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Sakura was panting, and as sweat trickled down the side of her neck, she gripped the kunai tighter. They had been at it for over an hour; it amazed her how much stamina the boys had. Despite her superiority in chakra control, she was nearly at her limit. Both boys, Sasuke and Naruto, had ditched their shirts long ago, skin gleaming in the afternoon sun as they danced around in a dangerous clash of power. She had opted to lose the thick leather gloves in the uncomfortable summer heat, which had resulted in several cracked and bleeding knuckles, but it was nothing she couldn't heal easily enough.

Naruto was laughing, something he seemed to do a lot since they'd had gotten Sasuke back. Sasuke was of course scowling, and it made her smile to see them acting so like themselves and happy.

"I won't lose to you anymore, Sasuke."

They exchanged quick blows and flew apart, skidding through the grass. Naruto's grin was wide and disheveled with the knowledge that he alone could outlast the both of them. It was when he grinned like that, that he liked to use his finishing blow. Not that one. He never wanted to use his Rasengan on a loved one again.

"Kage Bun—" It was the fourth round this fight, and while he could have unleashed hundreds of clones any single time, they all went easy on each other in sparring, despite what they might claim.

He paused when Sasuke and Sakura shared a look. Something was wrong, and in that moment he knew this time he was going to lose.

Naruto hit the ground hard enough to force the air from his lungs. He was choking and blind. He had been more than a little surprised when after tossing out his favorite taunt, "Sasuke, you couldn't even touch my forehead," Sakura had given a quick nod and set in on him at the same time. With her cooperation (betrayal) Sasuke had indeed been able to reach that goal and had unexpectedly used the opportunity to drag his forehead protector down over his eyes. A cheap shot, if you asked Naruto.

"Sasuke, you bastard, you're breaking the rules. You know it's every man for himself when we spar," he huffed in annoyance, twisting roughly against the boy's grip on his arm.

He was struggling but losing, as against the two of them, blind, and Sakura's overwhelming strength he was simply no match. Instinctively, he wanted to kick out, but stopped himself, afraid that he'd accidentally hit Sakura. It was frustrating, but he was exhausted, and finally they pinned him down. He lay there, panting and let the confusion wash over him as the reality of his situation set in. His arms were spread almost painfully wide apart, wrists bound to kunai staked in the ground on either side of him, a short length of rope keeping each out of reach from his outstretched fingers. In the following silence he could hear his heart pounding in his ears and had a moment to wonder if they had left him as some kind of joke. He could picture them off having giddy, celebratory sex for their cheap victory and gritted his teeth in response.

"We did it, Sasuke-kun."

Sakura's voice came out breathy, and he could barely stand it.

"Dammit, enough already. You had your fun." He strained against the ropes, jerking wildly but was unable to dislodge either kunai and in the end fell back defeated.

He started when Sasuke's deep voice answered beside his ear, "No. We're just getting started."

He felt their faces in such close proximity, and fought to keep from turning away. How dare Sasuke humiliate him in front of Sakura. His hand clenched, fist shaking under the strain. When he got free, he would—

"Sa-Saakura-chan, what—?"

She had begun to work her hands up the front of him, savoring the smoothness of his stomach beneath her palms, unable to hold back any longer. The uncertainty and pleading in his voice made her ache, the way his body had bucked beneath them having triggered her excitement. Yes, she could do this. She wanted to do this.

It was Sasuke who answered by pulling his forehead protector off to provide him with sight once more. "You've been pathetically awkward since you heard Sakura and me having sex that time," he half-scowled and glared down at him.

Naruto blinked a few times in the bright sunlight but refused to look at him, jaw set as he swallowed hard. It was true, but he didn't have to rub it in.

"But you're forgetting, Naruto; we're a team. A three man team."

Naruto looked to him then, surprise widening the features of his face and it was at that moment that Sakura's soft hands found the waist band to his pants.

He felt his breath come out in a hiss as her fingertips gingerly dipped below, sliding back and forth across his skin. If she kept going lower...

"Sakura-chan?" He squirmed despite his best efforts to remain still. The look she gave him made his face burn.

She didn't bother answering him, instead falling forward to spill across the front of him. She inhaled deeply, cheek pressed against his taut stomach and wanted to taste him. She started kissing a line down from his belly button, licking and sucking, nipping as she went. Soon she would be tasting more than his stomach, and the thought of him in her mouth made her whine against his skin.

He was shaking his head from side to side, face scrunched in a painful realization. "Wait. You don't—"

"Shut up, loser, and just enjoy it." Sasuke was impatient as always and looking more than a little disgruntled with the whole situation.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and seethed, "Sasuke, you bastard, don't you get it? I don't want your charity."

Which wasn't true at all. If Sakura wanted to pity screw him, he was more than willing. Just not with the asshole Uchiha watching.

Naruto twisted against the ropes, face red with anger and other things. Sasuke grabbed his chin hard enough to bruise and jerked his face to look at him. He was leaning in, undoubtedly to threaten him so Sakura couldn't hear, so blue eyes widened in surprise and he jerked, a small sound of protest caught in the back of his throat, when Sasuke forced his lips suddenly against his. Sasuke was kissing him almost painfully hard, silently insistent not to pull away, and when he parted his lips to complain, he felt the warm wetness of tongue. The kiss was sloppy and overly invasive at first, but something about the sensation of it coupled with the feel of Sakura's hot mouth over his skin made him return the gesture. He was silent when Sasuke finally pulled away, realizing that Sakura was watching them with a little half-smile.

Sasuke was near blushing as he explained, "I'm not sharing Sakura unless she shares you."

