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James looked silently around the Kagome's home which he had been, rather forcibly, invited inside of. He couldn't remember his own home, let alone know what one looked like in his time. His highly trained Spartan eyes combed the inside of the dwelling, making note of the entrances, exits, good defensive positions and points of possible attack. His armor's computer started to make a layout of the interior of the house for him, marking down wherever James made notes.

"Would you like something to eat dear? Dinner is just about ready." Asked Mrs. Higurashi, poking her head out of what James assumed was the Kitchen. "No thank you ma'am." Said James, shaking his head. "Are you sure dear? There is more than enough to go around." Persisted Mrs. Higurashi, that motherly smile still on her face. James silently shook his helmeted head. "Well if you decide your hungry just say so dear." Mr. Higurashi smiled, unperturbed, and disappeared back into the kitchen.

James hadn't meant to insult her, but he was here for a reason he wasn't on some sightseeing tour, and right now he had to focus on his mission. He pulled up the diagnostics of the prototype active camouflage and went to work attempting as best he could to fix it.

However as he worked on his armor he could hear every word being said in the other room due to the augmentations made to his hearing. Come to think about it, he thought, his hearing may be almost as good as Inuyasha's. Almost. He was roused out of his musings by the conversation coming from the kitchen. Kagome's brother and grandfather had returned from their work and had joined Kagome and her mother and the dinner table.

They were talking about him, asking her where on earth he had come from, and where was Inuyasha? She answered as best she could, trying vainly not to give away that James was a super soldier from the future. He ran over the mission parameters in his head, and found that there was nothing against telling her family what he was as long as it did not endanger the mission. They had obviously kept Kagome's little trips to the feudal era a secret. It would make the mission a whole lot easier for him, especially with his active camo busted all to hell.

So, moving his work on the camouflage to one side of the HUD, and stretching a bit he calmly walked towards the kitchen. He heard hushing and then silence as he, being too tall to fit through it properly, ducked through the doorway of the kitchen and saw the Higurashi family all staring at him. Mrs. Higurashi immediately got up and pulled out a seat for James. "I knew you were hungry." She said with a smile before walking over to James to show him to his seat.

James noted that there was indeed a plate already set out for him full of food. James shook his head, "I'll stand ma'am, that seat will not support the weight of my armor." said James, as politely as he could. "Oh." Said Kagome's mother, looking back and forth between James and the chair, as though just registering how big James actually was. Kagome cleared her throat, as though to remind them that she was still there. "I was just telling gramps here about how you managed to get from Europe to Japan." She said with a half convinced smile.

James waved the statement away. "Don't bother Kagome. I didn't think your family would ever buy a story like that anyways." He sighed, "leave it to the spooks…" James reached up and undid the seal on his helmet and removed it. Mrs. Higurashi gasped and took a shocked step back while Mr. Higurashi senior stated, "Oh my", and as for Kagomes brother, his face lit up as he said "cool!" excitedly. James didn't take any offense, the sight of such a pale and scared face would make anybody do a double take.

James stuck out his hand and offered it to Kagome's mother just as she had done for him only a little bit ago. She never took her eyes off his face as she shook it. "My name is James. Chief Petty Officer Spartan 323. I'm a Special Ops soldier for the UNSC Navy Special weapons division." He said, introducing himself properly.

Over the next 5 minutes the Super Soldier was able to explain where he came from, who he was, and what he was doing here with relative ease. His story was oddly easily accepted by the Higurashi family. But, he guessed a soldier from the future must be right up there along with the well in their backyard that led back in time and a boy with a huge sword, claws and Dog ears on his head from said portal.

Now that he thought about it, given the choice, it'd be much easier for him to accept a super soldier from the future than a portal with demons and magic jewels and what not. He had to give the Higurashi family credit, they put up with a lot.

An hour or so later found James in Kagome's room, watching her lay out different sets of cloths for him to wear while he was there. The dinner had gone well after James explanation, with Kagome telling about the latest adventure she'd had, including what it was like to be in Space. James had stood silently and watched the family as they talked and ate their dinner. They seemed truly glad to have her home and couldn't be happier to be together as a family again.

As James leaned against the door of Kagome's room watching her pull all kinds of odds and ends out of her closet, one thought kept nagging at him. Family… he wondered if his family had been like that… what would it be like to sit down with his true family and feel loved and welcomed… He shook his head, driving the thoughts from his mind. His fellow Spartans where his family, the only one he would ever need.

"I'm sorry to put you through all this." James said to Kagome as she laid a final set of cloths on her bed for James, "I know I'm intruding and that you just want to spend time with your family, but…" Kagome cut him off with a wave of her hand. "Don't worry about it." She said with a smile that resembled her mothers. "Compared to when Inuyasha visits or comes to get me, this is much less stressful and easier."

He nodded understanding. "I'll try to stay out of your hair as the mission permits, but I still have my orders to make sure that you make it back alive." said the super soldier. "I don't understand you two." Said an exasperated Kagome. "You and Inuyasha I mean. In the feudal era there's demons aplenty that would love nothing more than to have me for dinner, not to mention all the wars and people in general that would also not hesitate to kill me." Said Kagome, speaking from experience.

