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Tell It Like It Is


Try as he might, Will Darcy couldn't get it to fit. He pushed the books over, hoping that he could squeeze the damn book onto the shelf, but it was just too thick.

"Lizzy! Your book won't fit!" he yelled and Lizzy popped up from where she'd been napping on the soft green sofa.

"Won't fit?" she asked sleepily as her eyes lit on the book. "Will! That's not a book! That's Harry Potter!" Will turned over the volume. It certainly looked like a book. "Harry doesn't belong on a book shelf. He belongs on a pedestal," she added crossing the room swiftly and grabbing the book from his hands before he could even think to react.

"Are you saying you have a place designed only for holding your Harry Potter books?" he questioned as he watched her snatch the other six books off the shelf leaving it practically empty. She just nodded. "And where do you plan on putting this 'pedestal'?" he asked as he gestured around the apartment.

It was a large space that had taken Will weeks to find, especially considering that this was New York and apartments are more valuable than the people that live in them. It was gorgeous, with high ceilings for an apartment and a view overlooking Central Park. What could he say? The boy was a millionaire after all.

But despite its size it was full to the brim with what Will considered to be junk. His roommate, however, saw things differently.

"I'm not getting rid of Harry!" Lizzy cried as she hugged the stack of books close to her chest. "You keep looking at all my stuff as if it's junk. Well I'm not throwing anything away! I'd get rid of you before Harry!"

Will rolled his eyes and tugged on his hair. "Lizzy, look at our apartment. We've been here for a whole three hours and already we're completely full. We have no room to live!"

Lizzy scoffed at him. "Not all of us need entirely empty rooms, Will. You're allowed to have things. Homes are meant to look like people live in them. They don't have to be white and sterile."

"Yes, but do we really need an entire room for your shoes?"

Lizzy gasped in horror. "You promised me a shoe room! I'd dreamed about one since I was a little girl!"

"Okay fine. We'll keep the shoe room, but what about all these books. Surely you don't need them all," he added grabbing a shredded red and white book that looked older than he was, or even possibly older than the entire country.

"Put that down," she gasped tossing Harry aside delicately so as to not harm her precious books. "That's a rare edition of the Grim Brother's original fairy tales."

Will looked at it. It didn't seem valuable to him. It just seemed like a battered wad of paper in broken English. He shot her a skeptical look.

She sighed and tried another tactic. "Look," she said evenly as she carefully extracted her book from his greasy fingers. (Will would have resented the thought. … Just because his hands were slightly sweaty…) "This is our home now," she added, emphasizing the word our as she led him back to the soft green couch. "Our stuff, just like us, must learn to live in unison."

Will snorted. She sounded like a high yoga instructor. She shot him a silencing look.

"We all know," she said ignoring his snorts. Who was the "we"? Did Harry now have a legitimate say in what happened in their apartment? "That I have a fear of commitment. Having things that are of great importance to me will help soothe me through this transition."

Will made to protest. She couldn't actually say that. She'd had roommates before; did she do this same spiel with them? However, before he could get the words out of his mouth her hands were on his thighs and her lips pressed firmly to his. "Lizzy," he muttered through their kiss.

"What?" she pulled away, seeming slightly flushed, they hadn't been together long enough for her to have lost that rush every time they kissed.

"I just don't think we're ever going to find a place for all this stuff," he replied and her shoulders dropped. He wasn't going to be distracted, it seemed.

"I've already found a place for it," she replied standing from his lap and crossing the room to what was soon to take form as Will's study. She swung open the door and held up her hands as if she'd just performed a magic trick. "Will Darcy. Behold your new study/library!"

"Lizzy," he groaned.

"Will!" she shouted back playfully. She crossed the room back to the sofa and kneeled on the cushion beside him. "Do you think Anya gives the stockbroker any say on the details of their wedding? Do you think Corey is giving Fitz any say about whether she'll go out with him or not? (By the way that's a positive. All my doing, thank you very much!) Do you think little Connor gives Erin and Eddie choice on when they get to sleep? I think not, so you should be grateful that I give you say on the outcome of our apartment."

Will's shoulders sagged. Shit. He was screwed. She'd always out debate him.

She kissed him softly, her upper torso pressed against him as she fell from her kneeling position into his lap. Eventually she pulled away.

"I have to go to work," she said smiling as she leapt off the sofa. She grabbed a light jacket. "It's my first day on air," she added nervously, as if he didn't know already. "Wish me luck," she sighed pressing another kiss to his lips. He didn't get to say anything as she dropped hr Harry Potter books onto his lap, and he groaned in pain. "Try to get this finished by the time I'm home or you're sleeping on the couch." She smiled one last time and flounced out of the apartment.

Will relaxed into the comfy green sofa. He looked around at the jumble of crap and got the feeling that at least he knew where he would be sleeping that night. But it didn't matter; he'd made perfectly sure he'd gotten the most comfortable couch he could find for that reason specifically.

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