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Devils, the Shadow King and a Necklace




"Please Haruhi I know you have enough strength to do it… I know you do… You can do it!"

Nobody could hear the Shadow-Kings whispers of encouragement to his queen as she tried to push herself out of the angel.


Tamaki had laid his angel down onto the floor as she screamed in agony, the Shadow-King watched in anxiety, and the other Kyouya could only watch in curiosity. He watched as Tamaki started chanting, and as the Shadow-King (his other half) sitting down with large, anxious eyes, watching as Tamaki did… what was he doing? What was it that Haruhi had said only seconds after combining with her other half? "Get her out of me! Get this vile creature out of me!" What was she talking about? Did she mean her other half?

Kyouya's thoughts were interrupted when he heard Tamaki stop chanting. "It won't work, Haruhi," he said after a moments pause. "She's too deep within your soul… The two halves have connected, and nothing can separate the two anymore…"

"I can't live the rest of eternity like this!" she started crying.

But she froze.

The three males looked down at the girl who was lying down in front of them, eyes widely opened, skin pale as death.

The Shadow-King started to rise. "H… Haruhi…?" He wasn't able to take a single step towards her. Neither was Tamaki or Kyouya. They were all sent flying to the end of the hall by a huge gust of wind and a large ray of light that flew out of Haruhi.

Her eyes closed as her body lifted towards the ceiling, the light shinning brightly throughout all the caves of Hell. Her body turned into flames, and the Shadow-King and Tamaki screamed out her name, even though they were stuck paralysed to the wall. They wanted to run towards her, but their bodies just wouldn't do as they asked it to do.

Her mouth opened as her hand came up to face them. Be quiet, she said, only, she didn't say… It was her, but it wasn't her voice. The words had left her lips, but it just wasn't her. The voice was… deep… only, it was… like a child's voice at the same time, but it wasn't… It just changed, but it stayed the same. It sounded more like there were many people talking at the same time, only it was one voice. Fall. Stay.

Their bodies fell to the floor, but they were still paralysed. They couldn't move a single muscle.

Listen, the voice came again. Their ears were pricked up towards her unintentionally, and they all were forced by a strong, invisible hand to listen to her. First, her flaming head turned to Tamaki. You… What were you trying to do? Speak.

Tamaki's mouth opened and he took a big breath. He started breathing heavily, and looked at Haruhi. "I find no reason to answer back to you!" he snapped. "Who are you? What have you done to my Haruhi?!"

Your Haruhi? She laughed. Who said anything about her being yours?

"She is mine, and I demand her back!"

She smiled evilly at him and waved her hand towards him. He flew to the ceiling again, hitting his head rather hard. "Good try! I'm immortal! I can't even feel!"

You may not when I hurt you like that, she grinned, but I can hurt you in many other ways, too…

Tamaki growled. "Try me!"

She lifted her eyebrows humorously. You really wish to feel hurt? Very well… Tamaki fell to the floor, and after 10 seconds (she counted), he started screaming. He screamed so loud, you could almost hear him on earth.

"STOP IT!" he screamed.

She smiled. Okay, she said, and he suddenly stopped screaming.

The Shadow-King was eyeing the beast who had taken over Haruhi's body, and she turned to him after laughing at Tamaki mockingly. Speak, she said.

His mouth gapped open, but before he could take a single breath, he snapped, "STAY OUT OF MY HARUHI!"

Again, I ask, how is she yours?


Ooh, please, Kyouya, Kyouya, watch your language. You may be the Shadow-King, but I, she said, am the one who made you to be so. I am the one whom you followed… Don't you remember me? Don't you remember all the great times we had? Don't you remember… the last time I saw you… when I took your life, just as you had taken mine…

He froze. His eyes widened. "F… Father…?"

She smiled. You've changed Kyouya. I've missed you since the day you kicked me out of this kingdom. But now… now I'm here to make your death miserable, just the way you made me feel so long ago…


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"How can this be…? I never admitted your entrance since the day I kicked you out! I would never let you come back inside! Who gave you any permission to come back into my kingdom?!"

Well, the person who owes this kingdom, of course, she chuckled dryly.

"I own this kingdom!"

You never owned this kingdom! She snapped. His Excellence owns this kingdom, and you should never have taken his place anyway!

