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Nature of the Beast

by Kerisempai

"Do you require assistance Lieutenant Torres?"

B'Elanna, startled by the unexpected voice in what she thought was an empty Astrometrics lab, dropped the spanner she'd been using with a curse, the tool crashing down onto her nose. Silence filled the quiet room for a moment, while B'Elanna blinked past the stars of pain.

"God Damn it Seven," the engineer roared, flinging herself out from under the console she'd been repairing. "Why do you constantly have to sneak up on people?" The compact woman got to her feet, and barely controlled the urge to shove the former drone across the room. Her eyes tearing in response to her nose's collision with the spanner, her teeth grinding with frustration and rage, she wanted nothing more than to beat some sense into the beautiful blond.

"As this is my designated work area, I would not classify my approach as 'sneaking'," Seven stated, "Perhaps your lack of attention to your surroundings, once again prevented you…" Seven stopped speaking and strode forward, seeing the tears and blood on B'Elanna's face. "Lieutenant, you are damaged!"

The Klingon's eyes widened, as the Borg invaded her personal space and reached out a fully human hand to B'Elanna's bleeding nose. Seven's intention was merely to ascertain whether or not the Klingon's olfactory organ was broken, but a surprised shift of the smaller woman caused Seven' s fingers to contact her intended target with more force than was necessary.

"Ouch, damnit!" B'Elanna grabbed Seven's hand and forcefully held it against the former Borg's chest, using her other arm to immobilize Seven against her.

"I… I did not intend…" Seven's apology died on her lips at the other woman's actions. Tears had once again formed in the Lieutenant's eyes, but were quickly clearing to make way for the fiery rage Seven found there as well. Those same brown eyes glanced down to Seven's now blood smeared hand, and then farther down to where blood droplets were currently falling onto Seven's silver biosuit.

A low growl came from B'Elanna, anger, frustration, and pain igniting something else entirely as she studied her blood on Seven of Nine. The Klingon felt every inch of the body that was pressed against her. She felt the hammering of Seven's elevated heartbeat, the expanding of Seven's chest as she tried to bring larger gulps of air into her lungs.

The growl did not frighten Seven, nor did the rage she saw in the engineer's eyes; Seven was used to both these responses from the Lieutenant. The new look in B'Elanna's eyes however, made Seven decidedly nervous. "Release me Lieutenant," Seven demanded, her usual arrogance trying desperately to reassert itself, "I have duties to attend to."

B'Elanna only gripped her tighter.

"Comply!" Seven made to force her hand out of B'Elanna's grip, but was unsuccessful. Frightened by the Klingon's iron hold, she began to struggle for real.

The fear in Seven's eyes combined with her struggles, severed the last of B'Elanna's control. In a move any full Klingon would admire, she lifted Seven off her feet, turned and brought her down against the console. Her lips descended a moment later, punishing Seven for six years of frustration with a bruising kiss.

Seven grunted with surprise, as the air whooshed from her lungs. The engineer's tongue slid into her mouth, plundering, taking, leaving Seven at a loss for what to do. Her brain tried to process the response of her body. B'Elanna's had not actually injured her, but the assault on her lips was quickly restricting Seven's ability to apply logic to the situation. The sensations B'Elanna was creating felt… extraordinary, and with that last thought Seven gave up trying to analyze, and simply responded.

B'Elanna's growl increased tenfold when the former Borg's tongue caressed her own. She gentled her attack, but only to lure Seven's tongue out more. Somewhere in their struggles, unbeknownst to either woman, Seven's arm had come free, and B'Elanna felt it wrap around her and begin to stroke the ridges of her back. The engineer slid the leg that was already between Seven's up against her core, startling a moan from the other woman. B'Elanna dragged her lips from Seven, gasping for air, but refusing to relinquish contact. She nipped and kissed the alabaster skin of Seven's neck, encountering the starburst implant on her lower cheek, and lavishing it with her tongue.

"L…lieuteeeeenant," Seven moaned, feeling as if the universe has reduced in size to the single feeling of B'Elanna's tongue caressing her implant and the knee between her legs.

"Kahless," B'Elanna breathed, worshiping Seven's neck with lips and tongue and teeth. She felt Seven's hand slip under her uniform top, seeking skin, and ground her knee harder into the younger woman.

Carey to Torres

B'Elanna ignored her second in command's hail, concentrating on the feel of metal blending to skin under her mouth.

Carey to Lieutenant Torres, please respond

Cursing, B'Elanna leaned back far enough to tap her communicator, ready to take Carey's head off.

What is it? she grit out, but before she could even register what Carey's response was, she glanced down at the sight before her. Splayed beneath her on the console, one arm still pinned, lay Seven of Nine staring up at her with hooded and confused blue eyes. Seven's flawless skin was marked with B'Elanna's blood and bite marks. Her hair had come half undone, and her pelvis was still held to the edge of the console by the engineer's knee.

I just attacked Seven, B'Elanna's realization caused her to step back from the prone woman below her, horrified. And I enjoyed it.

"Kahless, what the hell have I done?" B'Elanna whispered, fleeing Astrometrics a second later, and not stopping until she reached her office and locked the door.

To Be Continued.