Jonas had thought Sam was joking…

Ring-ring. Ring-ring.

Jonas lifted his head slightly from the pillow, wondering blearily where the irritating noise that had woken him up was coming from.

Ring-ring. Ring-ring.

It was really irritating, and really loud. Jonas knew he'd heard it before, somewhere…

Ring-ring. Ring-ring.

Jonas sat up a little more, still half asleep, blinking stupidly in the pitch-black darkness of his room. The phone was still ringing, still really irritating and still really loud. Jonas rubbed his jaw with his hand, when suddenly the thoughts he had just had actually registered with his sleepy brain.

The phone.

Jonas scrambled across his bed to the phone, picking it up mid-ring.


"Finally. Tell me you weren't still asleep."

Jonas mentally kicked himself. Colonel O'Neill already thought that he wasn't up to the challenge of SG-1, and now he'd caught him sleeping in late. He glanced at the illuminated alarm clock next to his phone and felt a bit indignant. It was 4:56 am. Still asleep?

Well, might as well take the plunge…

"Er, yeah. Sorry, but this is really early to me."

"Well, you're not military. You'd better get used to it though."

Jonas logged that bit of information in his mind for future reference, and also made a note never to sleep in 'late' if there was a chance that the Colonel would find out.

"Anyway, it's my turn to phone round today. We're gonna wear green."

Jonas dragged his mind back to the conversation, suddenly very confused. Green? What was he talking about?


"Green, Jonas. It's a colour. We're wearing the green fatigues today. Carter said she'd explained this to you."

Jonas' memory flashed back to the other day when Major Carter had told him that SG-1 phone each other every morning to decide what colour to wear.

"She did, yeah, but I thought she was joking." Jonas admitted.

"We don't have ESP Jonas. How else would we know?"

Jonas managed not to groan out loud at slipping up again. "Yes Sir. Sorry." He said.

"Right. Well, I'll see you at the briefing. Try to wake up before then. Bye."

"See you-" Jonas was interrupted by the dialling tone.

"There." He finished lamely, replacing the phone back in its cradle. He lay back down, replaying the short conversation with his new commanding officer in his mind. He knew that it was going to take some time for Colonel O'Neill to learn to trust him, or even like him- if he ever did- but he wished there was some way for him to prove himself, some way for him to show that he'd do anything to help SG-1 and Earth.

Well, starting tomorrow- or should he say today- he'd start trying to get into the military mindset, starting with the whole getting-up-early-thing. But right now he was going to try and get some more sleep before his first ever briefing, before his alarm clock went off at whatever time he'd set it for.



Jonas groaned and rolled over to the alarm clock, flashing 0500 at him imperiously, giving it an evil glare. Stupid military mindset.