On other fan websites drabbles are very popular. I whipped these out in a couple of minutes. What do you think of them?

Author's Note: I've never tried this before but always enjoyed the one hundred and less word drabble. (the title doesn't count). It's very difficult to write something so short and not lose the meaning of the story. These are just quick blinks of Commander Feral's life, loves, work, off-duty, silly and whatever.

#8 - Secrets in the Dark

"Ssh...someone might hear us..." She whispered.

"Hmm...there is no one around, remember we're trapped here." He murmured.

"Still..." She sighed.

"Want me to shout! Maybe they will find us sooner."

"Not yet..."

"Oh! Are we liking this then?"


He chuckled.

Suddenly there was a shout, "Ms. Briggs...Commander Feral are you there?"

"Found us." He sighed ...shouting... "We're here!"

"Okay, we'll get you out!" Shouted the rescuer.

"No hurry" He muttered holding her closer.

"Maybe we should do this again?" Callie mused.

"What...get trapped?" Ulysses smirked.

She slapped his arm, "Not that you irritating tomkat."

He laughed.

#9 - The Present

"What's this?" His mouth dropped in shock.

"It's a present!" She smiled.

"I know but... I don't wear anything like this."

"No one will know you're wearing them."

"Thanks but ..."

She pouted, "I thought they'd be cool ...but if you hate them that much...?"

"No...it's okay. Thanks for going to the trouble...Um I'll wear them." He sighed in resignation.

"You'll love them, Uncle!" Felina chirped happily.

'I should have my head examined!' Feral muttered as he held the psychedelic boxer shorts Felina had given him for his birthday. 'The things I'll do to make my niece happy."

#10 - The Mistake

"Yuck!" He grimaced covered in purple goo.

"Are you okay, Commander?" Steele asked.

Feral glared at his annoying second in command.

"What were you doing?" He snarled.

Steele swallowed in fear at Feral's expression. "I was trying to open the curtain."

"But instead you pulled the weight cord that was holding this goo?" Feral hissed.

"Yes sir! But I didn't know they had that up there!" Steele protested.

"When it comes to you, Steele, anything can happen." He snapped heading toward his car. He had to get this stuff off. 'I'd give anything for a taser right now.' He muttered.