"Whom are you talking about?" Kyouya asked. "What do you mean…?"

She chucked again. I am referring to the Devil himself… This kingdom is his… not yours.

"This kingdom belongs to me!" he snapped. "If this kingdom belongs to the Devil, then why have I got the throne? Why do I set rules? Why have I never even seen him before?"

"I second that," Tamaki snarled. He still breathed heavily, but most of the pain had subsided.

Excellent questions, son, she nodded, but why not ask him yourself?

At that moment, from behind, a burst of flames erupted. The flames were black, and Tamaki pulled back from the eternal darkness. The other half of the Shadow-King couldn't move yet, and didn't think he'd get the chance to until it was finally over… but would it ever be over? That was the question… The Shadow-King looked deep within the flames – they didn't hurt him at all, even if he did look straight into it – and thought he saw a figure inside. He was right. From within, a large man exited towards him. He was only a man. He was nothing more then a man… a single, large man, but size didn't matter to Kyouya. The man's eyes were red. His hair stood up on end, and was red mixed in with gold and black, just like the flame. No, wait, wait… now that Kyouya looked at him more clearly, his hair was a flame!

"Release," he said as he walked towards them with a grin on his face, and the three of them fell to the floor, breathing quite heavily. "Good evening, Kyouya, Tamaki, and," he said, turning towards the Shadow-King, "your majesty," he mocked, bowing.

The Shadow-King stood up, even though his body was strained in pain, and he looked over to the man and his Queen, who still hovered in the air.

"Release her," he growled.

He nodded. "Of course, your majesty," he smiled, and turned to the possessed body. "Please exit Ms Fujioka's body, Mr Ohtori."

She snickered, and her body fell to the floor, the fire extinguishing as she did… except, not only her body, but another's body… the same body… his Queen's body. A faint ghostly image of his father appeared in the air, but he ignored it.

He ran towards his Queen. "Haruhi!" He skidded towards his dark-angel, and held her head into his arms when he got there. He pushed loose bangs away from her eyes as they stay closed. "Haruhi, please, wake up…"

There was a laugh from the man with flames on his head. Kyouya turned a piercing eye to him. "What do you want from me?!" Kyouya yelled at him.

He shook his head. "It's not what I want from you; it's what I want to do to you."

Kyouya glared at him. "What do you mean…?"

The man walked towards him with an evil grin on his face. "You took my kingdom, you took my name, and in return, I'm going to take… you."

Kyouya's eyes widened. He didn't mean… he wouldn't… he couldn't! Could he?


Kyouya held his fathers wine glass as he walked away to speak to someone else – someone who was more important than his own son, who had far more important matters to attend to – and waited patiently,.

He put his hand into his pocket, producing small silver powders. As his fathers head was turned away, he added some of the spices into the wine glass. He smiled evilly as his father took the wine glass back from him. He took a sip from it and lay the cup back down onto a table near him.

Kyouya smirked. Only 5 hours until the poison starts its effects… his fathers' death would be slow, painful, and bring much joy to his son… It would be a night to remember for Kyouya…


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The Shadow-King held onto his head in pain, falling next to his Queen, whose eyes were still closed relaxingly. "What… what are you doing?" he asked through gritted teeth.

The man – the true Devil – grinned. "Do you like the way death consumes your soul, slowly, slowly engulfing you whole?" he said, smiling wickedly.

"Stop it," Kyouya shuddered, his head going lower and lower to the ground. Tamaki and A-Kyouya watched in awe, as they saw what would be happening to them so very soon.

He laughed. "Oh, your majesty, you crack me up!" he laughed maniacally. "You really think I'd stop it? I told you – it's you I want, and I'm not leaving until I have it."


Kyouya looked up in pain. His father was standing before him, his knuckles white and red – white from the way he tensed them – red from the way he was hitting Kyouya.

"Father, please, stop it," Kyouya pleaded, laying his head to the floor. "Please, I didn't mean to hurt you. I never meant for anything to happen to our budgets."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, son!" he yelled. "Because of you, we will be broke by the end of next year – thanks to you and this 'host club'! Nobody on the face of the planet will want to come to us for medical help anymore because you've disgraced us, and sided along with the Suoh's!"

