Ash and Misty's Love

This is set in Pallet town right before the Pokémon League.  Coincidentally, the same time period as my friend Spruceton Spook's self-titled fic Spooked (just kidding on the self-titled part.)  If you haven't read her stuff—go.  Read.  Now.  This is dedicated to her, Mandy, and Sharon.

There are hints of AAML in here.  (DUH!)  But the title is not quite what you think it is.  Oh, and if you don't like cute, stay away.  Stay far away.  Otherwise...enjoy!

Ash and Misty's Love

Chapter One—What is Love?

            "Two sixty-eight...two sixty-nine..."

            Ash sighed as he finished counting.  "Two dollars and seventy-three cents.  Pikachu, we're in trouble.  That's not even enough to buy gift wrap."

            Pikachu patted his trainer's back sympathetically.

            "Thanks, buddy," Ash said.  He climbed the ladder to his bed and flopped down on his mattress.  "What am I going to do?" he thought out loud.  Misty's birthday was less than a week away.  Even if he knew what to give her, he had no money to buy anything.  He barely had enough to buy an ice cream cone.  Of course, she did like ice cream...nah, too hard to wrap.

            "I need money," he said again.  He studied the shape of his bank thoughtfully, absentmindedly stroking the charm on its head.  "This is one time it would come in handy to have a real Meowth around.  I sure could use Pay Day."

            Pikachu made a face and shuddered.

            "Not worth it even for that, huh?" Ash laughed, scratching the pokémon's head affectionately.  "They're not all like Meowth from Team Rocket, you know."

            Pikachu stuck his tongue out and then fell over in a 'play dead' position.

            "Have it your way..."  Ash shook his head at his pokémon's dramatics.  "Come on.  Maybe Mom will know what to do."  His face brightened at the idea.  "Mom!  Yeah, that's it!"

            Heartened by this thought, Ash scrambled down from his bed and ran down the steps to the kitchen.  "Mom, I need..." he began excitedly, but stopped himself short.

            Misty and Brock were at the table, watching him curiously.  He couldn't ask his mom for anything in front of them  The reason for silence in front of Misty was obvious.  As for Brock—Ash preferred not to be teased mercilessly about a nonexistent crush.  He was only doing this, he insisted to himself, because Misty was a friend.

            "You take out the trash?" his mom supplied, her reminder unwittingly saving him.  "Is that what you were going to say?"

            "Uh, right.  Okay," he said.  But he still needed money for a gift...inspiration struck.  "Can I have a quarter?"

            "Ash!" Delia said.  She gave her son an amused yet exasperated look.  Misty and Brock burst out laughing.

            "Geez, Ash, I always knew you were greedy, but don't you know that you can't charge your mom for doing your chores?" Misty teased.

            "Hey, you don't even know what it's for," Ash protested.      

            "What's it for then?" she asked.

            Oops.  Duh.  Ash mentally kicked himself.

            "Nothing," Ash said.  "For your information, I'd take out the trash whether I got a quarter or not!  I was just hoping she had a quarter."  

            Then again, getting paid to take out the trash isn't such a bad idea, he thought to himself.  Why haven't I thought of that before?  I could be rich by now!

            "I should think you would," his mom said wryly, but walked over to the cookie jar, which,  Ash happened to know, was not used for cookies at all.  The cookies were stored in the sugar canister.  The spare change was stored in the cookie jar.  She pulled out two quarters.

            "There are two bags of trash, here's a quarter apiece," she said.  "You're not going to waste them on more pokémon cards, are you?"

            "I don't think so," Ash said truthfully.  He didn't need them when he had the real thing.  Though...would Misty like pokémon cards?  Judging from the fact that both she and Brock were rolling their eyes now, he guessed not.  He should have known—she didn't approve of his comics either.  But what did she like?

            "Whatever, sweetie," Delia sighed, shaking her head.  "As long as you take out the trash, I don't care what you spend it on." 

            "Thanks mom!" In a show of gratitude, he slung the bags enthusiastically over his shoulder—so enthusiastically, in fact, that he almost threw them into the doorframe and barely missed splitting them open. 

