Hopefully ur not 2 terribly disappointed that this wasn't an actual chappie, but please read this !!!

I know it has literally been forever since I've updated this story and I want 2 thank everyone who has been faithfully harassing me to get my butt in gear and get writing. I finally have the time, the motivation and the idea!!

I actually have 2 re read my own story so I can remember where I left off, how sad is But ne way 2 all you who kept holding on to that last little hope that I hadn't totally ditched this story, which I was intending 2 do, thank you. The rest of the story is dedicated 2 all of u, consider it an early Christmas present : )

Also it's gonna take me a li while 2 figure out how 2 use the site again…ah him soo embarrassed, but it's been so long since I was last here..haha ne way

Please feel free to yell, curse, and scream at me as u feel is fit I know I deserve