"I didn't mean it in disrespect!" Kyouya yelled back. "You said I should become close with him and his father!"

His father kicked him in the ribs. His sister was about to run towards him, but his two brothers held him back. "Fuyumi, don't go," they whispered to her, "or else you'll be feeling the same pain… it's not your problem now – he did it on his own."

"But he needs our help!" she screamed, running out of their arms and towards her brother just as her father went in for another swift kick, landing right in front of it.


"NOOO!" Kyouya screamed, his whole body collapsing with a 'thud!'

Haruhi's eyes opened slowly in pain. Where was she? What was happening? The last thing she could remember was screaming to get out of a lost memory… the memory of her mothers' death.

She sat up slowly, and shook her head. She heard moaning from beside her, and turned to see her King on the floor, squirming in pain. "K… Kyouya?" she blinked.

He didn't look up. He couldn't even see her – heck, he could hardly hear her with all the painful memories.

"Ah, I see your awake, milady," someone said from behind her. She turned around to see a man with a fire burning atop his head grinning wickedly down at her and her King.

She tried standing, but fell to her knees again. Her body was still weak. She looked behind her and saw Tamaki with another Kyouya – though it wasn't her Kyouya, she could tell by his clothes that it was the angel (he was wearing a white t-shirt, along with baby-blue jeans). "Who are you?" she asked the man. "What's happening to him?"

"No, no, no, NO! DON'T HURT HER!"She turned to her king who was talking randomly – as if talking in his sleep, except more then a dream – a nightmare. "You can't take her away from me!"

She turned back to the man. "Who are you?!" she asked again, only this time with more force and aggression.

He smirked. "I am the ruler of this dimension," he replied, bowing. "I am just taking back what was mine from the beginning – until that monster-who-isn't-even-worthy-enough-to-call-himself-a-person-from-Hell showed up."

"What do you mean…?" Haruhi asked. Beside her, the Angel-Haruhi stirred as she, too, started to wake.

"I am the ruler of Hell – Humans refer to me as 'the Devil', but I think I am something much more then that… I think I am more like a Hell-God."

"That spot's already taken by Kyouya," she growled. "He owns this place, and you can't take it away from him. It's rightfully his."

He shook a finger in her face. "I'm sorry, dear, but it will be mine again after he's demolished out of life and death. Not a single person will remember him on Earth – and (if I choose to) nobody in Hell or Heaven either."

Her eyes widened. She knew exactly what was happening. She turned to her King and started shaking his shoulders, trying to wake him up from his nightmare that blocked him away from her. "Kyouya, don't give in!" she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Please Kyouya! I heard your encouragements, and I was able to get free from her – I know you can hear me! Please, you're strong! You can do this – I know you can! Kyouya…!"


It was a couple hours after the marvellous night he spent with Haruhi… He woke up and looked up to see his Queen looking sitting beside him, looking to the wall in front of her. "I know you're strong, and you can get out of this dump… But I also know you don't want to. I mean, this is your home," she said, looking around the room, but not down to him. "You would never give it up – I know how it feels. When I tried getting out of my Dad's house after college, I was freaking so much… It was my home for so long… I never wanted to leave it…"

She sighed, and looked down at him. He closed his eyes quickly before she could see that he was watching her. She rested her head next to his, looking at his closed eyes and stroked his cheek. "If this is really what you want, then I'd be happy to stay with you… I'll never leave your side… even if it means becoming one with the angels… If that ever happens, I'll force myself to stay here because… because I know it's the right thing to do. I love you, Kyouya, and I always will – no matter what happens, I'll never stop loving you…" She planted a soft kiss to his lips as he pretended to be sleeping, and rested her head back on the pillow, falling asleep.

and then another flashback…

The Angel had taken hold of her necklace, the ring sitting just atop her own necklace, and joined them together. The two of them started screaming, and Kyouya ran towards them, only to not succeed in separating the two – they were united, and nothing could separate them again… nothing…

"I love you, Kyouya," the words pulled into his head again, and she was gone – his Haruhi was gone… He cried – he cried like he never cried before… "Haruhi, I love you too," he cried quietly onto the floor. "I was too late…"


He felt soft lips pressed over his own ones, and looked up slowly, tears still rolling over his face, and saw two closed eyes – but he knew exactly who's eyes they were.

