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Reid's P.O.V.

Something was going to happen today I could feel it in the air, now I'm not one to believe in fate and all that shit, but sometimes you just knew something was going to happen that would change everything, I just didn't know what the fuck that was. I had always been the one that didn't really fit in, even in the Covenant, though I've always had Tyler, Pogue and even Caleb to back me up and help me if something ever went down. I never really knew what it was like to be in love like Pogue and Kate. I've never been smart like Tyler, kind like Caleb, I was simple Reid, the screw up but I wanted to be something more, someone special and not just special because of my power, but just because I'm me, maybe today would be the say I finally was going to be someone special because of more then my power. I through down my cigarette and ground it out with the heal of my skate shoe, as I saw Caleb, Tyler and Pogue pull up to Spencer and get out of there car. I walked down the steps to met them, letting the thoughts I had been having be forgotten.

"Hey." I called out to my friends, brothers really.

"Hey Reid," I heard Tyler greet me, as the others murmured a hello.

"Baby Boy." I greet him with a nod, and fall into step with them as we enter Spencer going to our English class.

We all walked in and took our respective seats. I sat beside Tyler, Caleb sat alone and Pogue sat with Kate. Caleb hadn't really been the same since Sarah left right after the thing with Chase, in my opinion that girl was a major bitch for leaving. The class slowly began to file in and this girl caught my eye, she was taller than most girls and very thin, she lacked the assets I usually looked for big breasts and a nice round firm ass, but there was something about this girl. Her long, brown hair that stopped just above her hips, her emerald green that where extremely noticeable and her white, creamy, porcelain, skin. My eyes followed her as she walked over to Prof. Lewis and handed his a piece of blue paper, she smiled brightly saying something 'what?' I don't know.

End of Reid's P.O.V.

The Prof looked around the class room. "Ah, yes, beside Mr. Danvers." His voice was loud as he pointed to Caleb.

She nodded and walked up the steps and over to where Caleb sat.

"Hello." She said softly as she sat down.

Caleb flashed her a kind smile. "Hey, I'm Caleb." He introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Isabella, but most people just call me Bella." She told him, stammering slight and blushing as she ended feeling a little shy around the gorgeous man.

The final bell rang and the Prof began to speak. "Hello, I trust you all had a good weekend." There were mummers of agreement through the class room. "We have a new student joining us from New England, Miss Isabella Harris." The Prof announced and Bella turned bright pink. "I hope you will all treat her well and help her get around Spencer." He said and began to delve into that days lesson.

As the class ended and the students began to file out Bella was almost out the door when someone began to walk beside her.

"You know I could treat you very well." Aaron told her with a leer.

She didn't truly grasp all of what he was implying but she knew it was not something she wanted. "No thank you. Please, just leave me alone." She asked meekly.

Aaron wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Now, would I want to do that?" He asked smirking, as she squirmed under his touch.

The Sons of Ipswitch had been watching the whole encounter and decided to step in and save the new girl from the horrible experience of meeting Aaron.

"I don't think she wants you Aaron." Caleb stated making their presents known to the pair.

Aaron fists clenched as he looked up and saw the four of them. "Fuck off posers."

Bella looked from to Aaron to the boy she knew as Caleb, along with three other boys, the one with blond hair and ocean blue eyes, was the one that stood out most in her mind. She ducked out from under Aaron's arm and shot him the best glare she could.

"Thanks." She said softly to the Caleb and the others, before darting down the hall away from them.

Aaron stared off after her for a moment before turning to the 'Losers of Ipswitch' as he called them. "Why the hell can't you mind your own fucking business?" He asked angrily.

"What can we say, we love pissing you off!" Reid said with a laugh.

"Just stay way from the new girl, she's mine." He spat before storming off.

The warning bell rang and the sons cursed.

"Damn it, I have got to go my class is on the other side of the school. Later!" Tyler said as he left the guys.

Reid's P.O.V.

The rest of the day passed surprisingly quickly, I had not had any other classes with Isabella but for some strange reason I had not been able to get her off of my mind. I hadn't even spoken to her and she's already under my fucking skin and I hate it. The only way I can think to get her out of my mind is to sleep with her, get her out of my system for good. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a hand on my shoulder; I turned to see Caleb standing behind me.

"Hey man."

"What's up with you today?" He asked. "You've been spacing out all day."

"It's nothing." I tell him, with a shrug.

"That's shit and you and I both know it is." He retorted.

'Saint Caleb' always in my business at least when Sarah was here he backed off and focused on Sarah. "Fuck, Caleb, just let it go." I yell.

Caleb looked a little taken back by my out burst. "Ok, man. The guys just wanted to know it you were planning on coming to Nicky's tonight."

"Ya," I tell him, Nicky's would be good tonight night blow off a little steam.

Isabella's P.O.V.

I sat on my bed, in my new room reading City of Bones, waiting for my new roommate to come back so I could meet her. I heard the door open and looked up to see two people stumble in they were kissing and groping and seemed to fail to notice my present, I cleared my throat as loudly as I could trying to get there attention, they didn't seem to hear me, so I stood up and spoke. "Umm, hello." I said in a louder voice than I would normally use.

The couple broke apart and turned and looked at me. "Hi." The girl said as she turned a bright pink.

I recognized the boy as one of the guys that had been with Caleb earlier. "I'm your new roommate." I told them.

"Oh," The girl said in response. "I'm Kate and this is my boyfriend

Pogue." Kate said introducing herself and her boyfriend.

"I'm Bella." I told them shyly.

"Hi." The boy I now knew as Pogue said.

I smiled at them and sat back down on my bed picking up my discarded book and began to read again.

"When did you move in?" A voice asked, I assume it was Kate because the voice was female.

I replied with out looking up from my book. "At around 8:30 this morning, I believe you had already left for school."

There was silence in the room for a few moments before she spoke again. "What school did you go to before coming to Spencer?" She asked me.

God she was inquisitive. " Dermfield Academy ," I answered once again not look up from my favourite book.

"We're going to Nicky's to get some food, maybe play some pool do you wanna come; we could get to know each other." Kate asked with some hesitation.

This time I take the time to look up from my book. "I'm not hungry." I say and at that moment my stomach chooses to growl, 'traitor' I thought.

I hear a laugh coming from Pogue and I looked from Kate to him.

"I don't think your stomach agrees with you." He told me.

I think about it for a moment, would it be so bad to make some friends? I asked myself. Kate seemed nice as did Pogue what could be the harm in getting to know them. "Sure." I say, before looking down at my cloths, a pair of pyjama pants and a baggy t-shirt.

"Just let me get changed." I said walking over to my dresser and pull out a pair of blue jeans and a tight, V neck, and forest green sweater. I walk in to the small washroom, and get changed quickly, when I walk out Kate and Pogue are waiting.

"Are you ready to go?" Kate asked me.

"Yes," I say as I walk out the door with Kate and Pogue.