Before Naruto could retort, Sakura rose up to her knees and peeled her tank-top off over her head, revealing her fishnet undergarments. He took in the sight of her pert breasts hidden behind a solid band of cloth and barely held in place before she discarded the undergarment as well. She grinned at him before turning a hungry look to Sasuke who responded by licking his thumb and reached out to give her nipple a quick flick. She "mmm"-ed approvingly, and then he moved behind her, one hand snaking up her bare back, the other kneading the same breast as she slipped out of her shorts, leaving only the slitted mini-skirt and her knee-high boots on.

Naruto watched in silence as she dipped her head back to allow Sasuke access to the delicate nape of her neck. He bit and licked at the area playfully, dark eyes observing Naruto as his lips closed over her skin. She leaned back against his chest and whined while his hand twisted her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He broke his mouth away, his hand sliding up her back to grip the area which now displayed his mark before pushing her forward. She complied without protest, pressing her hands to the inside of Naruto's thighs as she began mouthing the fabric of his pants where it stretched achingly tight. Sasuke then shot Naruto a determined look and moved back to his side, slipping his hand through the boy's golden locks to wrench his head back as he leaned in to lick and nip at his ear. Naruto let out a cry of protest which suspiciously sounded like a whimper.

"What's the matter, dead last. The technique for untying ropes is a basic."

Sakura giggled, the vibration of her lips almost unbearable. "Don't you wish you had paid more attention in class?" Her palm teased over him as she finished, "Hmm?"

His face was burning, but he found it difficult to keep his eyes open long enough to glare at the bastard for toying with him. "I–nmm–Sa—"

He gasped at the feel of Sasuke's tongue on his skin as it made slow deliberate circles around his nipple, the tip flicking back and forth over the slick area teasingly while Sasuke reached over with his other hand to scrape his fingernails lightly over his other nipple. Now that Sasuke was more comfortable with the whole idea and sure that Naruto wasn't going to cry rape or try to murder them later, he could take his time and think about what he was doing and what he wanted to do. Or rather, he wasn't sure what the hell he was doing, but he could at least try some of the things he knew Sakura liked. A body was just a body right? But kissing Naruto had felt very different from what he was used to. He wanted to try it again, but not before he had eased the boy into it. His pleasure was their primary goal, after all. He loosened his hold on Naruto's hair and slid his fingers gently down the side of his neck to linger on his collarbone.

Sakura's hands gripped the waistband of Naruto's pants on either side of his hips now, and he thought briefly about resisting. But embarrassingly Sasuke's attentions felt good, and Sakura could just rip his pants off with her superhuman strength anyway, if she was that damned determined. So when she started to tug, he was only a little surprised that he lifted his hips off the ground to assist her. She yanked in one fluid motion, and he was spilling out into the warm afternoon air, fighting the urge to look away from embarrassment. He swallowed hard, his breath coming quicker as her fingertips just barely brushed the length of him, her expression at the sight of him making him hot.


Sasuke had worked his way along his collarbone and was nuzzling his face in the crook of his neck, having left a cool trail of saliva up his heated chest.

"You're hot to the touch, Naruto."

She bent down to blow across him, risking a small lick before plunging him into her mouth completely. He would have cried out, but for a second time Sasuke stole his lips. This kiss was deeper, full of passion and lust, nipping and licking and clinking of teeth. Naruto whined into his mouth and found himself excited at the muffled sound of it. His tongue was trapped between Sasuke's teeth, who increased the pressure of his bite playfully until Naruto whined again. When Sasuke finally broke away, his lips were as pink and swollen as Naruto's felt.

Naruto watched him with a languid grin and tried not to jerk from Sakura's attentions as he awkwardly tried to offer, "Wanna, you know...?"

He felt his back arch and closed his eyes for a minute, letting out the groan that had been building in his chest. When he opened them, Sasuke had slipped open the front of his pants and was watching Naruto carefully, his eyes dark with need, nearly frowning as if just the site of him was enough to scare Naruto into changing his mind. It was and nearly did, after all what the hell was he thinking, but instead he replied with a jerk of his head, "You'd better hurry, I can't last much longer."

He laugh-moaned and closed his eyes again.

Ironic, Sasuke thought, coming from the stamina freak. He shot Naruto a look that he couldn't see which pleaded are you sure? but didn't wait to be told twice.

Sakura's hands and mouth had left Naruto completely when Sasuke steadied his knees on either side of his face, leaving him straining and feeling doubtful about his agreement or willpower to do this, but then he felt her steady him against her warm, wetness and gasped when she buried him suddenly inside of her. Sasuke took it as an opportunity and chose to bury himself as well, causing Naruto to cry out in a pleasured but muffled protest, his cheeks burning at the situation. Sakura had already found her rhythm, making him writhe as she bounced on an off of him, panting and crying out herself finally while Sasuke forced himself to start slow, just a few inches at a time. Naruto was trying to hold out for both of them, but when Sakura screamed and bit into Sasuke's shoulder, the sensation of it sent him over the edge. It was several more minutes before Sasuke was able to follow; he turned his face to the side to kiss Sakura and melted back into her arms as both of them slipped onto the ground at Naruto's side.

Sakura moved to bend over Naruto and kissed him lightly, chastely, once. She brushed her thumb across the line of his jaw and pulled back some to look into his eyes.

"We love you, Naruto."

Sasuke cut the ropes and pocketed the kunai, having already slipped back into his pants. He offered a hand to Naruto and while looking away, said, "Come on. Let's go get cleaned up."

Sakura grinned at Sasuke, triumph gleaming in her eyes as they all slipped back into their clothes, and then the three of them headed into town, Sakura leading her boys by the hand.