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8The Archway of Destiny


Hello, and welcome to the story of The Archway of Destiny.

This is and Inu/Halo Fan-fiction. I'm very interested in both so decided to create a story that puts them together. The story starts off a little slow I think for Inuyasha fans. But don't worry, he's coming really soon. And don't worry; one of the biggest Inuyasha fans ever is supervising the writing of the story. "So that this Jarhead won't mess anything up." Here we go!


After the war against the Covenant came to a close, decades of non-stop fighting followed, the human race suddenly found themselves allied with several of the beings whom they had been fighting against for so long. It is the Year 2606, and after a long bloody war, the new allies find themselves once again fighting for their very existence. But with new weapons and technology, the tide of the war is slowly starting to turn.

The Spartan known only to a select few as John, but commonly called 'The Chief', died in combat, after stopping the Flood from regaining control in the Galaxy. But his legacy lives on in the hearts of civilians and soldiers alike, and is a legend among the new breed of Spartans know as SPARTAN IV's. As for the Arbiter not much is known about whether he is alive or dead.

In the newly discovered star system known as "The Forerunner System" a space ship named The 'New World', is about to discover something that will change the way Inuyasha and company look at the Universe forever.

Inuyasha lay on the grass next to Kagome, on top of the small hill they had decided to camp on top of for the night. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo where all sleeping. Kagome had convinced Inuyasha to stay up with her for a while, due to the fact that she couldn't sleep.

They lay there, gazing up at the stars that occupied every inch of the night sky, and shown with remarkable clarity. Having no light pollution like there was in her time, Kagome was able to see the distant planets, the Star's and even the Milky Way.

"Hey Inuyasha?" asked Kagome, breaking the silence between them. "Yeah?" asked Inuyasha, who was slowly drifting off to sleep next to her. "You ever wonder what's up there?" asked Kagome. Inuyasha understood that she meant out in the farthest reaches of the sky, but didn't quite understand what she was getting at.

"Like what?" he asked, glancing over at her lying only inches away from him. "Well…" she said "Maybe somebody up there is wondering what its like down here." Inuyasha was at a loss for words. 'Somebody up there? Like who?' He didn't really know how to respond to it, so he said the first thing that came to his mind.

"Feh… I guess." He said, and after a moment said, "Do you think we'll ever meet them?" He couldn't help but chance another glance at her, watching her chest slowly rise and fall as she breathed. "I hope so." She said, and turning to face him, added, "Don't you?"

In an alternate Universe, somewhat similar to Inuyasha's…

"Analyzing" said the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Ike. "The structure appears to be made out of the same material as the ring worlds known as Halo. I'm detecting high emmitions of radiation coming from this section of the gate." Ike highlighted a section of the Arch shaped object and put it on the captains view screen.

Captain Alex Sonntag studied the holographic model hovering near his captain's chair. The arch was massive, easily over 3 miles long. It had a Gray silver tinge outlining it. From the centure of the Arch however, there emitted a blinding white light.

Captain Sonntag had already sent a probe to investigate the behind the giant arch, and had confirmed that the back was solid metal. "What about the light coming from the middle of the archway? What is that"? Caption Sonntag asked the Smart A.I. known as Ike, or Eisenhower.

Ike flashed into life next to the captain, replacing the holographic arch which he had been studying. Long equations flowed along the entire length of his shimmering blue body.

"It appears to have the same qualities as a black hole." said Ike. "But it is unknown to me why a black hole would actually emit light instead of swallowing it up, like black holes are supposed to."

"Could it be something like a black hole generator"? Asked The Captain "Not likely" Answered the A.I., with a far off look in his pale eyes. "Right." said Captain Alex "Tony! Get me ONI on SATCOM on the double. They'll want to see this for themselves."

"Yes Sir!" Tony, the bridge communications officer typed a series of commands into his computer, his hands a blur as he worked. A screen appeared to the left of the captain's chair. "What is it Captain Sonntag?" Asked General Joshua Deandy, head of ONI.

