Anger Management

Written by Kyoki Hinote

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Pairings: RoyGarth, GarthRoy, SpeedyAqualad, AqualadSpeedy

Growling, Speedy cocked another arrow, fired, and let out a noise of frustration as the arrow struck a tiny bit too far to the right (according to him), missing in some way only he, perfectionist that he was, could see.

"Roy, calm down. It's not that big of a deal."

"Not a big deal? I have no name to these people! I'm not me to them, I'm Robin after a make-over! We're just as good as the other Titans, so why don't we get any fucking recognition? I hate this city!"

Garth inwardly sighed. His boyfriend was getting far too worked up over this. "What does it matter? I know who you are." Stepping behind the tense red-head, the Atlantian placed his hands on the teen's shoulders, working the taut muscles.

Stifling a moan, Roy leaned into the soothing hands, feeling his anger seep away. Roy's knees buckled, and the Atlantian slowly lowered him to the ground. Leaning against his black-haired lover, masked eyes slowly closed.

Garth smiled, moving one hand to remove said mask, the other rubbing down his back and over his shoulders as the first hand rejoined it. At a spot on the base of his right shoulder, Roy gasped, green eyes snapping open in pain and shock. Garth worked out the knot, chuckling. "Sensitive there, Roy?"

"Nnnn, shut up." Roy's voice was slightly slurred.

Laughing, Garth continued massaging down Roy's back. Eyes closing again, Roy rested his head on Garth's shoulder. After several minutes, he vaguely heard Garth's voice and forced his eyes open. "Huh?"

Garth was smiling. "I asked if you were calmer now. I'll take that as a yes."

Roy half-heartedly glared, but was interrupted by a yawn. "It's getting late and you made me tired." He mumbled. "We should go to bed, so I can make you tired." Roy smirked.

Garth laughed, a light blush highlighting his cheeks as he helped Roy up. Seeing Roy calm and normal (for him, at least) made him happy. He would have to try this anger management method more often.


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