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When they reached the outskirts of the city, Naruto pulled away.

Neither Sakura or Sasuke noticed at first, subconsciously falling into step closer to each other until they were several feet ahead, finally meeting the crossroads where normally they would separate. Sasuke stopped finally, and Sakura turned around to shoot Naruto a quizzical stare, arm intertwining with Sasuke's to pull herself even closer. Naruto forced a laugh—softer, weaker than he had intended—at Sasuke's back and slid his palm across the back of his neck, falling into his habitual response to any and all painful situations. He scratched the back of his scalp and with another "heh," offered, "Well, this is where I split."

He was referring to the fact that his dingy, single-bedroom apartment was located in the government housing section of Konoha, a seedier, more run down aspect to the great fire village—though he wasn't complaining—where as the abandoned yet still lavish manors within the Uchiha compound were effectively in the opposite direction. And while Sakura's working class, middle income household was located not far between the two, it was no secret that she'd taken to sleeping at Sasuke's within the past couple months.

"Naruto . . ."

Sakura's voice held a tinge of regret, and he couldn't stand to see the pity in her eyes. He didn't want that, not from her.

"Idiot." Sasuke glanced over his shoulder finally, and his eyes were nothing but familiar heartlessness.

Naruto looked down and let his hand drop, for once wilting under Sasuke's unforgiving gaze.

"Don't you get it? You're with us now."

Naruto's blue eyes shot up, widening in surprise, any retort he had planned caught in the back of his throat, and Sakura was still looking at him with those sad eyes, but a small smile had piqued the corners of her mouth. He had always expected her to choose Sasuke, always known he wasn't good enough compared to him (or most anyone else for that matter since they were normal and he was . . . whatever he was with his whisker-marked cheeks and his demonic chakra and the silent disapproval of the entire village), but he hadn't thought she could or would choose both of them. The idea was strange to him, but it wasn't just that. She wasn't the only one of the two who seemed to want him or at least want to want him if Sasuke's awkward acceptance of the situation was any indication, and he realized that he wanted both of them, too—wanted to feel their skin pressed against his, to feel desired and needed and loved by the two people who meant the most to him in the world, who he would throw his life away for in a heartbeat, no questions asked.

So he lurched forward finally, guarded somewhat from the fear of rejection still circling around in the back of his mind taunting him any moment now as one foot shuffled slowly before the other until he was within arms reach of the two.

Sasuke bunched his hand in the material of his jacket, pulling him the rest of the way until their bodies nearly touched and said, "You're going to make Sakura sad if you keep acting this way, dumbass."

"Sorry, Sakura-chan," he gasped almost painfully as he was subtly slipped between them, and with each of them grasping an arm Sakura leaned in to kiss him.

He offered a fleeting smile as she pulled away, and he re-opened his eyes, missing the feel of her lips against his.

"Are you sure?"

Neither of them answered, instead starting forward in the direction of the Uchiha compound, pulling him along between them like there was no question about it, like it was just meant to be.

But Naruto wasn't so sure.

It was the first time Naruto had ever seen inside Sasuke's house, so he looked around wide-eyed even in the dark. Sasuke had left his side, disappearing into the shadows for the light switch, but Sakura was still there, a firm weight and warm against him so he let himself relax a little at the idea of being welcome here. The lights hummed to life, and he saw that the place was mostly bare with wood floors and plastered walls which didn't really surprise him. Sasuke continued down the hallway in silence, and Sakura jerked forward after him so he moved his feet, too.

They ended up in the living room, Sakura pulling him down beside her as she plopped comfortably onto the couch while Sasuke continued on to light the fire under the tub.

They sat in silence for a minute before Naruto again tried, "Are you sure. . ." but couldn't bring himself to finish the thought.

She turned to him, eyes serious as she studied his face and untangled her arms from his. She looked as if she wanted to tell him something, but Sasuke returned then and her eyes fluttered away.

"Come on," he said, brushing his knuckles lightly over her shoulder.

Sakura nodded and followed, leaving Naruto to decide for himself if he wanted to accompany them this far. Sasuke shot him a look which could have been curiosity or longing, but he just wasn't sure. After a pause he got up and followed as well. He had come this far hadn't he? He damn sure wasn't going to be left out now.

They were in the bedroom, undressing each other, and Naruto couldn't help but stare. Earlier Sakura had stripped for him but not fully, and too many things had been going on for him to fully enjoy the sight. He drank in the image of her, all soft curves and milky skin, like he'd never see it again. He wanted to remember this later when he was alone in his apartment and only had his hands. Then with more subtle glances, he noticed Sasuke's pale angles and hipbones, too.

They finished with a kiss, and Sakura turned toward him, moving closer to run her hands over the front of his jacket.

She pulled his zipper down slowly and slid the jacket off over his shoulders. She continued, gliding her palms up the smooth sides of him, feeling the muscles just under his skin and marveling at how warm he was beneath her touch. He lifted his arms in compliance, and she finished by tugging the shirt over his head. He slipped one hand behind her, pulling her closer, wanting to feel the press of her bare skin against his, and she undid his pants, pushing them down over his hips. Her actions were slow and sensual, and it made him want to hold her, press his face into her neck and breath her in. Sasuke padded by, shooting them both a glare before continuing down the hall to the washroom. Sakura grinned, letting his pants fall to the floor and followed after the dark-haired boy. Naruto kicked out of his pants and pulled off his shoes hastily, the last article remaining, his forehead protector. He pulled it off slowly and stared for a few minutes as he turned it in his hands, finally setting it on the bed.