"H… Haruhi?" he whispered onto the lips, and her face pulled up. Her eyes were sad, and they looked terrible – tears were also falling from them, just the same as his. Beside her, Tamaki was holding his Angel, stroking her hair softly.

"WHAT?!" he heard a familiar voice scream – the devils voice. "How can this happen?!"

Kyouya sat up slowly, supporting himself up with the help of Haruhi. The two of them were weak, but with his immense power, and her pure soul, their strength was more then enough to beat anything.

"Nothing can break our love," Haruhi said once Kyouya was seated, "not even a memory that fades away. Kyouya and I will always be together, even in Death…"

"You. Will. Stay. Away. From. Us." Kyouya said slowly, quietly, threatening the Ex-Lord of the Underworld. "Till life, shall we part," he smirked.

The devils body went on fire. "HOW DARE YOU THREATEN ME?!" he roared. "THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO ME THAT I CANNOT DO THE SAME!" His body seemed to grow larger as the flames took over his body, and all the Angels moved back, Tamaki pulling his Angel back with him – there was nothing that would make him ever let her go again.

The Devil charged into the two Shadow-Lords, engulfing them in fire, and they disappeared behind the flames from the Angel's eyes. The Devil laughed evilly as he felt the fire burn the two, slowly and painfully erasing memories of them from every mind on the planet Earth.

He stopped laughing, and the look of shock came upon his face.

A large light burst from the fire, and he screamed, the fire in the room growing higher, larger, and dangerously close to the Angels. They pulled back into the wall as the fire burst towards them, almost falling into the wall themselves. They closed their eyes tightly in fear of becoming burnt and finally loosing themselves to the world, but felt the fire moving away from them. Tamaki opened his eyes slowly and saw that the fire was disappearing, and inside, the light still shone, but inside the light, Kyouya and Haruhi were standing proudly, Haruhi with Kyouya's arms over her shoulders as her arms hugged his chest.

"You will stay away from us!" Kyouya shouted, and a piercingly-loud scream shook the caves as the devil disappeared, along with the faint ghostly-image of Kyouya's father.

The two fell to the floor when the fire completely extinguished, breathing very heavily.

Amazingly, Tamaki ran towards them after laying his Queen on the ground again (her eyes had completely opened, and she was in a state of shock). "Kyouya, Haruhi!" he called, falling before them to see how they were. "Are you alright?" he asked.

The Shadow-King looked up tiredly. "What… kind of… stupid question was… that?" he asked, taking deep breaths between every 2-3 words.

"Well, you know me, stupid as a cork," Tamaki smiled to his friend.

Kyouya smiled up. "Just like… high school," he sighed happily, and pulled his Queen into a tighter hug – he never wanted to let her go again.

Tamaki stood up after a couple minutes when his Angel came towards him and when the couple were finally able to breathe again. "We'll be leaving now," he smiled, and turned to the Angel-Kyouya. "Are you coming, Kyouya?"

He blinked. "I thought I'd be staying here, permanently," he said.

Tamaki smiled. "Why would we do that? We need a Kyouya in Heaven, or else it won't be the same ever again," he grinned, letting out a hand to him. A-Haruhi nodded, also smiling at him, although weakly, being held up to her feet by her lover.

Kyouya smiled shocked, and walked towards the two as a light from above engulfed the two Angels. He picked up pace and ran into the light, disappearing with the other two.

"This isn't goodbye, Kyouya, Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled as all their spirits were lifted up through the ceiling. "I have a feeling we'll meet again!"

"You can count on it," Kyouya murmured as the two waved to the Angels.

When the light had decapitated, Kyouya turned to Haruhi. "I'm… sorry for cheating your death, and for lying to you, and for letting her take you so easily," he said sadly, taking hold of her hand. "Will you forgive me?"

She looked up at him with large eyes. "How can I not?" she asked, kissing him softly. He kissed her back, and thought to himself. I meant what I said before… I'll never let you go again… I love you, Haruhi, and nothing will ever let me give you away again… You're the one that keeps the light of life burning inside of me stay strong. You're the one that will get me through anything… Haruhi… I love you…


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