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She could not see the white lights, but she could feel them penetrate her eyes. It was troublesome to open them. She slightly rolled her head around and groaned.


That voice sparked enough curiosity for her to crack open one eyelid. It was blurry, but she could see dark skin and black hair lean beside her.

"Come on, your not dead?"

Satsuki let out a small smile before she opened both eyes. Seconds later, the blurriness faded away and she could see Hajime's brown orbs gaze into her own.

"Yo," he smiled.

Satsuki closed her eyes to clear her thoughts before she sat up and held her head. She looked at him up and down before she rested against the head of the bed.

"How come you're not in a bed?" she asked.

"I'm a man," Hajime smirked. "We take the pain then move on with our lives. Hospitals are for wimps anyway."

Satsuki rolled her eyes, but gave him a small smile.

"…Koihairaise?" she whispered.

"Gone," Hajime smiled. "I took care of him. Hey Satsuki, I'm a poet, bet you didn't even know it!"

"My ears are aching."

"Hey now, don't be jealous."

Satsuki sighed.

"So…is everything going to be okay now?" she asked.

"Yeah, everything should be fine."

"…why did he show up in the first place?"


Hajime paused. His cheerful attitude dissolved and he exhaled deeply. He then stared at Satsuki and reached out to touch her cheek. She froze as his fingers grazed her bandage, but when she saw just how disturbed he looked, she placed her hand on top of his.

"He was me," he whispered. "I guess…he was my dark side that took action instead of just thinking about things."

"You actually thought of hitting me?!"

"I…thought of slapping you…and calling you an idiot."


"You threw out my gifts! They weren't exactly cheap you know."

Satsuki dropped her hand and Hajime took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you," he sighed.

"I…don't know why I did it…" Satsuki mumbled.

"You're just desperate for a boyfriend and you think that being friends with that Aya will get you one."

"What's that suppose-"

"It was stupid of you to…do something like that. I really wanted to, you know, knock some sense into you."

"I'm sorry."

Hajime sighed and dropped his hand.

"Satsuki," he whispered. "What am I going to do with you?"

Satsuki gave him an innocent smile before she touched her neck and pulled out the gold heart-shaped pendant.

"I wasn't going to throw this out," she mumbled.

"Well, at least you kept something," Hajime spoke.


"If your really sorry and want to make up for everything, then I know what you can do."

"What? What is it? I'll do anything!"

Hajime grinned and rested his elbow on the bed as he wrapped one arm around her waist.

"You never gave your underwear."

Satsuki punched Hajime, but it was too weak to do any real damage. Nonetheless, Hajime pulled his arm away. She crossed her arms and stubbornly turned her head away.

"Seriously though, it's me who should be asking for forgiveness," Hajime muttered.

Satsuki's eyes softened and she placed her hand on his head.

"Hajime," she whispered as she entangled her fingers in his thick hair. "I forgive you."

Hajime grasped the sheets and looked away. A couple seconds later, he sat on the bed and leaned dangerously close to her.

"You really forgive me?" he asked.



"…I don't know…"

Hajime smirked and pressed his forehead against her own.

"I think you do," he whispered.

"Do I really?" Satsuki asked before she closed her eyes.

"Why don't you say it?"

"I think you should."

"Ladies first, though sometimes I wonder if you are one."

"Tell me and be a man. However, I understand that that may be a bit difficult for you since you seem to be missing a key element."

Hajime pulled away and scowled at her as she laughed at her own joke.

"Be a man huh?" he suddenly smirked.

He took her chin and pulled her close to his own face.

"I say," he began, "we should make our dreams come true."

"What dreams?" she asked.

"Have you seriously forgotten already?"

"I have no-"

Satsuki paused as she recalled Hajime leaning over her and staring deep into her eyes. They were all alone, and in the dark…alone…in robes…ready to…

"M-marriage!" Satsuki blurted.

"Seriously?" Hajime whined. "You're hanging around Momoko too much."

Satsuki rolled her eyes, but did not pull away.

"…I'll wait for you though," he muttered.

He made a face, but the longer Satsuki stared at him, the softer his features became.

"I love you," she whispered.

"Great!" Hajime beamed. "Now uh, I was a bit hazy, but I think there was a little something something going on between us right before Koihairaise attacked."

The red blushed smacked her face.

"R-really?" Satsuki peeped. "I…uh, don't seem to remember."

"Mind if I try to refresh our memory?"

"I don't know, you might try to take advantage of me."

"…yeah…what's your point?"

Satsuki rolled her eyes.

"You're a pervert."

"Again, what's your point?"

His forehead was resting against hers once again.

"Why should I trust you?" she whispered.

"Why shouldn't you?" he responded.

Lips grazed one another.

"…you're not Brad Pitt though. He was supposed to be in my dream too you know."

"I'm better."


They sat there for a couple moments, both of them lost in their own little worlds. Hajime gently pulled away and stroked her cheek.

"You talk too much," he smirked.

Satsuki, slowly opened her eyes then smiled.

"I know, you pervert," she replied. "What should we tell the others?"

"The truth; I saved your butt and your just so in love with me that I had no other but to ask you out."

"You didn't ask me out. You just kissed me."

"You kissed me first."

Satsuki smiled and put one finger on the top of her lip. Hajime sighed and smiled as well before he pulled her into his arms.

"Hey," he began. "I'll take care of you from now own. You want boyfriend? Well, now you got one."

"Lucky me."

"It's no use trying to hide your excitement; you've been waiting for a long time."

"Have not!"


"If that's the case, why didn't you make a move?"

"Uh…I'm kind of…I couldn't tell until I started to notice you."

"Notice me?!"

"Hey, hey, it's too early for fights. Let's just forgive, kiss and make out."

Satsuki rolled her eyes.

"I don't know what it is that draws me to you," she replied. "You're a jerk."

Hajime shrugged and pecked her forehead. Satsuki sighed, but cuddled up against him. She closed her eyes and listened to his steady heartbeat as his chest calmly rose and dropped. Hajime stroked her head and stared out the window. The skies were bright blue and the puffy clouds lightly flew by. It was a brisk day, but it was still nice enough to take a quick walk.



"Happy Valentine's Day."


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