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All for one and one for all -- that is our motto, is it not?

from The Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas


July 1899

I woke up and rolled over. Another night spent on the streets in the bitter, sticky, sooty New York-kinda-summer-morning air with a few girls I barely knew, yet more that I did, and trusted all of them, for that was our creed. Never hurt another street rat, unless they first hurt you, that is. For that's what we are: street rats, trash, nothing. Absolutly nothing. We girl newsies sleep together in the streets for safety and warmth, for there was no place for us at a boys' lodging house unless you were lucky enough to have no chest (though due to malnutrition most of our chests had lack of volume) and a brother or good (male) friend who could cover for you, and girls' lodging houses made you wear skirts, and for our trade skirts didn't go over to well.

I sat up and shook my little sister next to me. Little Becca. Dark brown hair that was a shade off from black with an almost-curl, baby-fine and wispy fell in her eyes. She woke up from her deep toddler sleep, stood, and yawned before burying her little face into my shoulder and murmuring that she "wan more sweep." I sighed. Poor little kid. Where the baby fat of an average (well, an average well-fed kid... the average kid her in NYC isn't well-fed) three-year old should be in her little face and hands there was none. I was lucky enough to have boots to put on her feet and a smock on her back. My own apparel was less than fashionable. We were alway poor, but somehow mother always managed to dress me in a blue dress to "set off my eyes." (She gave up on white lacey frocks as soon as I learned to play marbles in the streets with my friends and how fun mud wrestling is.) My eyes aren't really anything to gawk at though. Golly gee, another pair of blue eyes in Manhatten! Whoop-dee-dee. I liked Becca's sea-green eyes with a dark blue rim better. She'll be a pretty girl when she grows up.

If she grows up.

I told Becca no more sleep, then woke up my companions. Flash, Deep, Spades, Wreck, Sevens, Bucky, Time-It, Brew and Moan. We in turn woke the girls we didn't know, then headed off without them.

We passed by the nun cart, grabbed our bread and watery coffee with grounds in the brew, and headed off to the distribution office.

It was going to be a fine day.

Yeah, right.

Our daily routine was always the same; nothing changed but the headlines.We bought our papers, hawked our headlines, most girls being pretty enough to use their feminine wiles, but I had nothing but a loud voice, an imagination that had been encouraged as a young child, and a little sister named Becca, which was fine by me. Being ugly has it's advantages so long as you come to terms with your lack of beauty; no creepy strangers hitting on you, no guy wants to use you, and if you're ugly, you might as well be invisible.

Which is why I hear things. Lot's of things. I knew about Mush and Flips breaking up before Mush himself did. I know the headlines before everyone. Heck, I even know why Crutchy uses a crutch and that Blink doesn't really need an eyepatch.

I'm ugly. I'm invisible. I'm a newsie. I have a temper that risies as quicker than you can belive.

My name's Mercury. Mercury Pallas, of Manhatten.

I got it because I run. Fast. Fast as mercury rises.


My hair is long, so long that the weight of it straitens it out and I curls at the bottom but none at the top. My eyes are a blue-gray, more blue than gray , with darker blue flecks. I'm about four feet, six inches. So, yeah, I'm short. Don't try to make something out of it unless you have death wish, punk. My hair is brown, nothing more, nothing less. I don't give a frick about what my grandmother used to ramble on about how my hair was like the gold spun from straw by Rumplestiltzkin. It's bullcrackers. My feet are long and narrow, and I weigh about eighty pounds (I know that thanks to the lovely charity organzation that gets us all free checkups at the doc's each year. Yeah, right.) my hands are slender, and my fingers long and ink-stained. I'm pretty much a twig with arm and legs and slight curves. Very slight. As in about an two or three inches more around than the rest of me. I have more legs than torso, and a face that used to be round but now has hollow cheeks, thanks to our daily fare of stale coffee and newspapers. My chin is pointed, and I have pointed ears. I look like a fox. Or an elf, depending on if you like me or not. I have freckles. And I'm as white as a sheet. I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'm ugly.

I wear an off-white shirt, and a dusty brown vest with mossy-brown-green pinstripes, and a light grey-brownish jacket, and used-to-be-my-brother's-black-but-are-now-my-really-really-dark-grey-that-are-becoming-ankle-biters trousers. My suspenders are black, and boots are sienna. Got a good mental description? If you do I hope you're not scarred. Now let's get on with our story.

We all bought our papers at the office. There was a baby born with two heads, a trash fire on Ellis, and some sports scores, but I don't like to shout those out because the losing teams' fan like to take their outrage out on us newsies. Flash, my friend with choppy blonde hair cut off at her delicate chin had a round face and eyes a light brown. Lucky girl had a gorgeous smile, was five five, and had the guys at her heels. Deep and Wreck were twins-- black hair, almost acid green eyes, square face, and they always had a circumspeted look on their lightly tanned faces, raised five feet and eleven inches off the ground in their shoes. Spades was cute and Italian, and you knew when she was ticked because boy that girl can scream. Sevens was brown. Just brown. Brown hair, brown eye, tanned skin, brown clothes. Bucky was tall and slender, and looked like Flash, exept her hair was longer and darker. (Buckys', that is.), Time-It had thin platinum hair, which went well with her very light grey eyes, in a pixie cut tucked up under a black bowler with a small purple feather in the band. Brew was of heavy build, but don't you dare call that girl fat. You'll feel her tan-brown eye burning in your skull and you'll want to diasspear. And Moan. Moan... Moan had black hair, and black eyes, and a black heart. That girl was cold. Just... cold. Years on the streets had made her that way.

Same as all of us. But we all have each other... I think that's why we all are at least somewhat human. We just hadn't met Moan quick enough. She was the least human of us all.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.


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