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Kathy stared at the family crowded in the small delivery room chairs and smiled lightly, fakely. "Uhm, hi Elliot, kids. I...uhm...I'd stay and talk but I have an emergency so...yea." She turned on her heel and fled.

"Oh, wow! I'm sorry you guys! I had no idea she would come looking for me instead of paging me. Listen, I have to get to that emergency too but I'll grab your doc on the way there, tell him to get you an epidural ASAP! Kay?" The adults nodded and looked at each other.

The family sat, pondering their own thoughts. Suddenly, Olivia gasped in pain and grabbed Elliot's pain. "Oh shit! Shit shit shit shit shit! This hurts like a mother!!!!!!!!" She finally lt Elliot's hand go and relaxed back against the bed again, then concluded, "I hate contractions."

Everyone laughed and in walked Dr. Madison, who had officially become Olivia's OBGYN, walked into the room smiling. "Sounds like a party!" She then looked to Olivia and her eyes widened, "Wow! Are you big or what?" she laughed and they all nodded, smiling.

"So, how bout some drugs Doc?" Liv asked giving her a winning smile.

"Of course, Olivia. Now, I doubt the kids will wanna see this, it isn't exactly pleasent. But, they can stay if they want." The kids opted to stay and Barb Madison gave Liv the epidural.

Four Hours Later

A loud cry filled the room and a tired looking Olivia looked at Elliot and smiled. "Well, Mom, Dad, you've got yourself a baby girl!" Dr. Madison announced and held her up for Olivia and Elliot to see. Suddenly her face changed and she quickly handed the girl to the nurse beside her, which happened to be Melissa. She looked back up to Olivia and said, "Liv, I'm gonna need you to push again.

Ten minutes later and a few more unexpected contractions another loud cry filled the room and Olivia and Elliot's eyes widened in surprise. They had never been told what the baby was and the doctor had told them that the baby had a light heart murmur but they never thought it could've been because there were two hearts. Sure, Liv was bigger than normal and the baby had looked a lot bigger than normal but this just wasn't expected.

"Well, Mom, Dad, here is unexpected baby number two, a boy!" Madison said, laughing. She handed the boy to another nurse to be cleaned and in came Mel with the baby girl in her arms.

"Hey, baby girl. How would you like to go see your mommy and daddy?" she cooed at the baby and handed her over to Liv.

"My God, El! She's so tiny and beautiful!" Olivia exclaimed.

"Yea, Livvy, just like you. She looks just like you." Elliot answered. He was right. Light brown hair, olive toned skin, and a little button nose with a pouty mouth that looked like it would be just like Olivia's as she grew. She had the soft facial features of her mother, also.

Olivia muttered, "Mini-Me" and Elliot chuckled, nodding. "I wanna see my other baby too." She said, smiling lightly.

"Your wish is my command." They heard and turned to see a smiling Mel walking in with a blue blanket.

"Aww, thanks Mel." Liv said and handed the girl to Elliot, taking the boy in her arms. Melissa left and Liv turned to El. "Now, he looks like you." He smiled and nodded. This time, she was right, tan but not olive toned skin, dark brown hair and the already strong facial features of his father's the boy would soon be a heart breaker.

"So, we get to use both the names we picked out don't we Liv?" Elliot asked and she nodded. "Want me to bring the kids in?" She nodded again and took the girl into her other arm for the moment.

She looked towards Maureen, Kathleen, Elizabeth, and Dickie and smiled. "Kids, meet Bryce," She held up her right arm with the boy in it and they all smiled and Elliot finished, taking the girl into his arms, "And this is Breanna." Olivia smiled down at them and looked up again when the door opened.

Don, John, Fin, Casey, Melinda, and to everyone's surprise, Alex, stepped in. Seeing the look she got from the new mother she smiled and said, "What? Did you actually think that I would miss my niece and nephew's birth? No way!" They all laughed and Olivia beckoned Alex, Casey, John, Fin, and Don over.

"Guys this is Breanna Alexandria Cassandra Stabler," Their eyes widened and Elliot and Olivia laughed, "Long, we know." Casey and Alex then both hugged the parents, thanking them. They then turned to the boy. "And this is Bryce Donald Elliot Stabler." Don's eyes misted over and he shook hands with Elliot and gave Liv a fatherly hug, thanking them as Casey and Alex had. "We didn't feel like it was fair to give her two middle names and not Bryce, too so...yea." They all laughed and Olivia suddenly announced, "How 'bout a picture?"

Elliot had pulled Mel in and handed over the digital camera. Elliot sat beside Olivia on the bed, she holding Breanna and he holding Bryce. Don sat on the chair on Olivia's left, Casey and Alex on her right, John and Fin stood beind the bed and the kids crowded beside the two of them making a half circle.

Everyone looked at the picture and smiled at each other. They were finally a family.

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