"Satsuki, Satsuki," a soft voice calling out to her.

Huh? Who are you? Are you Brad Pitt?! Are you?

"I love you"

Awww Brad Pitt! I love you too.

"I deeply care for you." A figure approached.

Oh Brad Pitt.

Satsuki ran up to the figure only to discover that it was Hajime. All he had on was baggy sweat pants. Satsuki sighed. Are trying to impress me with your boring body? But it does have nice abs that looks so smooth and warm? Damn you're fine but you don't know that from me.

"I love you," Hajime whispered.

"What, what happened to Brad Pitt?" Satsuki asked.

"I can be like him if you want."

Hajime walked closer to Satsuki. He held her chin and pulled it up to his face and kissed her blushing cheek while running his free hand through her long soft brown hair.

"I love you." he whispered once more.

He pulled Satsuki's chin to his face again. Is he going to kiss me? Most likely, I mean his eyes are closed. But, do I want to kiss him? Wait!! Who gave this pervert permission touch me! Isn't this some form of sexual harassment!! Satsuki snapped back into reality when they were only mm apart. Satsuki closed her eyes and turned bright red. Here goes nothing.

"SATSUKI!!! Oh no, my sister's dead!"

"Shut up!" Satsuki growled at her annoying brother Keiichirou.

He had snot dripping out of his nose and his cherry red face was covered in his warm tears.

"I thought, I thought…Satsuki!" Keiichirou started to cry and talk and it was really hard to understand him.

So sad, her brother was eleven and he still couldn't talk. She smiled though. It seemed like yesterday when he was six and she was ten and they were hunting those damn annoying ghost.

"Relax," Satsuki sighed, "I couldn't get up because I was having a… uh…very interesting dream."

"Huh? What was the dream about?" Keiichirou asked.

"Oh…uh don't worry about."

"I know what it is. You had one of those rated-X dreams, lucky."


What are they teaching these kids now days? It's like they know and want to do everything. Satsuki and Keiicherou headed toward their school. Satsuki kept on thinking what would have happened in her dream if it were to continue.

"Yo Satsuki,"

Satsuki turned around only to see Hajime running up to her. Satsuki blushed but she slowed down her pace so he could catch up with them. Her dream started to replay itself in her head.

"Did you get anyone anything for Valentine's Day?" Hajime asked.

"Crap, I completely forgot." Satsuki sighed. She had some chocolates for her friends but she left them in her room.

"Oh well, I did."

"Well, who's it for?"

"None of your business."

"Fine you pervert!"

"How am I a pervert?"

"You're always trying to look at my underwear"

Hajime laughed and Satsuki turned scarlet red.

"Good times, good times," Hajime smiled "but you're the one who is always flashing me, do it again. Also, I can't help but look if you flash me. Oh while we're on the subject of underwear, you still owe me a pair of panties for saving you in episode six or something, remember?"

"And I keep telling you, you're not GETTING THEM!" Satsuki yelled.

"Good morning."

Satsuki and Hajime turned around and saw Momoko and Leo were walking with them.

"Hey," Satsuki mumbled. She was angry at the fact that Hajime still wanted her underwear.

"So Momoko," Hajime called, "do you have a valentine?"

"The bible reads "do not be yoked with nonbelievers" and since our school has nothing but dirty, horny teens, no" Momoko smiled.

"I think she'd referring to you Satsuki,"

"Shut Hajime," Satsuki growled, "I hate you, and I really do."

"Momoko isn't there something in the bible that talks about hate?"

"Yes, and it reads love thy neighbor and thy enemy." Momoko called.

"All right, then I'll kill you out of love," Satsuki replied as she forced a smile.

"Hey Momoko, do you want to help me?"

"Sorry," Momoko called as she walked over to Keiicherou, "I have to teach this poor young soul reasons why he shouldn't be engaged in dirty thing like drugs and etc. I can't really help."

"What!! What kind of Christian are you?" Hajime yelped as Satsuki cracked her knuckles

"Get baptized and find out" Momoko smiled.

"Hey you guys," Leo called, "I got some info on this new ghost, do-"

"NO!!" Satsuki and Hajime shouted.

"Honestly," Satsuki sighed, "I swore I'd kill myself if I had to deal with another ghost."

"I hate to tell you Leo but I really don't care about any ghost." Hajime scowled.

Leo shrugged and kept walking. Finally they reached school. Satsuki smiled. It was Valentine's Day and she was hoping that someone would give her a gift. Anything would have been nice, especially if it was from the person she dreamed about; but, if it was a thong or any other kind of underwear he wanted her to try on, she'd kill him.