with it," the demon said mocking Bobby. "And if I don't, what are you gonna do about it? Shoot me? What if you miss, you've only got one try."

"I won't miss," said Bobby confidently.

Bobby continued to hold the gun unwaveringly on the demon. He knew how easily the demon could vaporize itself into a mist so he had to fire at exactly the right time. Before Bobby could react though, the demon took hold of Dean's limp form and held the unconscious man in front of himself like a shield. Bobby cursed. There was no way to shot the demon now, he would hit Dean.

"Not so sure of yourself now, are you? I know all about you, Robert Singer. Your family all but disowned you and now you're all alone. I mean, when's the only time you see the Winchesters? When they need something, right? Tell me, do they ever stop in just to say howdy?"

"SHUT UP," John screamed. "Don't listen to him." John called to his friend. They couldn't afford to have Bobby falter.

"When I want comments from the peanut gallery, I'll ask for them. Don't fret though, it will be your turn soon enough, John. Now, where was I? Oh yes, poor, pathetic Bobby, all alone."

"Nice try," Bobby said refusing to buy into the demon's words. He and John were brothers, Sam and Dean were as much his sons as they were John's, Bobby believed that with all his heart.

"Oh, yeah, you're real protective of your Winchesters, aren't you? What would you say if I did this?" The Demon released his hold on Dean and sent him flying through the air once more, crashing into another wall.

"DEAN!!!" shouted Frank, John, Sam and Bobby, all at once.

Unfortunately, this gave the demon the opportunity it had been waiting for. Bobby allowed the gun to dip ever so slightly and he soon found himself pinned on the wall, next to others. The gun landed in a useless heap beside Dean's limp form.

All four men began struggling once again, to no avail. The demon had them all trapped.

"Now, I do believe that I said I'd get to you next, John, and I have a special surprise for you." The demon laughed as John struggled futilely againt the hands that were now pressed against his forhead.


John found himself standing in Sam's nursery, the demon standing over the baby who lay innocently in his cradle.

"Sammy," John cried as he rushed forward and tried to grab his son.

"No one can see or hear us, John. Watch closely," the demon instructed.

John watched as the demon cut his wrist and let his blood drop into Sammy's mouth.

"You son of a bitch," John growled.

"Wait, the best is yet to come."

John saw Mary walk by the room and ask if the baby was hungry. Then he heard her scream and run back to the room.

"YOU," she cried.

"You know the rest," the demon said and John suddenly found himself back in Mary's old room.

"John, what did you see?" Frank asked.

The demon's vision had left John in a daze and he didn't answer right away. Had Mary really recognized the demon? Was it just because she apparently had visions like Sam, or was it something else entirely?

"Your beloved daughter and I had a history," the demon said to Frank before John could answer. "I came to see her when she was six months old and give her a wonderful gift, making her one of my children."

"You son of a bitch," Frank yelled and tried to lunge for the demon, but he was held fast.

"Your daughter sure was a strong one, she resisted me, but I didn't get to where I am because I started sleeping with the boss. No, I found another way to break her," the demon said as he taunted Mary's loved ones.

"You're lying," Sam accused.

"Ah, Samuel. I knew Mary's children would be just as special as she was. The first one, well, can't win them all, but you, Sammy..."

"Don't call me that!!" Sam snapped.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to interrupt? You were just what I was looking for, so I made you special, just like your mother."

"For what?" Sam asked belligerently.

"My plans for you and all the children like you."

"You've said that before. What plans?" Sam asked firmly, his fear increasing by the second.

"All in good time. I can't reveal all it all at once, where's the fun in that," the demon commented.

"I've got news for you. Mom resisted and so will I," Sam stated with a confidence he didn't feel.

"Everyone has their breaking point. I found your mother's, I'll find yours," the demon snarled.

"What did you do to Mary, you son of a bitch?" John growled as he finally found his voice.

"I gave her back the thing she feared losing the most," the demon said cryptically.

A thought ran through Bobby's head, one he really didn't like and hoped with all his might that he was wrong. Demon's lie, he told himself firmly.

"No way," Frank yelled. "Mary was a good person. She would never have dealt with the likes of you."

"It's a good thing we've got all night because there's a lot you don't know," the demon said.

Unbeknownst to the demon, Dean had started to regain consciousness. He had resisted the urge to groan because he didn't want the demon to know he was awake. He could see the colt about two feet away from him and now all he needed was an opportunity.


Margaret Jackson had climbed into bed earlier that evening, bemoaning the fact that her life was over. She would talk to her husband about selling this place and they could start over in a new town where no one knew them.

She was usually a pretty sound sleeper, but all the commotion had woken her. Well, enough was enough. She was not going to put up with this anymore and that included her husband. If Frank wanted these people in their lives, then he could go live with them.