"And this world is much less dangerous?" asked James. "Just because there aren't any demons left, according to you, doesn't mean this time is any less dangerous. Nuclear Bombs, Biological warfare, terrorism, the Yakuza, murderers, rapists, the list goes on and on." He said, trying to make her see his side of the argument. Kagome stood there for a second, mulling it all over. "Good point I guess." Then after a few seconds she asked him, "Will it ever change? Will there ever be peace?" she asked in a slightly less happy tone.

"Si vis pacem, para bellum." Recited James. "What?" asked a confused Kagome? "It's Latin." Said James shrugging, "It means, if you want peace, prepare for war. Now then, are you sure these will fit me?" asked a skeptical looking James as he walked over to the bed to examine the 2 sets of cloths Kagome had kindly laid out for him.

James changed out of his Armor, put in standby mode and set the security system on. He tried on the clothes Kagome had attempted to pick out for him, but they were way to small. In the end he ended up wearing a robe that, according to Kagome's grandfather, had belonged to a huge man that had once helped him run the Shrine.

Although James planned to use the on board computer in his armor later, to hack into a the Higurashi's credit account, giving them enough money to set them for life, as well as get himself some proper civilian clothes so as to blend in more easily. This plan had been thought of by somebody at ONI, as a way to repay Kagome for her "invaluable" services to the UNSC. The computers in Kagome's time where laughable compared to the highly advanced "dumb" and "smart" AI's that helped run their society. There was no way the banks would ever know that the money was even gone.

That night James sat talking with Sota in Kagome's room while she did her homework. "So you fight aliens?" asked Sota excitedly, "Real ones!" James allowed a small grin to cross his face at this. He'd never met anyone in his entire life so interested in him. "Yes." James said watching the excited little boys eyes light up for the thousandth time tonight.

"I'll bet they were all slimy and gross, and had tentacles! Oh! And they probably had laser guns to didn't they!" said Sota, wiggling his fingers under his chin to look like tentacles. James actually chuckled at this statement. This kid was something else. "But they're no match for a mighty Spartan!" Sota exclaimed looking at James, in his to-big Kimono, with admiration.

"That's right." said James, messing up the kids hair. "Spartans never die." "Man Inuyasha hasn't done anything that cool." Said Sota, looking up at James, who out of the corner of his eye could see Kagome straighten in her chair and stop what she was doing at this. "Don't be so sure." James said, leaning back. "Inuyasha fought a lot of them when they tried to attack through the Arch. I even saw him cut down at least 50 of them with one swing of his sword."

"Really!" asked the youngest Higurashi. "Yup. And you want to know a secret?" said James leaning in closer to Sota who nodded eagerly. "He saved not only my life, but quite a few Marines as well." said James who whispered it like it was a closely guarded secret. "Wow. He's just as strong as I thought he was." Sota paused for a second in thought. "Who do you think would win in a fight between you and Inuyasha?" he asked curiously. "Hopefully we never have to find out. I don't think I'd be able to dodge that Windscar attack of his." Said James before getting up and stretching a bit. The Robes where starting to make him itch something fierce.

"Sota haven't you bothered the poor man enough for one night?" said Kagome looking over from her homework. "Get out of my room please." She said looking a bit annoyed. "Aw… alright. Good night Kagome. Good night James!" said Sota before walking out of the room.

James walked over to Kagome and looked over her shoulder to see what type of homework exactly she was doing. From a glance it looked like advanced Algebra. "42." Said James, from behind her. She turned to look at him. "What?" she asked with a confused look. "The answer to your last problem, it's not 63, its 42." She looked back at her last question and studied it before realizing he was right. "You know Math?" she asked incredulously.

"Of course." Responded James. "During our training we all had to learn advanced Trigonometry, physics, quantum theory, and lots of others. There's a lot more math involved in fighting than people think." Kagome look back and forth between him and her homework, before asking awkwardly, "Could you help me with this? Math is defiantly my worst subject." "Sure." Said James, shrugging before taking a knee next to her desk.

The next morning Kagome woke up late, again. She hurriedly dressed, shoved down some breakfast, gave her mom a hug and an off to school. She noticed that James hadn't been around all morning, according to her mother anyways, which was odd considering that he was supposed to be keeping an eye on her. She dismissed it however and focused on getting to school on time, managing to make it in time to talk to her best friends Yuri, Eri and Ayumi. Even Hojo popped in to say hello and give her some flowers that were supposed to keep your blood pressure down.

"Did you hear this Mr. Kurisakie is out sick today?" asked Yuri, as they walked down the hall to their first class, sociology. "Yeah, supposedly he got really sick late last night, so we're supposed to have a substitute teacher today." Said Eri, looking concerned for her teacher. "Oh, I've heard about him." Said Hojo, walking beside Kagome. "A lot of people are talking about him. He's supposed to be an American that used to be a soldier. He's got these scars all over him."

They arrived outside their sociology class, the one with the American substitute teacher, said goodbye to Hojo, and walked inside to see the class siting oddly still and quiet even though the bell hadn't even rung yet. The three girls turned to look at the substitute teacher that had caused such gossip. Kagome's jaw dropped open and she was positive it had hit the floor. Standing in front of the desk, in an expensive looking suit and tie, stood James. "Have a seat please, class is about to start." Said James, giving no recognition that he even recognized Kagome. The bell rung, and the girls walked to their seats, Kagome in a state of shock and horror.

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