Hinata: I feel loved

Naruto: Why?

Hinata: I felt like saying that.

Lee: Yosh! Sarah Does not own the youthfulness of Naruto!

Everyone: When did you get here!?

Lee: Yosh, I came through the door!

Some random person: Lee I'm your number one fan

Lee: I am blessed with a fangirl of youthfulness and beauty!

Leaving impressions


"Hmm, we'll see about that…" he let all his weight press against me and God it hurts, then he leaned forward a bit then was about to slip his hand down my top when I saw him doing this a screamed and he didn't have any hands to use to stop me so he crashed his lips on mine to shut me up 'quiet' he mouthed I still struggled and tried to scream when suddenly someone opened the door and looked in,

"Hey kaka—What the fuck is going on?!"

"He's a perv" I coolly stated while pointing at him.

"Well, you stole my book!"

"What book?" I innocently did the cutest puppy eyes in the world and Kurenai did a face showing 'awwwww' Kakshi just blinked.

"Stop accusing girls, you probably lost it!"

"Yeah stop blaming me! I don't have any book!" I was glad the book was tucked tight or it would have fallen out and that would have been very awkward.

"Bless the poor girl getting harassed and much more importantly you had your hand half way down her top!"

"She stole my book!" Kakashi whined

"Well I better go get my books ready for school later, bye!" I quickly charged out the door and when I got to my Dorm I headed in and sat on my bed, I think Gaara isn't here so I'll go take a shower. I took my clothes off then got a towel and walked into the bathroom, I turned the tap on and once the bath was filled I slipped in and it felt like luxury, the water heating my senses and without noticing I dozed off while in the bath, steam soon made the whole place misty so it was more like a hot spring…

I was woken by a nose of something falling into the bathtub I slowly and quietly moved a bit then looked to see what haad fallen into the bath tub. It was the shampoo, I slid across the bath (It's a big big bath you know!) And was about to pick it up when a arm got in the way, stupid arm was going to hit it but then the thought hit me, What is another persons arm doing in the bath tub, I slowly followed the arm as it picked the shampoo up and watch it set aside a muscular hot torso…Wait theres someone else in here, whoever it was didn't notice me on the other side of the bath, I looked up and the first thing that caught my eye was red, red hair? Oh Gaara was here.

"Eek!" I squeeked from surprise something was pulling my leg, he then pulled my leg till I was in his eye sight then he had an surprised expression on his face,

"I thought you were someone else who sneeked into the bath" He still had his surprised expression while saying that.

"Well just so you know I was in here first!" I pouted. (Gee she does that a lot!)

"Why don't we share the bath then?"

"I'd rather be by myself"

"Suit yourself then." He nudged me and I slipped under the water.

"Hey" I splashed him

"Want war!?"


Then a war of water splashing took place in the huge bath, thank god we still had towels on. Wait he did, I took mine off thinking no one was here…

"Turn around while I get a towel."

"Okay" He turned around and as soon as my back was to him and I was half way out I slipped and fell on top of him.

"Oomph" I squirmed to get up and he helped me up, "Sorry…" I murmered.

"Its okay there was some good about you falling on me"

"Like what" I raised and eyebrow

"Well you didn't crack your head open on the metal sides and…"

"And what?"

"I get a good shot at you!" I just simply stared at him until he showed me what he meant he threw a bucket of water on me and I slipped into his arms.

"That wasn't nice!" I prodded him then I remembered the situation we where in, itried to get up but kept slipping.

"Here" He helped me out and then he got out too and dried himself off then went and got changed while I got changed over my bed. I blushed at what happened moments ago, I got too carried away in the game that I become my 7 year old self again, instead of my 17 year old me.

"Hey come here," I heard Gaara's voice call.

"Coming" I bobbed my head round the corner and saw him get something out of the draw,

"I found this in your top…" I blushed a deep red and grabbed the book out his hand, "I didn't know you where into those kinds of thing—"

"I'm not!" I sat down on the floor in my baggy oversized shirt, " I pinched it from Kakashi to annoy him.

"How come he couldn't get it back he is skilful"

I just smiled menacingly "I put it down my top so he couldn't get it!"

"Heh, I bet he tried"

"He did"

"Lucky guy" He said to himself quietly


"Nothing nothing" He just dropped down onto the floor next to me and had that same poker face, then stared at me.

"Can I read the book?"

I just glared at him "No"

"Fine I'll entertain myself…" then without warning he tackled me to the ground.

"HEY!" A loud knock was heard from the door I quickly hid the book down my top again since I recognized the voice and slid under my covers and pretended to snooze.

"Stupid Kakashi…" Gaara opened the door then Kakashi rushed in and looked around,

"Where's my book Hina stole from me?"

"She shredded it…"

"No she hasn't" Kakashi stared a Gaara blankly.

I shuffled and moaned pretending to sleep then Kakashi immediately turned to look at my bed, he prodded my shoulder a few times then started to search my bed for the book, when he couldn't find it he sulked then walked out the room, Gaara sighed then locked the door.

I turned round to face him, "Thanks for saving me!"

"Yeah I know I'm great," He smirked I gulped at his intense gaze, "Now where we?"

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