She stalked down the hall, toward the noise that appeared to be coming from her daughter's old room. She halted in surprise at the entrance though, she couldn't believe what her eyes were telling her. Her husband, the grease monkey, the grease monkey's youngest son and that other one were standing against the wall while they screamed at her butler, while grease monkey's older son appeared to be taking a nap in the corner. She knew they were an odd bunch, but this was just too much.

"What in God's name is all this ruckus about?" she questioned as she stepped into the room.

The demon was distracted by Margaret's sudden appearance and turned as she entered the room, giving Dean exactly the opportunity he had been waiting for. The demon's back was to him and Dean reached over and grabbed the colt.

"The reason why a bad guy's diabolical plan never works is because they spend way too much time monologuing about it instead of actually doing anything," Dean informed the demon as he rose shakily to his feet, causing the demon to turn and face the middle Winchester. Dean didn't hesitate, he felt a momentary flash of guilt about killing his grandfather's butler, though, as he pulled the trigger. The last bullet scored a direct hit to the heart. The host body jerked as it felt the bullet enter the body. The body spasmed, almost as if whatever made the bullet work reacted to the pure evil of the demon, causing an internal struggle. There was a flash and then black smoke leaked from the wound instead of blood. At last the bullet won and the body fell to the ground, the yellow glow fading Miles' dark brown.

Dean dropped the gun and slumped, his strength spent, struggling against the darkness that tried to pull him back under. "I'm sorry, grandpa," he said dejectedly.

Sam, Bobby, Frank and John found themselves released from the wall. Sam and John headed over to Dean and wrapped their arms around him. Bobby wanted to comfort him as well, but he made his way over to Margaret, who was in a complete state of shock catching her in his arms as she passed out. He picked her up and carried her to Mary's old bed, laying her on it gently.

"Can I tell her I gave her mouth to mouth?" Bobby quipped, trying to ease the tension in the room.

Frank, who was also frozen with shock, finally came around and couldn't help the chuckle that came out of him. "Probably cause her to pass out again," Frank remarked.

With Margaret safe and sound, they both made their way over to Dean. Frank put his arm on Dean's shoulder.

"It's alright, Dean. I'm not mad. You didn't have a choice."

"I killed your friend," Dean said sadly.

"I'll miss him," Frank said honestly. "But you're family. I wouldn't have survived if something had happened to you."

Dean gave his grandfather a small smile.


Nobody knew what to say and do in that moment. The demon was finally dead.

John stayed close to his boys' side, he wanted to be near them. His thoughts were racing a mile a minute though. There was an inkling in the back of his mind about what the demon had been talking of, but it refused to make itself known. It could wait for now. The demon was dead.

Sam's thoughts were similar to his father's. How had the demon known their mother? Did he still have to worry about the demon's plans for him ? Sam also came to the conclusion that it could wait for now. The demon was dead.

Dean, who had been unconscious throughout most of the ordeal, was just glad that his family was alive and well. He truly regretted that he'd had to kill his grandfather's butler, but like Sam had said after Dean had killed that guy in the alley, he didn't have a choice, the guilt could come later. Right now, he was going to celebrate the fact that the demon was dead, at last.

Frank was glad that everyone was safe. He would miss his old servant and friend, but his grandson hadn't had a choice. He had only heard about this stuff a short while ago, but he was so glad that this threat to his family was gone, as was the thing that had taken his beloved Mary. The demon was dead.

Bobby was glad that the demon never had a chance to reveal what it knew about Mary. He had a thought as to what it was, but he refused to let himself believe it. Bobby hoped that it was one thing John and the boys would never find out because if he was right, it would only cause more grief and heartache. Demons lie, Bobby repeated to himself. Right now, though, none of that mattered because the demon was dead.


Bobby took charge of the scene. Dean had ended up with another concussion so Bobby sent him to bed with instructions for Sam to wake him every hour.

Fortunately, it was a large estate so there were no neighbours for the gunshot to alert, for which Bobby was grateful. He called a contact and arranged for Miles' body to be taken away. He and Frank concocted a cover story that Miles had gone on vacation and Bobby's contact was going to make it look like he had been killed in an accident.

When Margaret came around, she couldn't remember a thing. It had all been too much for her to bear so she had blocked it all from her mind. When she got a call a couple of days later to say that their butler had been killed in a car accident, she was none the wiser.

Bobby had to get back to his business. He knew that John and the boys were not ready to leave just yet, so he encouraged them to stay and went to see about borrowing one of Frank's cars. As he was about to go approach him, John came to him.

"Bobby, thanks for everything," John said sincerely.

"Anytime, Johnny, you know that. I can tell something else is on your mind though. What is it?"

Damn if Bobby couldn't read him like a book. "The demon, what did it mean when it said it gave Mary back the thing she feared losing the most?"

"I don't know. It's dead, does it really matter?"

"Yes," John said stubbornly.

"What good would it do? It won't change anything. You have your boys, John, they should be enough. Be with them," Bobby cautioned wisely.

