Author's Note:

These were originally written for a Livejournal community, 50themes, based on the Friendship category. Please don't try to read these in numeric order, they're meant to be read in the order they've been posted in. Most of these take place post-Twilight Tales, unless they're flashback shots. Enjoy!

(Theme #2 - Bittersweet)

"You're gonna get fat if you keep eating all that chocolate, Jing," Kir said reproachfully, watching his companion go looking for another paper-wrapped bar of candy.

The infamous Bandit King laughed. "No I won't, Kir. The Por Vora eat it all the time."

"Yeah, and they ain't exactly trim and fit, y'know what I'm sayin'?" Kir puffed himself up to the approximate proportions of the round Por Vora, making Jing laugh. "I don't even know why they eat so much of it, it ain't sweet."

"It's bittersweet," Jing explained. "It's a much higher quality of chocolate. Ah, here we go," he located a bar in the bottom of the knapsack and broke it in two. "You want half, partner, or are you watching your figure?"

"Gimme that," Kir muttered, swiping his portion.

There was silence for several moments as the two continued on their way, until the boy commented, "Although… you have been getting a little heavier during a Kir Royale --"