Summary – Vala has her issues, but she is adapting well into the SGC, or so Daniels thinks. Till some unexpected trouble occurs and the teams trust towards her is put to test. What´s more, in the most inappropriate moment, a mission goes totally wrong.

Pairing – Daniel and Vala, yet much of the rest of the team

Spoilers – Season 10 spoilers

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Where the truth lies

by: Liz Parker


Noises. Lots of noises. And cold. Freezing cold that gets to your bones, under your fingernails, to your very core of existence, a pricking pain that feels like stitching of hundreds of needles. And there was also pain, massive pain in her head. She struggled to open her eyes, though her eyelids were as if from steel. Somebody called her name. It was a male voice. She finally managed to open her tired eyes. It was dark. She tried to remember where she was, but she couldn't think clearly. Everything was foggy…hazy. There was a man over her, just inches away from her face, looking directly at her. She recognized it was Mitchell.

"Hey sleeping beauty! Welcome back! You got us really scared."

He was smiling but the smile didn't reach his eyes. He was worried. She tried to make out her surroundings. It looked like they were in some kind of cave. She was half-sitting, half-laying against a wall, her face facing the only source of light in the room. The light came through a hole, probably the exit of the cave.

It was only when Mitchell turned towards it, she noticed that it was partly darkened by silhueetes.

"Guys, she's come around!" He turned back to her. The silhuettes came closer, bending over her, talking to her. Mitchell voice was yet the most clear voice of all, though as he continued to talk to her, she could hardly concentrate on what he was saying.

"Don't worry, everything is going to be ok. We.. I mean T, got you out on time. Now we gotta get you out of these clothes as fast as we can, ok?"

She didn't respond but was rather looking like she was slipping into unconsciousness again, so he coupled her cheek with his hand, gently but firmly.

"Vala? Vala! Do you understand? We are going to take your clothes off now, ok? Nowv try to stay with us, alright?"

Another voice was growing impatient. "We don't have time for this Cam, we need to get her dry!" She recognized the voice at once. It belonged to Daniel, who was starting to bend over her and unziping her anorak, then carefully but quickly taking it off her. Her pullover continued short after, followed by her boots. Vala's clothes seemed so heavy to her, but she coudn't figure out why. She was so cold she couldn't help but shiver violently, her teeth chattering. She was still a bit confused, but when she suddenly felt somebody's warm fingers trace her belly in order to strip of her shirt, she winced and pushed the hands away.

"Vala, we really don't have time for this, now let me.."

"NO Daniel, you're SO not doing that!"

He paused for a second, looked at her as if he was going to say something to reason with her, but then he suddenly changed his mind, bit his lip and continued without hesitation. Her remark and the feeble flaping with her arms in front of her in order to stop him went almost unnoticed. At that point, she got really embarrassed and angry. ' Why the hell wouldn't he take her seriously on this?!'

"Stop it Daniel! Go away… I said GO AWAY!"

"Daniel, maybe I should do it, she may be more comfortable with that." said a quiet but strong voice from behind. Yet, Daniel didn't pay much attention to this suggestion either.

"Vala, stop fighting! This is ridiculous, I've seen you half-naked on many occasions, none of which a chose freely by the way, so stop acting like mother virgin and let me get you out of these ice-cold clothes, dammit!"

At that moment, Mitchell stepped in, grabbing Daniel by the arm. " Hey Jackson, I suppose you know what it means when a lady says NO. Sam's right, leave her do it. You ok with that, Vala?"

She barely nodded, the enourmous effort to just stay awake written over her face. Exhaustion, nausea, an overwhelming headache,resisting Daniel and this unbearable cold took all her strengh that was left.

"Ok guys, she needs dry clothes, so let's see what we all can put together. I am donating the thermic blanket which the very kind and thoughfull doc Lam forced us to take along and about which I at first bitched so much about, calling it an unnecessary burden, for what I am gonna apologize for a million timesto her.. where did I stop?….ah yeah, also am donating two pairs of nice, wooly, warm socks. Sam?"

"She gets my shirt and undershirt."

Cam turned to Daniel and T'ealc. "You guys?"

"I will most gladly donate my anorak to Vala Mal Doran."

"No T, that's a very generous offer, but you can't do that, you will freeze."

"I will still be wearing my shirt and sweater. That is enough for me to survive in good health. Before being allowed to serve Apophis, a Jaffa needed to undergo various sorts of training, which included enduring all kinds of weather or temperature conditions. I am confident to say that when I give my Anorak to Vala Mal Doran, I will still be able to preserve optimal body temperature without suffering any medical problems. "

Cam gave him a 'you-will-freeze-your-butt-off' look, but didn't argue further and took the anorak from T'ealc.

"Daniel, you're next. Let's see if ya can outrun T."

Without saying a word, Daniel took out his gloves, removed his cap and scarf and passed them on to Sam without a word.

"Ok guys, now it's lady's time, so while these chicks get all dressed up for the ball, let's go outside and see how the weather is doing, ok?"

"A-a-and no-no.. snoo-snoo-snooping!" Vala shouted after them.

It took them a second to figure out what she was saying, since her teeth were so heavily chattering.

"Promise I will hold them back." Cam gave Vala a wink and accepted the deadly glare from Daniel and as usual, a neutral expression from T'ealc, with grace.

"Good to see you've got your temper back." Added Mitchell in a more serious manner. Sam gave him a smile and the guys left.

Helping Vala to undress and put the dry clothes on was more challenging than Sam aticipated. Vala's limbs were stiff and she could barely move them.

"Wh-what happ-happened Sam? I can't-can't re-re-remember what …"

Sam looked surprised. "You don't remember?"

"No…I on-only re-remember the-the..walk through-through the cou-country, the-then the fi-fight, and the-then no-nothing..."

