In 'The Greatest Story Never Told', Booster Gold is on the very bottom of the Justice League Totem Pole. On crowd control, no one will listen to him when the world is about to end. And even after he saves the day, he is treated like garbage.

In 'Dark Heart', Booster Gold flies directly behind superman, is shown many times in the air battle, and most surprising, is one of the 6 heroes that listen to the general speak (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Atom, Captain Atom and right behind Supes, Booster Gold).

How did this happen? How did the joke of the League become the man behind the founders?

The bards tell of the fool, the clown that the royalty and those of noble blood mock and ignore. But it is the fool that sees all, the fool that knows all…and in the end, the fool that is the hero, and the royalty exposed for what they truly are.

The Greatest Story…Finally Told

Act I

Scene 1

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Hey Bats…how's the clean up going?"

Batman glared at the young hero, just before his hand shot out, grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up into the air. The patrons at the restaurant cried out, hurrying out of the way as the Dark Knight slammed the hero from the future into a wall. Batman's face got within inches of Booster's, his eyes narrowed into slits. Booster Gold had been pushing his buttons all night, what with his demands and attitude. And now this…

He had been helping remove some debris when he saw that a crowd had begun to gather. Radioing in to J'onn, he had been informed that the only hero who was on crowd control was Booster. And Booster had left an hour ago with some woman, according to Elongating Man. Batman had managed to track the man from the future down to the French Restaurant, and had saw red when he found him laughing over wine with someone with a white jacket.

"Do you think this is some kind of game?!?" The older hero snarled, shaking Booster violently. "We are out there doing our duty and you are stuffing your face with some tramp you picked up?"

"Excuse me?" Tracy Simmons said, raising an eyebrow.

"This doesn't concern you." Batman snapped, before turning back to Booster, continuing the rant as if he had never been interrupted. "You were told to do crowd control…and until we tell you you're done…"


Batman looked at Booster, startled slightly by the sudden harsh command. Still, he didn't let his face show any of this. "What did you say?"

"Tracy is a respected doctor. You have no right calling her a tramp." Booster locked eyes with Batman. Despite his fear of the founding member of the League, he would not sit there (or hang as the case may be) and let him badmouth his date. "In the future, we respect women."

"Are you joking?"

"What's wrong Bats? Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, all your women like it rough, don't they?" Booster waggled his eyebrows.

In the next instants, Batman's fist collided with Booster's jaw, sending the younger hero's head snapping back. The patrons began to freak out, fearing that a brawl would begin right where they were seated.

Tracy cried out Booster's name, rushing over to try and drag the Dark Knight off of him. Batman growled, thrashing his arm free of her grasp and knocking the doctor away. Skeets floated over to Dr. Simmons scanning her to make sure she was ok.

"hey!" Booster shouted, struggling to move towards Tracy to help her up. But Batman was suffering from tunnel vision, and his only focus was the hero that had continued to let him and the league down at every turn.

"You are what's wrong with superheroes, Booster. All you care about is glory, about fame!" Another punch. "You think because you can do things other people can't, that you deserve a reward!" Another punch, and Batman grabbed the young hero by his suit. "You aren't a hero, Booster…you are a villain just waiting to happen."

Letting the beaten hero drop to the ground, Batman turned to the Maitre De and handed him a card. "The Justice League will cover all damages." With that, he stalked out of the restaurant, but not before turning back to glare at Booster's twitching form. "Consider yourself Watchtower bound indefinitely!"

Tracy kneeled down next to Booster, running her fingers through his golden locks. The hero groaned, rubbing his jaw.

"Sir, are you alright sir?" Skeets rambled, buzzing around. "Perhaps we should use sign language to begin communicating, as it would be easier then talking. Scanning database for sign language history…"

"I'm fine, Skeets." Booster ground out, sitting up. "Just fine."

"Are you alright Booster?" Tracy asked.

"Peachy." Booster mumbled.

Tracy shook her head. "Where does he get off thinking he can attack you like that?"

"He gets off thinking that because he knows he can." Booster admitted.


Booster shrugged. "He's Batman…him, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, J'onn, and Superman, they are the founders. They are in charge. The rest of us…we take orders." Booster rubbed his cheek. "Guess I didn't follow mine properly."

Tracy gritted her teeth in anger. "So, that gives him the right to hit you?"

"Gives him the right to do what he wants." Standing up, Booster held out his hand to Tracy, giving her the best smile he could manage. "Listen, I need to go handle some things…Skeets…would you mind taking Tracy home?"

"As an escort?" Skeets asked. "Of course sir! Rest assure, I will protect Dr. Simmons with my life…that is, if I had one…"

"I get it Skeets." Booster interrupted. He reached up and pressed his com link. "I need transport." He looked over at Tracy. "Sorry for ruining our dinner."

"That's ok." Tracy said. "As long as there is another one soon to make up for it."

Booster smiled. "It's a date."

Scene 2

(2 hours later)

"Hey man, did you hear? I totally stopped that Mordru in his tracks! Green Lantern was patting me on the back!"

"I heard." Booster said as he moved through the hallways, Elongating Man happily bouncing around him. "Good for you Ralph…finally made it to the big leagues."

"You know it! Wonder Woman said she would love to have me work with her! Wonder Woman…can you believe it?"

"That's great."

Elongating Man frowned. "Awe, come on man…you aren't upset that you're stuck on crowd control by yourself, are you Booster? Come on, you'll get your shot!"

"Somehow I doubt that." Booster replied, turning towards the transporter main room.

Elongating Man looked down at Booster, noticing the suitcase he was dragging behind him. "Hey…you going on a trip or something?"

"Or something." Booster replied, giving the technician the coordinates.

"Booster Gold."

Booster and Elongating Man looked up to see J'onn flying down to them, his arms crossed over his chest. The Martian looked at them both sternly, his glowing eyes betraying none of his thoughts.

"You have been regulated to the Watchtower. You are not allowed to leave."

"Yet, here I am." Booster replied with none of his usual humor.

J'onn looked at him before nodding. "Booster…the com link."

Booster removed his com link from his ear and tossed it to J'onn. "Figured you wouldn't try and stop me." Nodding towards the tech, Booster gave Elongating Man one final look before disappearing from sight.

"What…what's going on?"

J'onn looked over at the stretchy hero. "Booster Gold is no longer part of the Justice League."

Scene 3

"Yes Jen?"

"Mr. Carr, a Dr. Simmons to see you. She says it's urgent."

"Send her in."

The reporter looked up from his desk as the dark beauty entered the room, her face hard and determined. Putting the file he had been looking at away, he turned to her and gave her his patented smile.

"What can I do for you Dr. Simmons?"

Tracy remained cold. "I have a story for you."

"Everyone has a story." Carr said.

"What about two? The first being about how the Justice League nearly destroyed the planet."

Snapper looked up at that. "That's a mighty big claim."

"Oh, I can prove it." Tracy said. "But that's only filler compared to the second story."

"And that would be?"

She held up the video file she had borrowed from Skeets. "Footage of how the Justice League really behaves when someone steals the limelight from them."