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Strapped down; being grilled for questions that I didn't know the answer to by people I've never seen before; having to talk about the deaths of my friends would probably gain the full attention of most people but I couldn't focus on them, I couldn't deal with what they were saying.

But it wasn't that they were asking the questions that was the problem; it was the voice in my head, my own voice that was tormenting me, questioning my very soul. 'Would I kill to save myself?' That had already been answered, wandering through the corridors of the ship felt like hell, every time I turned a corner I felt that I would die or take my own life. I'm a strong person, I have the will to fight when life gets me down but stronger people than me were failing for what seemed like no reason at all.

'Will I adhere to the plan?' This one is a little different because I don't know what the plan is. All I know is that it is there, buried deep inside my brain and that it is edging ever closer, becoming ever clearer. The voice begins to ask it louder and it's tantalizingly within my reach.

'Will I adhere to the plan?' So close but so far away still and I know that my answer is waiting for me. Then a thought strikes me, it wants me to agree. It doesn't want me to know what the question is because I'll refuse it.

But the answer is so close.

She's still talking to me and I feel like I could snap, and that if I was free from the binds that I would attack her, make her be quiet so that I could focus on what was important, trying to find out the answer.

'Will I adhere to the plan?' It should be easy enough to say no. If I don't want to do something then I shouldn't have to do it but I need to know what the plan is. I need to know it more than I've ever needed to know anything in my life.

No matter what the cost is, I need to know the answer.

'Yes.' I blink a few times as the plan unfolds before me, seeming horrific at first but then changing, becoming beautiful and amazing, becoming the end to every question I've ever asked.

Still I try to fight, try to say that I want out of the plan. That I won't adhere anymore but in my heart of hearts I know that it isn't long before my soul will be destroyed.