"Sir". Said Captain Sonntag, saluting the General. "We've discovered a strange object in the Forerunner system. It appears to be an Arch of some sort. I'm uploading a live feed to you now". The General paused as he studied the strange arch. He could see his eyebrows arch in surprise.

"That's really something you've got there." said General Deandy. "What section of the galaxy did you find this"? "The Arris system sir". Answered Captain Alex. "Okay Captain, hold tight, I'm sending a prowler and an Elite ship to rendezvous with you at your position". Said the General.

"Yes sir. Captain Sonntag out". "Orders sir"? Asked the ships Navigator, Leutenit Brandon. "Continue to hold position around the Arch". Ordered Captain Sontag. "I'll be in my quarters, notify me at once when the ships arrive in-system." "Yes Sir"! Said Brandon.

"Sir"? Asked Brandon, as a Com. Channel snapped on next to the Captains bed. "Both the Prowler and the Elite ship have arrived in the system". Alex sat up and shook his head to wake himself up.

He checked the clock next to his bed, which glowed ghostly green in the dark. '8:20….I slept for 6 hours…" Alex mumbled to himself. "Thank you lieutenant. I'll be on the bridge shortly, keep me posted".

"Yes Sir, bridge out". Said the tired looking lieutenant. Alex got up and asked Ike to turn the lights on. He stretched and accidentally hit his head on the ceiling covering the bed, which he did every morning. "God damnit," he said, rubbing the spot where he had hit his head. He walked over to the dresser and put his uniform on, and headed towards the Bridge.

As he walked onto the Bridge the Crew saluted him and he, in turn, returned the salutes. The bridge crew then went about their business, communicating with engineering about the status of the engine, examining technical readouts of the Arch, and relaying technical problems reported by the crew to the maintenance staff.

"Incoming transmission on SATCOM from the prowler". Said Lieutenant Brandon who straightened in his chair. Alex Sat down I the captions chair.

"On screen Lieutenant". He said to the lieutenant. A familiar face flashed on the screen near the captain's chair.

"Well, well. If it isn't Captain Alex Sonntag" said the balding man with glasses on screen. Unable to contain himself the man on screen burst out laughing. "How have you been Alex? I haven't seen you scence we re-took the Reach system!"

"I'm good. And what about you Cody? Who in there right minds would make you captain of the prowler ship that transports the Spartans?" All the crew on the bridge froze at these words. They all new of course of the legendary Spartan 117, Captain Keys, and Sergeant AJ. Johnson.

Ever sense the UNSC had released the classified information about the Spartan IV's they had been the talk of the military. But none of them knew anyone that had ever even seen a Spartan. "Hah, well the brass heard about that crazy stunt we pulled in the retaking of Reach and decided that I was better qualified than you." said Cody with a grin.

"Anyways down to business. The spooks at ONI agreed with your analyses of the 'arch'. So they decided to send a probe in to…" "We sent one in a few hours after we first found it." said Alex. "The readings and video data that came back was very strange. I'm forwarding it to you now."

Captain Alex sent the data and continued. "The readings show that inside, what appears to be a black hole of some sort, there is actually breathable air. To put it simply the environment inside the black hole is the same as any Earth like environment. The video data we received back showed what looks like a grassy field, complete with tree's"

"Hmmm… interesting." said Cody rubbing his beard. "What we need to do is send a team down to investigate. We'll be able to get better and more solid readings then."

"Are you thinking what im thinking"? Asked Alex with a smile. Cody thought for a second than smiled and said. "The Epsilon Endures move?" asked Cody. "Exactly." answered Alex . "I'll send in one of the Spartans." said Cody. "I'll send in a squad of ODST's to assist." said Alex.

"You read my mind". Said Cody with a smile. "Alright. Well send them in at 1200." "And what about the Elites"? Asked Alex. "Oh. They said that they would prefer to observe." answered Cody. "Leaving us to do the manual labor as always." said Alex shaking his head and smiling.

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