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Where the truth lies

by- liz parker

Chapter 15 – Headache and Dirty Glasses

At first, she discovered a vague notion of her existence, a realization that she simply 'was'. Then she tried to remember who she was, and knew the answer at once. You always know who you are, you are simply being…you. And she knew her name was Vala…Mal Doran. Yeah, Vala Mal Doran, a gorgeous, sexy inter-galactic thief. But the word thief was not a proper one… she was a 'merchant' of sorts. Where did the word 'thief' even come from? Somebody had given her that name… but whoever it was, she couldn't remember now… No; no; wait…actually she could…an image of a man with ruffled light hair, glasses and a kind of annoyed expression appeared in her mind…But she could not remember anything more, not who he was nor how or even if she was related to him. Everything was so clouded and hazy.

Figuring out anything about her present situation, or something as basic as the current time of day seemed impossible: the mere act of 'thinking' was considerably more difficult and tiring that it ever had been. Her mind was slow-footed and foggy, her head and thoughts heavy and sluggish. She felt unbelievably tired and her head was madly spinning in the dark, which beckoned a sickening feeling to creep into her gut from the direction of her stomach.

It took her several more moments to realize the reason she couldn't see anything was because her eyes were closed. Her mind was only very slowly starting to clear up. Yet, she felt it beginning to drift away again, as if falling asleep. She concentrated all her remaining strength on staying awake, no matter how, where, when or why. She needed to invest her energy on this single action, as if guided by some instinct that indicated this was the right thing to do. After she felt confident enough she wouldn't drift into sleep again, she continued her struggle to gain more information about herself, her whereabouts, the time, and her condition.

She tried to open her eyes, quite a slow endeavor given her eyelids were heavy and disobedient. However, the light from 'outside' sent a sharp pang of pain through her head and forced them shut again. While she was recovering from the sudden pain, she started to become conscious of the sounds around her: silent beeping…multiple beeping sounds that grew louder with every second that went by, allowing her mind to become clearer.

Although she knew that for her head's sake, she shouldn't try to open her eyes again, as her lucidity improved even further, the curious, but also frightened part of her won over. Despite experiencing the pain in her head anew, she finally managed to fully open her eyes, squinting in order to sharpen her vision.

At first, she only saw white everywhere; white sheets, white bandages, white walls, white beds. Then her eyes finally located the source of the noises; several monitoring machines with wires attached to them leading towards her very own body. Her first terrifying thought was that she had been abducted and experimented upon. Again.

No no no…wait! Think Vala, THINK! But it was so hard to think... Where could you possibly be? What could you possibly be doing there? What is the last thing you remember? But her mind was blunt. C'mon! What do you remember? Nothing. NO! There's gotta be something! Something that would help her remember the rest, somehow magically reboot her memory.Ok, so; what DID she remember? It was so hard to think though, nothing made sense. She was scared, lost and alone and couldn't remember a tyniest thing.

But wait, there WAS something she remembered after all. That man…the face of that man; brownish hair, glasses…But who …? Then it hit her. Daniel! God, how could she have forgotten about Daniel? All of a sudden, everything came down to her; Prometheus,…the Tauri,…SGC,…"her" team, …friends…

But where was she now? And why was she here? Why was she sick? Why took her so long to even remember who she was? And why was there so much beeping and so much white? But most important of all, where was everyone and why was it all so quiet in here?

She suddenly felt anxious, her mental state becoming alert and frantic…she had to get out of here, no matter if sick or not. She tried to move, firstly her hands then her feet, but she realized she couldn't; Was she strapped? No, it wasn't like that, it was as if her body had suddenly transformed into lead. Only then did she realize that not only she couldn't move her limbs, but she also couldn't be sure that her limbs were even there at all.

God, let this be just a side effect of some narcotics!

But nevertheles how hard she tried to stay calm and reasonable, the anxiety quickly expanded into a panic attack; she didn't know where she was, what had happened to her nor in whose hands she has been in or why she couldn't move. The panic attack caused the machines to beep more frequently and even louder, almost alarm like.

It was then that the unnoticed sleeping figure beside Vala's bed woke up alarmed by the loud beeping. She rose from her chair immediately and pressed a red button on the wall. Finally, her eyes rested on Vala's face and grew even bigger when she saw that Vala was awake.

Vala couldn't however see the person properly, since she was too weak to turn her already throbbing head. So when short blond hair and big blue eyes finally came into view, she at last recognized the person as her best and only female friend she ever had. It took a moment for her mind to process this information untill she started to relax again. It was Sam, SGC Sam, 'Victoria Secret' Sam, and Vala was never happier to see her.

Only then she noticed the woman in front of her was looking at her expectantly, softly calling her name, asking if she could hear her.

Vala wanted to respond, but found that her mouth was dry and her throat sore and swollen. However, before she could take the first dry and painful gulp as a prelude to normal conversation, there was a sudden buzz in the room. All at once, there were noises, voices and quick footsteps. The barrage of noises made her anxious again and she closed her eyes for a brief moment to suppress the renewed sickness in her stomach. When she opened them again, the blonde hair and blue eyes were gone. Instead, she saw a pair of chocolate ones, peeking inquiringly at her. She knew this face too, but this time, it was harder for her to name the person who was now calling her name.

"Vala? Vala can you hear me?"

"Vala it's me, Doctor Lam. Do you recognize me? Do you know where you are?"

Of course! Carolyn Lam, the doctor at the SGC! Now she could really relax, she was on Earth after all; and that meant she was safe. The dark eyes flickered for a small moment between her and the remaining people in the room, but Vala could not see who they were.

