Summary:Fuji made a bet with Saeki to prove that he was the most alluring. The target was a human frost. Did Fuji have enough charm to melt this block of ice?


"So, how about it? Do you think you can do it?" Saeki Kojirou challenged his long-time friend, Fuji Syusuke with a smirk. "Let's see you prove just how alluring you are…."

A few of their friends snickered.

"Well, you have to admit that I am more beautiful than most of the girls in school," Fuji replied without any hint of arrogance. He was merely stating a fact.

"Ahh, so confident." Saeki's eyes suddenly took on an evil gleam. "Why don't we make a bet then?"

Everybody's ears perked up. This was about to get really interesting.

Fuji arched an eyebrow. "Oh? What sort of a bet?"

Saeki tapped a finger to his lips, as if seriously thinking about the matter. His face broke into a sly grin. "How about betting on getting someone to fall in bed with you? You could show us your alluring side that way…."

Fuji yawned. "That would be a piece of cake."

Their friends murmured among each other. That didn't sound challenging at all - with Fuji's looks, he could have the fiercest lion eating out of his hand in no time.

But Saeki was not perturbed. "Of course, we need to set a time limit. Shall we say, a week?"

Fuji nodded. He was getting interested. Let it be known, Fuji Syusuke never backed down from a bet, ever.

"And it's only fair that I get to choose the candidate for you, no?" Saeki added, his grin getting wider.

Fuji shrugged. "Fine by me, but what do I get when I win?" he asked with supreme confidence.

Saeki looked at the rest of his friends. Five pairs of watchful eyes stared back, waiting with baited breath for his answer. He returned his gaze to Fuji. "If you win…" Saeki deliberately stressed on the word if, "we will pay you 10,000 yen each. Won't we, guys?"

A collective gasp were heard. 10,000 yen? That was preposterous! Maybe they shouldn't get involved in this bet….

Fuji flashed a predatory smile. "Ah, that would come up to a sum of 60,000 yen now, wouldn't it?" He laughed. "I'm in. Just be prepared with the money by the end of this week."

"Saeki, we think…." one of their friends began, but a look from the said person stopped him in mid-sentence.

Saeki didn't seem to be fazed at all by Fuji's remark. He gave his friend a predatory smile of his own. "Now that that's settled, shall we move on to see who the lucky candidate is?"

Fuji assumed a bored look. "Or unlucky, depending on how you see it. So, which girl did you have in mind for me?"

Saeki laughed, finding his words highly amusing. "Ah, Fuji, I hate to correct you, but it's a he I had in mind."

Fuji sat up and shot his friend a venomous glare. "I'm not into gay relationship," he snapped.

"That may be so, but we have to make the bet worth our while, don't we? After all, the stakes here are rather high."

"All right then," Saeki finally relented a bit, seeing how Fuji was not mollified. "We shall changed the rules slightly in view of this, ah…setback. Instead of getting him into your bed, you only have to get a full kiss on the lips from him now. What do you say to that?"

Fuji remained silent. The whisperings among his friends were getting louder. They were quite hopeful that they got to keep their 10,000 yen now.

"Oh, come on. How else can you prove that you are the most alluring other than to get someone of the same sex to fall for you? Unless, of course, our Fuji here lacks the confidence…" Saeki taunted.

Fuji narrowed his eyes. He hated to give in like that. "You say it's only a kiss, right?" he asked for confirmation. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Just think of it as kissing…Yuuta. He always stole kisses from his little brother when they were young. It would almost be the same.

Saeki nodded. He couldn't hide the triumphant note from his voice. "But it must be on the mouth. I trust you not to back down from the bet again? Our friends here shall be our witnesses then."

"So, who is it?" Fuji asked impatiently.

"Ah, Fuji, allow us to wish you the best of luck with your new object of affection….Tezuka Kunimitsu."

All the blood drained from Fuji's face. Of all the…why did it have to be that human frost? Ice cube has more warmth than that guy.

For the first time in his life, Fuji was afraid he might lose a bet. But he couldn't back down now, could he?