Ok, so I was watching my older brothers friend play this game Warhammer Dark Crussade, and it was cool, so he stared telling me about some things about the Warhamemer world, and now I think I know most of it. On thing that I don't get is what the characters were like when they were youngers, so I decided to explore this and create a story call Dark Crusade High School. Anyway, let's get going cause I think it's going to be good. No flames.

It was a ordinary day at the Warhammer High School. At the school peoples from all over the galaxies came to learn how to fight and just have fun.


"Oh shit the bell is ringing!" Shas' O Kaiss freaked out because if he didn't make it in his attendance would be screwed.

"Dude why are u rushing?" Ethereal asked him as he turned on his jetboosters and started flying with the other Tau person.

"Hi Ethereal, it's just that if I don't get to school the teachers will kill me, and that is not too keen."

"Ok ok I get it." Etherelal conformed to his friend. Shas' O Kas was one of the most popular kids in the school and everyone thought he was cool becasue he had a cool atttidute and he had cool weapons like the palsma rifle and the missiles. He could beat most people in thhe fights, but he wasn't good at hitting people so he couldn't do melee (A.N: I was playing with the Tau and for somereason the commander can't do close range can someone explain this to me?)

Finally the two got to the high school and it was hustling and busteling. It was like everyone was there!"

"Oh brother. Ethereal said with worry. "this is busy."

"It's ok just stay with me an we should be ok." The Taau Commander reaffirmed.

It was like everyone was there. Everyone was in groups because that's how high school is like there are clicks and Warhammer High School had those clicks.

"Hey Shas' O Kais" A couple of robot suit guys who were Tau also said with friendlyness.

Shas O' Kas would have said hi back but then he saw someone and hes couldn't stop looking. It was like that look you get when you see someone you have a crush on. He was actually looking at the Elder group, and there was Eldar that tickled his love instincts.

"Taildeer..." Shas' o Kais " whispered to himself.

Thigs were finaly starting to come together. "I get it you are in love with Taildeer." Ethereal guessed with accuracy.

"Ya, but don't anyone, ok?" Shass' O kais embarrased.

"Its a deal, freind." Ethereal oathed.

"This is Principle Emperor. It is time to come into Warhammer High School.

"Oh brother, here we go again." Shas O kais grudged as he and everyone for the galaxies walked in.

Would there be suprised?

Only YOU can find out.

It is not a joke you can help me think of things to happen in Warhammer High School. Oh by the way I think that Shas O Kais is a badass so he's going to be wiked sweet. Please review guys