Many Partings

(The other three warriors ran to the two duelists.)

Omi: A most excellent duel, it was worth my wish.

Stephanie: Yeah, you were great.

Clay: Haven't had this much fun than square-dancing with mah Auntie Josie.

Raimundo: Thanks, guys. And Omi?

Omi: Yes, Raimundo?

Raimundo: You deserve that title.

(The both shook hands.)

Omi: Thank you, leader.

(Then Master Fung and Dojo came up to them.)

Master Fung: Congratulations. To all of you. You have proven strength, courage, justice and friendship over the course of this tournament. You have defeated many foes; you helped to protect one another, and defeated a tyrannous evil. We have a lot to thank you for.

Raimundo: All in a day's work.

Clay: No sweat, partner.

Omi: You are most welcome, Master Fung.

Dojo: Next time when you go on a great adventure, remind me not to duel.

Raimundo: Aww, come on, Dojo. We've got a lot to thank you for too.

Dojo: Like what?

Kimiko: The time when you duelled Kaiba, Jarvis and Chase.

Dojo: Oh yeah, I kicked their butt!

Clay: Sure did, partner.

(Then the entire duelling gang met up with the Warriors.)

Yugi: You were magnificent, all of you.

Joey: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Tea: Yeah, you helped us take down the Brotherhood.

Tristan: And take down the other evil-doers.

(Then the Pharaoh appeared.)

Pharaoh: So on behalf of all of us, we thank you.

(Then Kimiko approached Yugi.)

Kimiko: Here, I want you to have this.

(It was the two cards Pegasus gave her, the Winged Kuriboh and Transcendent Wings.)

Yugi: Thank you, Kimiko.

Kimiko: Call it a way to remember us.

Joey: Hey, can I try out that card?

Yugi: Not before me.

(They ran off in a merry sort of way. Then Kaiba, being dark and cold, approached them.)

Kaiba: Despite me hating you, I have a lot to thank you for.

Raimundo: (Whispering to Kimiko.) Is Kaiba being nice?

(Kimiko giggled.)

Kaiba: I heard that, Pedrosa! I just wanted to thank you, because if Gorondorlin's plans did succeed, he would have taken over my company first. So thank you.

Raimundo: I don't know whether to challenge you to a duel, or shake your hand. But since I know you're strong.

(He shook Kaiba's hand.)

Kaiba: Next time we meet, I'll duel you, and win...again.

(He walked away.)

Clay: Speaking of them Brotherhood snakes, what happened to 'em?

(Then Gorondorlin joined them.)

Gorondorlin: Not to worry, my young friend. They've been taken care of.

Omi: And how have they been cared for?

Gorondorlin: Simple. I removed the dark spirits that possessed them to do the bigger spirit's bidding. Now they know nothing of the events that occurred.

Raimundo: Well, that's quite a humane way of doin' it.

Gorondorlin: Again, please accept my apology; my actions could have destroyed the planet.

Kimiko: It's cool. You got possessed by a freaky ghost.

Gorondorlin: Thank you. Until we meet again, my friends.

(He walked off. Then the warriors were going back to the hotel to prepare for their departure. Until, they seen someone standing in their path, it was Chase Young.)

Omi: Chase Young! We have experienced enough turmoil today, leave now and we won't teach you a lesson in humility.

Chase: I see you've still got that phrase. Not to worry, young ones, I'm here only to congratulate you on your victory over the Brotherhood.

Clay: Why'd you do that? Aren't you for evil domination?

Chase: Only if I'm the one with evil domination. The Millennium Items are powerful beyond comprehension, and anyone with all seven would rule the world, that place belonged to me.

Raimundo: Sorry to burst your bubble, but Yugi's got the Millennium Items now.

Chase: I know. Until our next Shen Gong Wu adventure my young friends.

(He disappeared into his purple vapour. Afterwards, when the Warriors had everything packed.)

Raimundo: Well, we ready to go home?

(They all nodded, then there was the same breeze that followed Raimundo everywhere, and then Shadi appeared.)

Raimundo: Oh hey, Shadi.

Shadi: Greetings, Raimundo. I see the world sees another free day.

Kimiko: All thanks to us.

Raimundo: Oh yeah, here.

(He gave Shadi the Millennium Scales and Millennium Key.)

Raimundo: They were still yours, so technicaly you should still have 'em.

Shadi: Thank you, Raimundo. Your heroism helped protect the world from 10,000 years of darkness, for now.

(He vanished.)

Clay: What d'ya suppose the partner meant by that?

Kimiko: We go on Wu hunts on a weekly basis, surely he must be refering to that

Omi: A strange thought has just struck my head.

Kimiko: What is it?

Omi: Gorondorlin just gave us a lot of money again!

Clay: Yeehaw, Tokyo shops, here we come!

Raimundo: Let's not rush into this. After all, a lot of people helped us. Marik, Ishizu, Yugi, Joey.

Kimiko: Hmm. One million to us, one million to Stephanie and the Rival-Warriors.

Clay: One million to Yugi and his ranch.

Omi: And one million to Marik, her sister and Odion.

Raimundo: Good way of puting it. So, who's up for shopping?

(The warriors parted with their fellow friends, and gave the designated people their money, promising to visit again.)

Raimundo: Adios Los Angeles.

Kimiko: Adios Brotherhood.

Clay: Adios Yugi and Co.

Omi: Goodbye duelling tournament.

(Everyone slapped their heads as Dojo sized up and carried the eight warriors and two masters back to their temples. Eventually when Dojo reached the Xiaolin Temple.)

Dojo: (Yawn.) That was a long trip, wake me up when its lunch time.

Omi: Farewell, Stephanie.

Stephanie: You too, Omi. And congrats on winning the championship, Mr. Top duelist.

Omi: I know. Thank you, and when we shall meet again, I will defeat you in both duelling and Xiaolin battle.

Stephanie: Counting the seconds till then, Omi!

(Master Valing's dragon transported them back to their Temple.)

Raimundo: So good being home.

Kimiko: Yeah, it seemed like an eternity since we left here.

Clay: Well, this cowboy's off for a snooze.

(He went to his room to have some sleep.)

Raimundo: Try duelling three times in a row.

Kimiko: Then go sleep too.

Raimundo: Nah, I'm just thinking of something.

Omi: Of what?

Raimundo: On how much duelling has gotten us into big situations.

Kimiko: Yeah, first there was a raving mad lunatic trying to kill Yugi.

Omi: Then Chase controlling the Seal of Orichalcos.

Raimundo: Now this. I say we leave duelling out until its most wanted.

Kimiko: Like lock away our decks?

Raimundo: Well, we have some serious catching up to do, what with the Wu, the beating up Jack Spicer gag.

Omi: I have a vision of your point.

(They fished out Clay's deck; there own decks and a box that could fit all four decks.)

Raimundo: Well, it's been a blast.

Kimiko: Don't worry; we'll get yah back when the world's in danger again.

Omi: Which might be a thousand years for all we know.

(They placed their decks face-up with Warrior Dai Grepher, Dunames Dark Witch, Neo the Magic Swordsman and Soldier of the Underworld at the top.)

Raimundo: Adios.

(He shut the lid over and hid it in a hole of a loose tile in the grand hall.)

Raimundo: And that's that.

Omi: And so our quest continues.

Kimiko: Yup. Training.

Raimundo: Finding Shen Gong Wu.

Omi: And stopping evil wherever it may rise!

All: Wouldn't have it any other way!

The End