Title: As Long As You're Mine

Author: FrecklesWeasley

From Book: Harry Potter

Summary: sequel to "I'm Not That Girl" and "I'm Not That Girl 2" (Fly-on-the-wall POV)

Type: Songfic, based on part of the song "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter as much as I wish I did.


A single tear rolled silently down my cheek and splashed on the stone cold floor.

I'm not that girl

The series continues…

As Long As You're Mine

"Hermione?" The voice came from behind her. She wished she didn't know it. Unfortunately, she did.

Hermione turned around to see Ron standing in the entryway. He looked sorrowful. She turned back around and looked up at the sky again. "Hello, Ronald." Hermione could hear his slow footsteps coming in her direction. Heat escaped her body as she felt his presence behind her back.

"I've been looking all over the school for you. I thought you were going to the library. The Astronomy Tower was the last place I thought you would be. I thought you were scared of heights."

"I couldn't concentrate on my essay and I'm not scared of heights. I just told you that when you asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on your broom. You had just started going out with Lavender and I didn't need her yelling at me every night over it because I was 'stealing her boyfriend.' So, I lied." Ron knelt down on the right side of her chair and looked up at the sky, too. His gaze shifted to Hermione.

"Well, I don't think Lavender will be a problem anymore," he said. Hermione looked at him curiously.

"What happened?" she asked.

"If I tell you, you promise you won't go hex her?" he asked accusingly. Hermione raised her eyebrows at him and nodded hesitantly.

"She called you a know-it-all…mudblood…" He was surprised at her reaction. He had expected her to get angry and head back to the library to look up medieval tortures. On the contrary, however, it didn't seem to faze her.

"Doesn't really surprise me," she said. "She'll do or say anything to keep the attention of a boy, especially if she's insulting another girl."

"Yeah, but that doesn't make it right. I can't be with anyone who won't accept my best friend and the woman of my dreams." He stopped dead in his tracks realizing what he had said. Did he say that out loud? Or was that in his head? Oops.

Hermione's head snapped up to face Ron. "Wait…who...What did you say?" Ron looked away, his ears an interesting shade of scarlet. He couldn't think of a way to back out of this. He decided now was the time to tell Hermione.

"Hermione," he started. "I said…I can't be with anyone who won't accept my best friend and woman of my dreams. Meaning…I can't be with Lavender if she doesn't accept you. It was hard enough being with her in the first place. I really just wanted to be with you, but I thought you didn't like me. So, I tried to find someone new." Hermione was now about to cry. Ron turned his head away, but Hermione got off of the chair and onto the floor, kneeling in front of him. He looked up at her curiously. She slowly brought her face closer to his. Finally, their lips met and they shared their first real kiss. She pulled back, not believing what had just happened.

Kiss me too fiercely

Hold me too tight

I need help believing

You're with me tonight

My wildest dreamings

Could not foresee

Lying beside you

With you wanting me

Hermione couldn't believe that she and Ron were sitting together, in love, and admitting it.

And just for this moment

As long as you're mine

I've lost all resistance

And crossed a border line

And if it turns out

It's over too fast

I'll make every last moment last

As long as you're mine