I don't own Saiyuki or its characters – or just the ones that make a small appearance in this story.

Gojyo watched as Sanzo occasionally started nodding off to sleep – literally. His head would droop but he'd snap back up and continue writing with his head propped up by his arm. Gojyo suggested Sanzo go to sleep, but Sanzo just grunted and told him the usual two words when they shared a room.

So, the taboo child was watching him now, starting to doze off more often. That was until his will gave way to his body –

Sanzo's head slammed into the desk and he cursed a purple streak while bolting back up-right. Gojyo started giggling, then laughing, then rolling around on the ground while clutching his sides.

When Hakkai asked him how he acquired his black-eye, Gojyo just laughed and said it was worth it.