"You were standing on a frozen lake, when some kind of strange weak earthquake occured. You slipped and fell down. The ice started to break and you slumped into the water."

"Aw…so-sorry.for-for the mess-ss..." She started to shake more violently as a cold breeze from outside brushed her bare arms.

"Hey, hey! Easy." Sam was quickly trying to thrust Vala's arms into the shirt.

" It's alright. You couldn't have known. Just try to rest. We will get you home as soon as possible. I guess that this is the definite proof that you and cold hate each other."

Vala gave her a small smile. "I-I like….i-ice-cream." Sam chuckled. "Yeah, sure. But still, yello is better!"

"You-you.. wis-wish!"

Sam just finished putting gloves on Vala's hands. She was really worried. They were lifeless, cold as ice, and her fingertips already started turning blue. They had to get her through the gate as soon as possible.

"Ok, here we go. Just put this cap on and we are finished."

"Tha-thank you S-Sam."

"You're welcome." She tried to give the weak woman a reassuring, confident smile.

As she was trying to put all of Vala's half – frozen raven hair into the cap, she unintentionally brushed over Vala's left temple. She felt the other woman flinch in pain. She pulled apart the frosty hair to have a better look and was instantly unpleasantly surprised by a big nasty-looking wound. The blood was sticky and frozen. Still, the amount that was able to spill from the wound before it had literally frozen was a very bad sigh. It got mixed into her dark hair and therefore couldn't be discovered by the others earlier. Sam mentally kicked herself. Injuries were the first thing they should have checked when they brought her here. Now it made sense why Vala was disorientated, weak and not disturbed that much about her condition. The memory loss was probably due to a concussion she may have suffered.

"Don't wo-worry a-about that. My-my ears al-always look so-so fu-funny.." quipped Vala. She wasn't stupid, she saw the look of horror on Sam's face. Sam got slightly ashamed for staring at her like that.

"No, you're ears look quite normal to me…It's only that you've must have hit the ice when you slipped and fell, you are going to have a big nasty bump up there. Any headache? Nausea? Double vision?"

"Just..just the head-headache. It's..kill-killing me-e…Any-any good dru-drugs?"

"I am afraid any that could help your condition. Sorry."

Vala gave her a tough smile. " 's ok. Sur-survived wo-worse."

In that moment, there was a spoken ' knock-knock' on the imaginary cave door and the guys came in. "So? Everything set here? Aw, you really look lovely Vala, though I like you more with flowing hair, but hey, a guy can't have everything, can he?" Cam tried to lighten the atmosphere but saw that he failed as he noticed the worried look on Sam's face.

"We've got a problem here guys.." Sam begun.

"What is it?" Daniel's anxious voice was heard before Mitchell have had a chance to react. Sam reached into Vala's hair to show the rest of them, what got her so worried a few moments ago. They didn't see it at first, but then they noticed the dark nasty cut on Vala's temple.

"She has a massive headache and probably a strong concussion - she doesn't remember what happened to her. Guys, this is worse than we though.." She didn't need to finish her sentence, they all knew what it meant. If they wouldn't get her home as soon as possible, she could die here.The stakes were high.

"Damn.."was the only thing Cam was able to get out of him. T'ealc said nothing, his expression unchanged. The look on Daniel's face was this time even more unreadable than T'ealc's. Vala shuffled uncomfortably.

"Ok, so-so you a-all had a lo-look, now gi-gimme five bucks for-for the ss-show. E-each." They all pulled back, yet nobody laughed. The situation was much too serious.

"Ok." Said Mitchell resolutely. "We observed the weatherThe readings on the scanner show that a heavy storm is approaching. The gate is approximately one mile into the west, the storm is coming from the east. In the deep snow and these conditions, it should take us about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the gate. By the time we arive, it may be possible the storm has broken out already. So, quesiton one – How do we find you again, cos when the storm breaks out, our comms will most likely be out and the footprints in the snow also.."

"We can bring a portable tracking device for our signal implantants."

"…which brings us to my second question Jackson, who will go with me and who will stay?"

"I wil go with you." Said Daniel at once.

"Jackson, it's pretty chilly out there, besides, we don't know, if we reach the gate on time, the storm may catch us on the road and we don't know what to expect, we may get lost or unable to continue.."

"Still, I'll go."

Mitchell scratched his head. "Well, I don't want to hurt your feelings Daniel, but I was thinking more about T'ealc or Carter… "

"NO.Ffor the last time Cam, I'll go. Sam can help Vala with the wound and everything and T'ealc has no anorak, and I can't give him mine, or I would freeze. Besides…" Daniel sighed heavily, "…I'm not completely innocent regarding the reasons why we ended up in this mess.."

Cam and Sam exchanged looks.

"Ok. Me and Jackson go to the gate, Sam and T stay with Vala. Hopefully, we'll be back in two hours. It may take time to put together a rescue time, especially under these circumstances. Ok, see ya soon."

Daniel crossed the cave and kneeled beside Vala.

"We'll be back in no time. You take care of yourself and do whatever Sam tells you, ok?"

"We-well, sure Da-Daniel..I didn't for-forget that you-you al-always knew best..." It was not the remark itself, but her sarcastic tone that that cought him offguard. Yet, he knew he could have expected it.

"Vala, not now please."

"I-I…didn't do-do it Da-Daniel."

"Vala, not now please. We don't have time. We will talk about this when we get you home, alright?"

"I want you to tell me you believe me Daniel!"

Exasperation but also distress was clear in her voice. He didn't answer, but before she could object again, he pulled her into a tight hug and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

"You take care, hold on, and wait for us, promise?"

She gave him a small nodd, for anything else was she too exhausted and tired. He gave her an encouriging smile and quickly disappeared through the exit hole to catch up with Mitchell's quick pace. The time was short.


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