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I know, I know - I already have a one-shot collection. So, you might ask, why in the heck am I starting another one? Hmm ... well, I have begun this collection so I can put up all my fluffy, pointless stuff up. : D For all those people who don't like my depressing stuff, I give you this so you don't have to shuffle through my mass amounts of stories to find something cute. Anyway ... here we go!

Name: Strawberry
Rating: PG
Genres: Romance/Humor
Summary: Rukia discovers Uno attack ... and drives Ichigo to the point of insanity.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or the characters.Thanks to CrystalRaindrop007 for Beta'ing!


Ichigo ground his teeth together, his pencil grasped so tightly in his hand he was afraid that he was going to break it. His eyes were boring into his Algebra paper, and he knew that if she didn't stop that right now, he was going to lose his mind. The noise assaulted his ears again and again and again.

Must ... not ... strangle ... midget ...

He finally lost it when she hit the button three times in a row, giggling when the cards flew all over the room.


Kuchiki Rukia did not giggle. She yelled, she screamed, punched, frowned, even spoke softly on occasion ... but she did not giggle. Yet as the sound floated through the room again followed by her quiet laugh, Ichigo was sure that he put it in the category of giggle. Then she pressed the button again. And again. And then ... silence. But she was just reloading the cards. Then she was back at it.

"Rukia!" he yelled, dropping his pencil as he stood up from his desk and clenched his fists as the legs of the chair scraped against the floor.

"Hmm?" she asked, looking up innocently as she kicked her legs back and forth in the air; she was laying on her stomach again. Ichigo walked over and put his foot on her hand, making it impossible to press the button that would send cards all across the room. She frowned and tried to pull her hand back, but he only stepped on it harder. She yelled, "Get off, fool! That hurts!"

"Stop pressing that button!"


She reached out her free hand and pressed the button again, watching as the cards flew out and hit Ichigo's leg. She smiled and sat up, reaching out with both her legs to kick him. Her small, bare feet both made contact with his knees and, with a yell and a few very colorful words, Ichigo fell backward.

"So fun."

The cards didn't come out until she had pressed it about three times, but when they did, at least five flew all over Ichigo's carpet. He sat up and crossed his arms over his chest, frowning at her.

"Play with me, Ichigo," she said, gathering all the cards together and sticking them inside the bright yellow and red game. Ichigo shook his head, standing to his feet.

"Nuh uh. I have homework to do- "

He was cut off as she pressed that button again. His teeth were pressed so tightly together, he swore he could feel them beginning to turn to powder.

"And stop pressing that freaking button!"

She pressed it again anyway. Ichigo dropped down at his desk again, taking his pencil and beginning to work out another problem. He would ignore it ... he could ignore it ... he freaking couldn't ignore it ...

His pencil snapped in his hand and he looked down, surprised, as the two pieces fell upon his paper. Oh, she was going to pay. But when he turned around to yell at her, he stopped. She was laying on the floor, her light brown skirt riding a little up her legs every time she kicked her legs back and forth. It was never too far, and it always fell back in place. Her light pink sweater was pressed tightly around her body because of the position that she was laying in, and her soft black hair framed her face perfectly as she held her head in her hands in order to stare at the game, Uno Attack, better. As he continued to stare into her eyes and the happy glow they held, he sighed and walked over, sitting down on the floor.

"What is so interesting about watching cards fly around the room?" he asked. Maybe, just in order to make her stop it, he would play one game with her. Just one.

"I never saw anything like this in Soul Society. How does it work? Who throws the cards? Are there tiny people in there or something?"

Ichigo sighed and rolled his eyes.

"No, no tiny people, pee-brain."

Rukia glared at him and threw a small pile of cards in his face. They fell down, some stopping on his nose for a few seconds, and a few even stuck in his bright orange hair. He had began to remove them when Rukia decided that watching Ichigo being pelted with cards was more fun than watching them spit out of the machine; she threw another pile at him.

"Rukia!" Ichigo yelled, pulling the new cards from his hair and from the floor. Rukia laughed and threw another pile at him, and, deciding that throwing back was easier than trying to make her stop, Ichigo took the pile in his hands and let them fly all over her. She squeaked and jumped away from him, her eyes wide. He smirked.

"There. I feel better no-"

He was stopped when more cards, this time three-fourths of the deck, came and met him straight in the face. Spitting one out of his mouth, he shuffled them together hurriedly and chased after her, for she had already jumped to her feet and was running for the cover of her closet.

More squeaks followed when Ichigo grabbed the back of her sweater, pulled it a little, and dropped every single one of the cards that he held down her shirt. She glared at him in between desperate attempts to remove the cards from her clothing. Ichigo was laughing as he watched her hop like a chicken, and failed to notice that she had grabbed the extra deck of cards.

"Die, Strawberry!"

If Ichigo could have squeaked, that was what he would have done as he opened his eyes just in time to see Rukia, a slightly crazed look in her eyes, ready to pounce. He felt himself fall backward and Rukia landed on top of him. He was breathing heavily when he realized what position they were in. Rukia was smirking down at him, her elbows in his chest as she rested her head in her hands.

"Um... Rukia ... I, ah ..."

He couldn't form a sentence, much less piece his thoughts together enough to push her off.

"Hmm, Ichigo?" she asked, a soft tone to her voice, though slightly mischievous.

"Um ... you're ... sitting o-on top of me."

"Yup. What of it?"

When she started leaning closer to him, Ichigo's heart sped up. She wasn't ... was she? No, she wasn't going to kiss him ... right? His brain was telling him to just reach up about half an inch and close the gap while the body on top of him was telling him different.

After planting a tiny kiss on his lips, Rukia reached behind her and took the pile of cards into her hands, then stuffed them in Ichigo's gaping mouth.

"I win, Strawberry."

I have no clue, whatsoever, at all where that came from. O.o

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