            "Oops," he apologized, and hastily opened the door to leave.  His mom rolled her eyes. Ash could hear Misty taking another dig at him even as he was walking out the door.

            "Hope you don't regret that, Mrs. Ketchum." 

            Ungrateful, Ash thought as he shut the door behind him.  She doesn't even know I'm doing this for her.  He was struck with an apprehensive thought.  Then again, I hope she doesn't regret it, either...wait a minute, why am I worrying about it? 

            He sighed.  Friends were complicated.  Girls were even more so.  And friends who were girls...well, they were so confusing that sometimes Ash decided that surely, an undiscovered pokémon species must be easier to figure out. 

            "A pokémon named Misty," Ash said, then snickered.  Riiiiight.


            Three dollars and twenty-three cents.  Ash dropped his most recent earnings in his bank and listened to the coins clink.

            "Now what?" he asked out loud.  He was going to have to make a lot more than fifty cents at a time if he wanted to earn enough to buy a decent present.  He wandered over to his window and looked out, discovering that his mom and Mr. Mime were working together down in the garden.  There was a thought.  Now would be a good time to go talk to her...

            "Ash, what are you doing?"  Misty appeared in the doorway, giving him a funny look.  She had been doing that a lot over the past hour. 

            "Nothing," he said, suddenly annoyed at her arrival.  He couldn't talk to his mom while she was around, but Misty had been popping up all over the place ever since that incident right before lunch.  It was almost like she knew he was up to something and had been following him around intentionally, though she would never admit to it...

            Hey, that was it!

            "Why are you following me around?" Ash asked, crossing his arms over his chest and giving her the cool once-over.  Misty looked taken aback, then furious.

            "What?"  She gave him death glare, but Ash couldn't tell how sincere it was.   Seeing as he wasn't dead yet, it could be a cover-up.  "Of course not!  You're crazy!  Why would I be following you around?" she shouted.

            "Then what are you doing?" Ash asked smugly.

            "What...I'm...nothing, absolutely nothing!"  Misty said, flustered.  She stormed out in a huff.  "Following him...the boy is nuts...absolutely nuts..." Ash heard her mumbling as she walked away. 

            In spite of himself Ash was surprised. What do you know.  I was right!

            "It works two ways," Ash said, nodding his head, a satisfied grin on his face.  He and Pikachu gave themselves a thumbs up.  "Come on now, let's go find mom before Misty changes her mind and comes back."

            He peered out of his doorway.  The coast was clear, so he quietly snuck down the stairs and peeked into the living room.  Misty and Brock were both there, Brock watching TV from the sofa, and Misty sitting by the window, alternately watching the program herself and glaring out the window.  She was still annoyed. 


            All he had to do now was make it to the kitchen without being spotted.  He crept down the hallway, tiptoeing in hopes of making less noise, carefully edging around the boards he knew would creak.  He made it to the kitchen and slunk around the perimeter to the door.  He was just congratulating himself as he put his hand on the doorknob when...

            "Ash Ketchum, what are you doing?"


            He nearly fell over.  Busted!  Turning around, he tried to concoct a convincing explanation.  "Uh...well..."   

            His mom stood looking at him, tapping her foot.

            "Mom!" he said, wiping his brow.  Thank goodness, his secret was still safe.  "I was looking for you.  I thought you were outside."

            "I came in for some water," she said.  "What was it you needed?"

            "Are we alone?" Ash asked.

            His mom gave him a puzzled look.  "Yes..." she said slowly.

            "Mom," he paused.  "I wanted to ask you something..."  Surely his mom would understand him.  She wouldn't overreact like everyone else.

            "What do girls like for their birthdays?"  he said.  There.  It was finally out in the open. 

            Delia's gaze softened, and a grin twitched at the corner of her mouth.  "So that's what this is all about," she said, in a suspiciously high-pitched sing-song voice.  "You want to get Misty a present."

            "Mo-um," Ash groaned.  "Don't make a big deal out of it.  She is  my friend." 

