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Summary- Hinata starts a new school, but finds out not everything will go and happen as smoothly. As she thought it could…Hinasasu. First Fic, so I need to know what you peeps want!

Leaving Impressions

I was in a daze looking out the car window, everywhere was packed, gossiping women here, hyper kids there and teens walking to school jabbering on about who knows what. Today was my first day at school and I wanted to make a good impression, but I couldn't help to think...

What if they didn't accept me?

What if I didn't fit in?

I shrugged the thoughts off while murmuring to myself 'deep breath, deep breaths'

The car started to stopped to a halt knocking me out of my thoughts. I peered outside to see a large popular not to mention very quiet at the moment school.

I took deep breaths as I nodded and said my thanks, I stood outside the car staring at the school then I let go of the breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Ah, Miss, your father told me to give you this"

I swivelled round and took the note he handed out through the window.

" Thanks..."I opened the letter hesitantly and read it...

Dear Hinata,

Do good at this new school and I will be expecting A's and e-mail me on how your doing

From your loving father

Hiashi Hyuuga.

I sighed, another 'get perfect scores' note, I waved to my driver then walked to the building entrance only

to be greeted by the principle smack on time, no I mean it literally since I was nervous I rushed in and

actually crashed into her...Woops...

" -Humph-" We said in unison as we fell to the marble floor,

"Oh My God, I'm so sorry" I blurted out not knowing what to say and how she'll respond.

" Its OK I guess you weren't expecting me to walk through the doors to greet you since I did say I'll meet you by the entrance"

She joked half-heartedly.

"I'm so sorry" I held out my hand supposedly as a gesture to help her up, but in the end only to struggle with her weight. We managed to get her up in the end.

Good going Hinata you made the best impression with your head teacher, she probably thinks you're the most 'anti-clumsy' girl in the school, good job.

" Well the welcoming wasn't as planned but any how welcome to Konoha High!" She lifted her arms enthusiastically pointing in random directions "And I hope you have a great time here, Ta ta! I got paper work to do..." Then Before you know it She was gone like a flash.

I twitched then sighed, the corridors weren't as crowded as they would be. So now was the best time to find my room.

I was so into my map I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into someone, I braced myself to hit the marble floor yet again, only to not even hit the ground, I cracked open one eye only to see a Raven haired Guy with slick hair and onyx eyes

which you can melt in and get lost in forever. He had a god like face and even though I didn't find him my type I couldn't help notice His body was well toned and he was wearing a Black T-Shirt with some sort of graffiti like text saying 'I Pwned you'

"You comfortable down there 'cause you just been staring at my shirt for a while" The voice snapped my out of my daze

" Oh yeah, I'm so sorry about that" I stood up quickly "Oh and I love your top its uh...Fascinating" I picked up my map and was about to leave but stopped quickly and turned to face him again, "Thanks and I gotta go find where my room is, bye"

I walked off clutching the map, how can I be so clumsy!? Suddenly some muscular hand got hold of me around my wrist, I turned to see the raven head looking deep in though then he looked at me with that soul stealing gaze,

" Hey what's your name?"

"Um...Hinata Hyuuga, yours?" I answered casually.

"Sasuke Uchiha" He nodded, " Well cya."

I walked off again and found my dorm, I used my keys and opened the door the room wasn't too big or too small it was big enough for two.

I groaned and sprawled onto my bed. I had been soooooo clumsy! God dammit I wish I was more confident and wasn't so nervous that I rushed in and knocked over me and the head teacher. Soon I was swallowed up by deep slumber...

-FWUMP!!!- I was awoke by a loud thud

"Hey I'm...Wait why the hell is my room mate a girl?!"

"...!?" I just sat there gaping.

Hinata: Whats going on?

Seharr: Wait and see...

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