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Chapter 7

"Where are you going tonight?" asked Kelsey teasingly as she entered her and Dana's quarters.

Dana was standing in front of a mirror in a pair of jeans and a light pink sweater. She was putting the finishing touches on her make-up. "Out." she answered with a grin.

Kelsey didn't like the cryptic answer and flopped on her bed, staring at the ceiling. "Out huh? And who would you be going out with?"

Dana was fixing her hair and a smiled. "A guy."

Kelsey sighed, but didn't pursue the identity of her date. "What are you and this mystery guy going to do?"

Dana sprayed some perfume on and then sat on her bed across from Kelsey. "Well we're going out to a movie and maybe, if it's not too late, check out the carnival by the pier."

Kelsey shot up into a sitting position. "What do you mean if it's not too late? You missy are going to stay out past midnight or there will be hell to pay."

Dana put up her hands in surrender, "Okay if you insist."

Kelsey laughed. "I do. Now get going or I'll kick your butt."

Dana grabbed her jean jacket and waved from the door. "Bye Kelsey."

"Have fun." she said and the door shut.


Carter walked down the corridors of the base straightening up his leather Mariner Bay Firefighter jacket. He was adjusting the collar of his deep red button up shirt when Joel came around the corner.

"Well, look whose all spiffy tonight." he said cheerfully while falling into step beside Carter. "Going on a hot date?"

Carter chuckled. "You can say that."

"Let me guess…" he said closing his eyes and feigning concentration. "One of those nurses from the hospital."

Carter smiled at the memory of Dana lying in the bed next to his at the hospital. "I guess you can say that."

"Hotdog! I knew it. You are pretty slick my friend." he said, clapping Carter on the back. "You have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do." He winked and took off down another corridor.

Carter shook his head and continued down the corridor to the garage. When he approached his red convertible, Dana was already leaning up against his car. He faltered in his step when he saw what she was wearing. Her light blue jeans hugged her legs nicely until they slightly flared out the bottom to black shoes. Her light sweater showed her curves perfectly and the jean jacket made her even more striking. Some of her hair was pulled back by a hair clip revealing all of her face. She smiled and his heart slammed in his chest. "Dana…Wow, you…you look great." he stammered.

She blushed at the compliment, her cheeks taking on a pink glow. "Thanks, you look pretty good yourself." She really liked the dark red button up shirt with the collar of a white t-shirt just above the top button. He had dark jeans on and his usual black shoes, but what really complimented the entire outfit was the leather jacket which she's never seen before.

"Shall we get going?" he said with a smirk. He moved past her and opened the passenger door of his car. She smiled at sat in the passenger seat and allowed him to shut the door. He slid into the driver's side seat and started the car, then drove out of the underground garage.


Carter inhaled the salty sea air and his smile broadened when there was no pain from his ribs any more. They were walking barefoot on the beach at night with the faint sounds of the carnival drifting from a distance. It was the perfect night, even with the movie they planned to see being sold out. He looked at Dana as she finished off her ice cream and wondered why such an amazing girl had any interest in him. He couldn't help the smile slowly growing feeling like he was the luckiest guy on Earth because she did.

Dana ate the last of her cone and turned to Carter, who had a grin on his face. At first she thought there was ice cream on her face, but there was none. "What is it?" she asked.

"I was just thinking how lucky I am to be out with you on this beautiful night."

Dana blushed. "I think we're both lucky." she said wrapping her arm around Carter's and resting her head against his shoulder.

They both enjoyed the comfortable silence while walking along the beach, until a screaming was heard in the distance. They both turned to the scream and found it was coming from the direction of the carnival. They saw an explosion and ran to the carnival. They shouted, "Lightspeed Rescue!"

The red and pink rangers arrived at the pier to the sight of a large catlike monster with nine razor sharp tails. It turned to hiss at them and whipped its nine tails around, grabbing the two rangers and throwing them into one of the carnival stands. Both rangers stood back up, shaking their heads from the impact. They heard a high pitched scream and gasped when the monster stalked towards two young children, who were hidden among some crates.

"Dana, get those kids to safety while I keep the monster busy." he ordered.

"Okay," she said with a quick nod, "But be careful."

"I will." he said and charged the monster, throwing them both off balance and into another stand. They both stood and began to fight.

Dana ran to the children. "Come on kids, time to get you back to your parents." she said, picking up the girl and grabbing the boy's hand. She found a crowd of people and passed them off to their mother. She turned back just to see the monster and Carter fall off the pier. "Carter!" she yelled, running to the side of the pier. Her heart leapt to her throat as she thought the worst. The scene of him lying at the docks unmoving became clear in her mind as if it were just yesterday. She looked over the edge and saw both Carter and the monster unmoving on the rocks as waves crashed into them both again. Carter was still morphed, but the lack of movement still scared her. Without thinking of her own safety, she jumped the side of the pier and landed awkwardly on the rocks below. She climbed to Carter's side as another wave crashed down. "Carter!" she called. She didn't see any movement, but heard a groan. The breath she was holding was released when she saw him begin to stir.

Carter slowly sat up with the help of Dana. He rubbed the back of his helmet and groaned out a quiet, "Ow."

Dana resisted the urge to punch him in the arm. "Are you okay?" she asked instead. She helped him to his feet and he stumbled, hissing in pain.

"My knee hurts, but that's all." he said, thankful the helmet masked his wince. He and Dana navigated their way through the rocks until their feet touched the soft sand. There they met the rest of the rangers.

"Are you guys okay?" asked Chad.

"We're fine." said Dana stilling holding onto Carter's arm, draped over her shoulders.

"I hope your dates' understood." said Joel.

Both pink and red rangers smiled behind their helmets. Dana answered, "They understand."

Suddenly a thump was heard and the monster was standing behind them. "You'll all be destroyed!" it yelled. The monster shot its tails towards the rangers catching all six and throwing them against the pier.


The gurney rushed into the emergency with a semi conscious Carter Grayson lying on it. His leg was in a splint and his head was leaning against an ice pack on the pillow. Dana was jogging alongside it with her arm cradled to her chest. Carter looked at Dana with unfocussed eyes. "…sorry." he slurred.

"What?" she asked; barely catching the mumbled word.

Carter blinked hard to try and focus on her. "About…date."

She smiled at him, "There'll be plenty more."

"Really?" he asked, surprised at her statement.

Dana fought back a giggle, "Of course there will be more, you big jerk. I did have fun tonight."

Carter smiled and squeezed her uninjured hand. "I had fun too." They both smiled at each other and Carter was wheeled away to x-rays. Before he was pushed into the room a woman's voice caught his attention.

"What am I going to do with you, Mr. Grayson." said Dr. Stevenson as she walked up to the gurney. "You can't stay out of trouble for one minute can you?" She looked over his chart quickly and eyed him like she did before. All he could do was smile apologetically and shrug. She fought against a smile, "I'll see you after your x-rays." Then she left never hearing the muffled groan as he sank further in the gurney.


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