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Dance in the Wind

Chapter 1 – The Desire of the Princess

The steps of a delicate looking girl echo through the hallway although the floor was covered with carpet. She walked down the corridor of a hundreds of rooms and eventually stopped at one. It was the biggest room and the grandest in this corridor, the best according to the girl.

The room was closed, blocked by two humongous mahogany door carved with all kinds of flowers and animals. It was a breathe-taking sight. However, the girl did not seem to be awed by the beauty of the carving. She took a key from the silver chain around her neck and fit it into the padlock which closed the door from the outside world. It opens with ease.

Once the door was opened, the girl went in and locked it from the inside. Slowly, she walked towards a shoe cabinet and took a pair of delicate pale pink shoes. Holding the shoes as if they were the most precious thing in the whole palace, she walked to a magnificent chair carved with cherry blossoms. To her, those shoes were one of the most precious things in her life. She gently slipped on the shoes and tied the ribbons neatly.

Besides her chair, there is two more. One is a two-seater chair carved with nadeshiko flowers mingle with wisteria. They are quite odd together yet very matching. Another chair, made by sandalwood which spread its smell all around the room was carved with peach blossom. There's also another newer looking sofa which is pale blue in colour, not as old and ancient-looking as the magnificent chairs. At one corner of the room, a grand piano stood longing for someone to open its lid and play it. Though the room seems abandon, it is very clean. Not a speck of dust or dirt could be seen anywhere.

The 7 year old girl looked at her shoes. It was still too big for her but it's not really much. Her expressionless face showed a little smile. Despite the looseness, she took a few steps and twirls around the room before taking it off and rubs it clean with a clean cloth. As she continue wiping the shoes until it shines, a few drops of crystal tears fell on her hand. She quietly sobbed.


"Sweetie, what are you doing?" A young and beautiful woman, not more than 26 asked her daughter.

"I'm dancing in the wind, kaa-san," giggled the barely 4 years old girl answered, as she jumps and turn in the gentle wind, blowing petals of cherry blossoms from the trees around surrounding the girl.

Her mother smiled as she continues watching her girl dancing with the wind. The girl was so graceful even at such young age. The grin on her face was so sweet giving her mother such happiness other people could never have.

'She'll grow up well…'

"Come here, sweetheart. Tell me. What do you want to do when you grow up?" Her mother whispered as her daughter cuddles up at her, smelling just like the cherry blossoms around them.

"Do what? I want to be like okaa-san. Dance, draw and sing like you do," the innocent girl says. The child is very much smarter than she was supposed to be.

A smile form on her mother's lips. She bends her head down a kiss the cheek of the little girl before singing a lullaby. The child, exhausted and soothed by the soft singing of her mother fell asleep in the arms of her beloved mother.

End of Flashback

The girl in the room dried her tears and replaces the shoes in the cabinet before exiting the room, locking it and look at it for one last time before she go. She ran all the way to the main chamber of the palace hoping the person she wants to meet is there. To here disappointment, he wasn't there but her elder brother end his best friend was there.

"Onii-chan, have you seen otou-san?" the girl asked politely. He smirked at his sister before answering.

"Kaijuu wants to find otou-san? He's at the meeting hall. Should be finishing his meeting by now. Why do you want to know, kaijuu?" teased her brother.

"Touya, don't tease your sister like that," his best friend scolded him gently.

Normally, Touya's sister would be furious and stomp at her brother feet. However, today was different. Before her brother's best friend could finish his sentence to her brother, she had already left in a hurry. Her brother was amazed and surprise for not getting the loud shout of 'I'm not a monster' and a stomp on his feet. He looked as his sister rush out of the chamber without any reaction.

Touya began to notice that her sister had changed a lot ever since their mother left them. She comes back to the palace sometimes but only he could see her. His sister became more and more quiet and the usual happy face slowly was covered with an expressionless face. Luckily, she sometimes still shouts at him for calling her kaijuu.

The girl hurried to the meeting room just in time to see his father's advisor and prime minister coming out. She peeped into the room to check whether if there is anyone else.

"No one else… My turn..."

She went into the room quietly and saw her dad on the biggest chair at the end of the long table. She ran up to him.

"Otou-san. I want to learn dancing and drawing. Can I?" pleaded the girl.

"Why, my sweet cherry blossom. Of course you can. You are old enough to master every skill you want. Now, where do you want me to find your tutor? You are better than me in these arts so I'm sure you know where to find one."

"Could I… Could I have it outside the palace in the village? I know there's a great arts school there. I heard it from the maids."

"But…You are a princess. Why would you want to learn outside the palace where you can have anything and learn in private?"

"I do not want anyone to know I learn it. There are too many people going in and out of the palace. You could ask the tutor to organized a private class for me and I could go there as a commoner. No one in the village has seen me before so no one would suspect anything. Please otou-san…"

"Seems like you have planed everything," smiled the king. "Well, it seems quite an idea. Anything else you want to ask? I'll send someone to organized the class for you and pay everything for a year. Is that alright with you, my dear? What's the academy name?"

"Oh thank you so much, otou-san. It's Ryu Academy of All Arts," the girl jumped up to her father and hugs him as tightly as she could; smiling with the usual smile she used to wear before her mother passed away. She released her father and ran out of the room but as soon as she reaches the door her smile dropped into her usual expressionless face again, thinking of her dear mother.

'Oh Nadeshiko, watch over her. She'll inherit all your talents and beauty. I'm afraid she'll be in danger. Please watch over her from above'

The king smiled as he recalls the hug and smile from her daughter. It has been so long since he received one of those. He stopped receiving it 3 years ago, when his beloved wife died.

End of Chapter

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