He sighed and followed after the two with a mumbled, "What the hell am I getting myself into?"

Both of his teammates were already soaking in the spacious wooden tub, and he felt awkward as he climbed in, splashing water over the side in his less than graceful efforts, both of them watching with half-amused smiles. Sakura's eyes were light and teasing where she sat in Sasuke's lap, held back against his chest where his arms wrapped around her waist. Sasuke's looked thoughtful and possessive but mostly unreadable, and Naruto would have given anything to know what he was thinking at that moment. Sakura seemed to be the only one without second thoughts but somehow that didn't surprise him as she was probably getting the best of both worlds in the deal. What he did wonder about was why she'd even want to sleep with him when she had Sasuke, the boy she had pined over since she was eight. And all he seemed capable of doing was annoying her with his over enthusiasm and general recklessness. His eyes must have betrayed him because both their looks changed sharply.

"What the hell's the matter with you, loser?"

Which was Sasuke's way of showing that he cared.

Sakura frowned and pulled away to move closer to Naruto who had chosen the opposite side of the tub to try to relax in. "We didn't mean to make you sadder, Naruto. We were just trying to help."

He forced a smile, wide and painful as he interjected, "What? I'm—"

She used that moment to capture his lips, a slick hand rising to cup the side of his face. He let her kiss him, allowed her to part his lips and explore the inside of his mouth, feel the pain and hurt he had hidden away, stored in silence all those years. He melted somewhat against her, returned the kiss just as she pulled away and opening his eyes saw Sasuke watching them in his still silence from the other side of the tub. Oh God, Sasuke was going to kill him. He felt a whine hitch in his throat and closed his eyes wanting to be anywhere but there at that exact moment. Sakura was pulling him, leading him by the wrist and he wanted to shake his head, beg her to stop, but he had never been any good at resisting the pink-haired ninja so he let himself be dragged through the water closer to his teammate and rival who would probably drown him once he got there. It was one thing for Sakura to fuck him, use him for her own pleasure as Sasuke too had used him, but it was another for her to love him, kiss him in the way she should only feel for Sasuke. Not that he thought Sakura actually loved him (as anything more than a teammate and companion), but God that kiss could make him wonder things if he didn't know better.

Sakura's hands—tiny compared to his own, he'd noticed—were on either shoulder, turning him in the warm water and pushing him back, and suddenly he bumped into the hard line of a chest. His eyes shot open as he felt something else press into the back of him, and his face burned suddenly at the implication. Sasuke's slender arms had already snaked around him, crossed over his chest and pinned him into place as the boy leaned forward to lick at his neck. Sakura had come to settle between his legs, one hand on either knee as she leaned into him and again kissed his lips.

Sasuke's breath came hot just behind his ear as the boy whispered, "Sometimes you're stupider than I thought you were."

Naruto "mmm"-ed into Sakura's mouth as Sasuke's tongue graced the edge of his earlobe. He reached out to press his palm over Sakura's breast, lifting and rolling it beneath his wet hand, rubbing his thumb over the nipple, but it wasn't enough. He wanted to taste it, feel the suppleness in his mouth and pleasure her with his tongue so he pulled away, kissing a line down her body until he could flick the tip of his tongue across her nipple and sucking, draw it into his mouth.

Her skin was a little bit salty from the sweat and bath water, but he liked it, finally knowing what she tasted like, what she felt like. He worked her nipple lightly between his teeth and grinned when she gasped in response. His hand found the intersection of her thighs beneath the water, and she leaned into him when he crushed his palm against her, rubbing wide circles even as his fingers teased her.

"Mmm-hmm," she encouraged, spreading her legs and gripping his shoulder as she kissed Sasuke above his head.

When she arched against him, he knew she had come, and satisfied, pulled back to look at her. Her cheeks were flushed from the excitement and heat of the water, and she was smiling at him. He found himself grinning in return. He had done that. He had made her feel good, and if anything he was happy to know that he could earn his keep. He didn't mind the idea of it, the thought that he could somehow fit into their relationship as pleasure source for the both of them.

So he was surprised when she thanked him.

He felt a heat rise to his own cheeks and glanced to the side as he answered, "You don't have to say that, Sakura-chan."

Sakura frowned in response and grabbing the nearest bar of soap, replied, "I want to."

There was something else Naruto wanted to do, but it was a little more embarrassing and less easy to explain away. He glanced behind him to Sasuke, wondering if it would be better to fumble through asking or just grab for it, when Sakura took his hand and guided it into place beneath the water.

Both boy's faces flushed in response, but maybe it was just the heat of the water. Naruto didn't pull his hand away and Sasuke didn't verbally protest, and then Sakura's soapy fingers were rubbing over Naruto's nipples causing him to tighten his grip in response. Sasuke choked on a small noise and Naruto gave an experimental pump before the slightest of grins broke out across his face.

"You bastard," Sasuke breathed. "You better not tease."