"Vala, can you hear me? Do you know where you are?"

She finally noticed the somewhat troubled expression on Carolyn's face and just then realized that the doctor was waiting for her answer impatiently.

"S…G…C…" She said hoarsely and so quietly, that she wasn't sure she had actually said it. Then she saw a bright enthusiastic smile cross the doctor's face. Vala has never seen the doctor smiling like that.

"Ok, now follow my finger please." The Doctor moved her index finger right and left in front of Vala's face watching her reaction eagerly and was obviously very pleased with the possitive outcome.

"Great! Now, do you know who this is, Vala?" Asked Carolyn. She disappeared from Vala's view only to be replaced by Sam, who was giving her a nervous smile.

"…S…Sam…" She said heavily, the lump in her throat killing her.

"…dri-drink…" She was able to whisper before she gave a long dry cough. She had trouble breathing and talking was only making it worse. Nevertheless, she felt that her answers were important to the doctor.

Before she knew it, somebody had slipped a straw through her lips and she was finally able to take a sip of water. It was delicious and had a wonderful but sadly short-lived effect on her sore throat.

"What…?" But before she could voice her question, Carolyn had already started to explain.

"Shhh…you need to rest. You've had an accident and you've been lying in coma for a couple of days. Your injuries are serious, but treatable. Most importantly, you've injured your head and we are afraid about the neurological damage that may have been caused. So, please try to answer my questions the best you can, alright?"

Vala nodded tiredly in reply.

"What day comes after Sunday?"


"Ok. What is the name of the object doctor Jackson wears on his nose?"


Carolyn grinned.

"Sense for humor? That's wonderful! Ok, focus, this one's a hard one. What was the name of the Go'auld you were host to?" There was a moment of silence.

"Que…Que-seth?" Said Vala after a while a bit uneasy, her reply being more a question than a statement. Carolyn noticed the slight uncertainty in Vala's answer, as well as she noticed the confusion of consonants in the pronunciation, that's been also kind of troublesome. However, she didn't comment on either one, only scribbled something down on her clipboard.

"Excellent," said Carolyn at last, giving Vala a warm gracious smile but noticed Vala's attention fading, probably due to the urge to drift asleep again.

"Ok. Just a few more questions and then you can rest again, alright?"

Vala nodded again.

"Do you have any trouble breathing?"

Vala thought about the question for a moment. It was really hard to breathe, however, she had only experienced problems when talking. She didn't know what answer to give Carolyn, who instantly noticed her hesitation.

"I'm asking if you're experiencing anything that would indicate that you're not getting enough oxygen, or that you can't take a breath sometimes. But don't worry if your breathing is labored, it's expected due to your condition."

After a short consideration, Vala finally gave a silent: "No."

"That's great. Now please tell me if you feel this." Carolyn took out a small, thin, silver instrument and pulled the sheets covering Vala's legs aside. She grazed the object over her leg skin gently, watching Vala closely.

Vala could feel a slight tingling somewhere down her hips and although she didn't know exactly where, she could feel it nonetheless; she could feel her limbs again.

"Yes," whispered Vala happily, feeling already sleepy again.

"Ok, now here?" Carolyn grazed the skin on her forearm.

"Yeah," said Vala once more.

"Fine. That's really great Vala. You've made our day! Now get some rest. Oh, and final question. Are you in any pain?"

"Deah," said Vala, but her voice was very quiet and Carolyn wasn't sure if she understood correctly.


"Her head, I think she means her head." said Sam loudly from somewhere behind Carolyn and Vala nodded. There was a slight distress in Sam's voice though, something Carolyn noticed but decided to ask Sam about later.

"Oh, ok. We will try to do something about that," she said to Vala, who seemed to have fallen asleep already. But Carolyn was surprised when she heard Vala speak again.


"Yes, I am right here," said Sam and quickly stepped forward into Vala's view.


"They've been called and I'm sure they're on their way already."

"Pity," said Vala with a shade of a smile.

"Why?" Asked Sam, confused.


"Don't worry, there'll be plenty of time for them to annoy you later." She waved her hand. "Now get some rest. I'm glad you're fine, Vala."


"Yes?" Asked Sam surprised. She thought Vala was already asleep.

"Say…hello…Daniel...plea-" But before she could finish, she had already dozed off. Sam smiled and added a small "I will," although she knew that Vala couldn't hear her anymore.

Sam hadn't felt this relieved in a very long time. She quietly walked out of the infirmary thinking about Vala's rather odd request to say hello to Daniel. She had always known there was something between the two of them. In fact, she suspected that it was precisely the unresolved tension between them that had brought Vala into the infirmary in the first place. She loved Daniel as she loved her own brother and ever since he lost his wife, she wished that the younger man would find happiness with someone. She knew right away that Vala was the perfect candidate. She was someone who could be both: lovable and irritating, stubborn and shapeable, solitary and devoted. And so was Daniel. Damn, the two of them had so much more in common than they had ever realized themselves. Not to mention how they complemented each other. And it drove her crazy that Daniel didn't, or most probably just refused to see that Vala was perfect for him. Sam herself realized that a long time ago. So why didn't he? Well, he probably did. He was just being so damned stubborn because he was too afraid of being hurt again. She only wished Daniel would change his mind soon. She knew perfectly well how agonizing it was to deny love to oneself for too long. It took her almost 10 years to dare step forward. She smiled and only hoped her friends wouldn't take as long.