            "Of course, sweetie, of course," she cooed.  "Well, I would suggest getting her..."

            "Yes?" Ash said eagerly.

            "...something that she would like," his mom finished.

            "ARGH!"  Ash slumped against the wall and smacked himself on the forehead in frustration.  "I KNEW THAT ALREADY!" he yelled, then jumped at the sound of another voice.

            "Ash, don't yell at your mother like that.  It's extremely rude," Misty scolded, giving him a dirty look.

            "Geez, Misty, where do you keep coming from today!" Ash said.   How much had she heard?  He shot her a look of unmistakable annoyance which Misty bristled at.  "I'm not yelling at her!" he said.

            "Hmph.  Funny, I thought that that's what shouting at the top of your lungs was—yelling." 

            "I wasn't yelling at her!" Though the same couldn't be said for now...  "I was yelling, but I wasn't yelling at  her!  If I was yelling at  her I would sound like THIS!" 

            "So I suppose you're yelling at ME, then, HUH?" Misty shouted herself, crossing the distance between them and glaring at him, trying to intimidate him with her added height.  Ash stood his ground.

            "YEAH!  LIKE THIS!"

            "OH YEAH?"





            "WHY I OUGHTA..."

            "Ash!"  The sound of Delia's melodic laughter broke the argument up just as quickly as it began.  She gave her son an amused look, and he looked back at her sheepishly.  He supposed it did look rather silly to be shouting at a girl one minute and planning to buy her a gift the next. 

            Though...  he thought in confusion, the way Brock says it, it works that way with any girl, not just Misty...

            His mom was still smiling at him, obviously pleased at the interest—or perceived interest—that Ash had shown earlier.  "Tell you what, Ash," she said as she pulled a list off the refrigerator door.  "I need some grocery shopping done.  You go to the store and pick these up for me, and I'll give you..." she consulted the cookie jar.  "Five dollars, for whatever that secret project of yours is."  She winked at him.

            Ash ignored the teasing. Eight dollars and twenty-three cents.  Ash's eyes widened.  If this kept up, he may even have something left over for himself.

            "You got it!" Ash said happily, yanking the list out of his mom's hand with such enthusiasm that he nearly tore it in half.  He hurriedly smoothed out the wrinkles.  Misty and Delia both sighed.

            "Misty, dear, you and Brock wouldn't want to tag along to see that the groceries get home in one piece, would you?" Delia asked.  "I'll watch Togepi for you.  Besides, there are some nice stores downtown.  You might want to do some windowshopping."   She gave her son a look that Ash was actually able to interpret as, Pay attention.  You might get some ideas of what she likes from this trip.  He gave her a subtle nod of agreement.

            "Sure thing, Mrs. Ketchum," Misty said.  She went back to the living room to pull Brock away from the TV.  Sounds of shouts and scuffling emerged from the area and Ash and his mom looked at each other with their eyebrows raised.  Finally Misty came back carrying a sleeping Togepi in one hand and dragging Brock by one ear with the other.

            "But..but..." Brock was stammering.  Misty's face was an angry red and her eyes were squinted in irritation.

            "You don't need to watch any more of that crap," Misty said, disgust apparent in her voice.  "Male chauvinist pig!"

            Ash's curiosity got the best of him, and he hoped it didn't mean that Misty was going to kill him for it.  "What was it?"  He dared to ask.

            "It was beautiful.  It was lovely.  It was..." Brock breathed out.

            "It was the Annual Police Department beauty pageant!" Misty said, shaking Brock in annoyance as she informed the others.  "Twenty Officer Jennys competing for the title of 'Most Arresting Police Officer'!  It was propaganda, it was exploitation, it was..."

            "...the swimsuit competition," Brock said mournfully.  Ash gave a low whistle.

            "And you were able to drag him away from that?"  Ash said in admiration.  "Wow, Mist, you're stronger than I thought."

            "Never underestimate the power of a water pokémon trainer," Misty said, nodding in satisfaction as she gave Brock one last swat on the ear.

            Brock just looked pained.


COMING UP IN CHAPTER TWO:  What is love?  You'll find out... 

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