"You suspect something don't you?" John asked as he read the meaning behind Bobby's words.

"No," Bobby said quickly. He could tell that John didn't believe him though. "Enjoy your life and your family, John. You could lose them if you go looking into this. You may not like what you find," Bobby warned.


"No. I won't discuss this anymore," Bobby stated firmly. "Stay here and let Dean recover. Then I expect you to stop by and visit, but drop this whole thing. Demon's lie, Johnny, you know that. It probably just said that to get to you."

"But…" John tried once more.

"Johnny," Bobby growled. "Your pursuit of this demon almost cost you both your sons. You got a second chance with them. If you pursue this, you might not get a third."

John conceded. Bobby had a point. He wouldn't leave his boys to look into this, but they would continue to hunt. There were still people to save, but John decided that he would make some discrete inquiries. He couldn't just ignore this, but for right now, he knew where he needed to be. He said goodbye to Bobby and headed toward the room where his boys were.

Bobby asked Frank about a car and Frank was so grateful to Bobby for everything he had done, that he took him to the garage and told him he could pick one. Bobby jokingly said he would take the Ferrari and he was shocked when Frank handed him the keys and told him to enjoy it. Bobby immediately protested and informed Frank he couldn't accept it. Frank told him that it was rude to refuse a gift, saying that he could get another car, but not another family. Bobby couldn't believe it and he drove home a very happy man.

A few days later, the Winchesters said their goodbyes.

Dean walked down the hall toward the study where his grandmother liked to have her afternoon tea. He couldn't believe he was about to do this.

"Good afternoon," he said tentatively as he poked his head in the room. He had remembered what his grandmother had said to him the day he first met her.

"What is it?" Margaret said stiffly.

"I, um, I just wanted to say thank you for letting us stay here and I wanted to say, um, ah, that I was sorry about dinner the other night."

Margaret regarded the young man standing before her. She could see what her husband had been saying now. She may have disapproved of many of the things Mary had done, but she had been her daughter. Her eldest son was the spitting image of her. "I accept your apology," she said finally.

"It was nice meeting you, grandma," Dean said sincerely.

For some reason, it didn't seem to grate on her nerves and she realized that Dean had said it with respect and she appreciated the fact that he had enough manners to apologize.

"It was a pleasure to make your acquantaince," Margaret said formally and she picked up her book. Dean decided to take what he could get and politely exited the room.

The goodbye with Frank was much more cheerful. There were lots of hugs and I'll miss yous and promises to call and stop by when they were next in town.

Frank stood in the open doorway of his home as he watched the Impala make its way down the driveway. His gaze remained foward facing, even as he heard someone walk up behind them.

"I'm sure they will be back, Francis. They have not tortured me nearly enough."

That caught his attention and Frank turned and regarded his wife. Had she just actually made a joke? What was that word that his son-in-law had told him to use if you thought someone was possessed? Crisco? No that was a type of cooking oil. "Are you going to miss them too?" Frank asked his wife as he gave up trying to remember the word.

"Good heavens, no," Margaret said a little too quickly.

"Me too," Frank said. He finally remembered the importance of family and he did something he hadn't done in a long time. He put his arm around his wife's shoulders. "Want to go out to the club for dinner?"

Her first thought was to refuse in case they ran into their friends, but something wouldn't let her. "Are you asking me on a date?"

"Guess so. Want to accompany me? We can take the new caddy."

"Alright, just do not try that running out of gas thing," Margaret said.

Suddenly the word just popped into Frank's head. "Christo," he muttered.

"Did you say something, Frank?"

"Nothing. Come on I'm starving."


Dean sat behind the wheel of his Impala and headed toward the city limits. As he was driving, he saw a sign for St. Matthew's Cemetary. On impulse, not really understanding why, he turned right and headed toward the cemetary. John and Sam were equally surprised when he stopped the car close to where Mary was buried.

Dean went to get out of the car and John made to follow him.

"Wait here," Dean said softly to his father. He still wasn't sure he wanted to do this, or was even able to do this. He stood beside the car for a good 15 minutes before taking a small, tentative step in the direction of his mom's grave.

"Dad," said Sam with concern. "Should we follow him?"

"No Sammy, I think he needs to do this by himself," John answered as he kept his eyes on his eldest son.

They both watched as Dean approached Mary's grave. He put a hand lightly on top of the tombstone and dropped to his knees. He stayed in that position for almost two hours before he got up and returned to the car. John and Sam had been mostly silent as they both kept a watchful eye on Dean for signs that he might need them, but when John saw Dean approaching the car, he got out and informed Sam to stay put. When Dean approached, John could see that his eyes were red rimmed, like he'd been crying.

"I don't feel like driving," Dean informed his father in a tone that clearly stated the matter was closed and he was not about to discuss it. He flipped his father the keys and got in the passenger side. John looked towards heaven, a big grin on his face. His voice was full of emotion when he said, "Mary, that's our boy."


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