The Neko Saiyan

By Kidan

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Author notes: Welcome, if your reading this then I would let you know that this is My FIRST Ranma and Dragon Ball Z Fic. Also I must warn you That my grammar isn't very good. Hey I just write what my imagination tells me.

I am however looking for a beta. Okay as far as the story goes it's a crossover.

This prologue will take place when Genma finding the real scroll for the Neko Ken. I Got the Idea after reading "A Human Saiyan." but unlike that story, I'm taking it slow.

Im not sure where in time this is going to take place. Just so you know Ranma training begins in DB, and ends at the start or Ranma ½ However The Story will take place with the Neko Ken Training with Roshi, more training with Mr. Popo School then The Springs. Then it'll go into DBZ at the end of Ranma's 17th birthday. Enjoy the story, hope I didn't spoil anything.

Prologue: The Scroll of the cats

Genma Saotome was jumping up and down. He finally found yet, the scroll that well turned his son into the world's greatest martial artist. He sat down at a bench in a park not far from his home. Careful Genma unrolled the scroll. It foretell how the technique was to be done. Step by step.

Genma carefully took notes on how to do this right. The training book he had with him warns the dangers of using an abridge verison of this powerful technique. Genma wasn't stupid, not that stupid anyways, the pages was stuck together only to fond out that there was more.

Not giving up that there was a better way to learn the neko ken, that he decided to extend the training trip that he had planed for Ranma. As Genma read he was shock to learn how old one must be. Well this wasn't a problem. The problem was that he needed hundreds perhaps thousands of cats.

Well that wasn't the problem, the problem was that it took three years to master that and the fact Ranma and just Ranma needed to be alone. Shaking his head Genma prepared for the upcoming three years.

Two Days Later

Ranma watched as his father was getting everything ready. The young boy of six was doing a kata, Once in a while he would watch his father gentle put a cat in a pit he had dug up. He was placing one after another in it.

"Ranma I want you to come her." His father called out to him. Ranma stopped his kata and walked over to his father. Genma knelt down so he could look into Ranma's eyes.

"Today Ranma you'll be learning a technique called the Neko Ken, Now I will tell you that you will not be able to master this for three years." Young Ranma just looked at his father waiting for him to continue. Genma handed Ranma his notes. "You are to follow everything that's on this paper understand?"

Ranma nodded.

"Good." Genma said as he open the pit. "There is lights down there to help you to read the scroll. I will be by every two days to make sure that you have enough food and water. Good luck son." With that Genma closed the gate to the pit and started walking away.

Down in the Pit Ranma could tell that about sixteen cats was at the far wall. Ranma always did love cats. Shaking his head Ranma set his pack down by a lawn chair and carefully open the notes that his father left him.

Now you may ask how this young child knew how to read, well that was easy, Nodoka, Ranma's mother started to teach him at the age of four, just two years ago. Ranma who didn't want to disappoint his mother tired his hardest. So under a year ago Ranma was now read simple words, word that his father made sure Ranma knew.

As Ranma read the notes, several small kittens walked up to him. Ranma didn't notice this as he was reading the first part. The kittens started to curl up next him, as the kittens Laid several more cats started to follow the kittens, they two started to lay next to the young man.

AS Time went By Ranma got to know the cats, he played with each one, laughed and cried as kittens was being born, wept as the older ones died, all this time Ranma felt that he was getting stronger as he practice his martial arts.

When the three years was almost up something happen. One by one the cats started to die, even the kittens. What was going on? Ranma question himself. Reading the last of the notes Ranma realized that this would happen, why? He didn't know.

So Ranma sat down, and started to do what was in the notes, he mediated. One by one all the spirts of the dead or dying cats entered Ranma's body. He felt the change knowing what was happening but couldn't wake up from the deep trance that he was in.

When Ranma woke up from the mediation, he started to cry. Not because of sadness, no it was because the cats told him that they loved him and that they well always be a apart of him. One by one Ranma started to bury the cats, and kittens as he did Ranma knew the training in the neko ken was finished.

As Ranma climb out of the pit Genma was standing not far from him. Ranma had his eyes closed do to the fact that the three years his trained underground made him sanative to the suns rays. Genma walked to his son and handed him a pair of sunglasses and clothing. "I'm Sorry that you had to go though the pain son." Genma said. Ranma looked up. Shaking his head Ranma spoked in a sort voice. "No father, I don't regret it, The Neko Ken is powerful, but the piece one most pay is too great." With that said Ranma walked off to change.

Time once again seem to fly. As Ranma and His father traveled the world, they sought out the martial arts master, Roshi Muten, or Roshi the turtle hermit. He wasn't easy and When the two finally finds him it turn out that Roshi wasn't taking on any more students. After realizing that Roshi was just like his own master, (Something that made Genma Shuttered in fear.) Genma was able to persuade Master Roshi to Teach Ranma.

So Like his last two Students before Ranma Roshi packed up his home and moved once more.

Ranma thought that the training was weird then came the time that Roshi wrote his name on a rock and throw it into the forest.

Although it took him past supper time Ranma did fine the rock. He used his senses as they were heighten by the Neko ken training. When Ranma came back. Roshi decided that it was a good time as any to up Ranma's training.

After Two years Master Roshi felt that it was a good time as any to have Ranma enter the Tenkaichi Budokai. Even though his Other Student Son Goku wasn't going to be in it The others Like Kuririn and Yamcha along with Tenshinhan would. It was amazing how Ranma made it to the finals, No one excepted that Young Ranma would go so far.

During the Finals Master roshi had talked to his former Students about the young Saotome boy.

They all agreed that going easy on him wasn't an option. "Yamcha, Kuririn I want you to go all out, Give Ranma something to think about. Don't like him get an ego bust but also don't hurt him to badly." Master Roshi said. The two nodded.

While Master Roshi talked to his former Students Ranma was mediating While his father was talking. "Listen boy. You will win this no matter what. Saotomes don't lose got that?" Genma said. Ranma opened his eyes. "You ask the impossible, you know that? I will do my best old man." Ranma stood up and walked to the table were they would draw numbers.

How ever in the End, Ranma ended up losing in the third match to Tenshinhan. That's when Genma felt it right that Studying under Master Roshi has ended. Before they left Yamcha, Kuririn and Tenshinhan, Said there good-byes. Master Roshi however told Ranma of a way to get stronger.

So The two headed for Karin Tower. Upon arrival Ranma and his father meet the Indian tribe of two. Bora and his son Upa. When asked why there where there Ranma once again calmly replied.

"I was sent here by my master, Two calm the tower in hopes of becoming stronger." With a nod from his father and a test to see if Ranma was worthy Bora attacked the young martial artiest without warning.

When the test was finished, Bora gave Ranma permission after an hour of fighting. Ranma was about to Drop his pack when his Father said. "Leave it on, this way you will become stronger." He stated. With a Sigh, the young Saotome started to climb the tower.

Five days has past and Ranma still couldn't see the top. However he pushed foreword, he kept going and when he reached the top he was surprise to see a cat holding a stick. "Welcome young warrior." The cat said.

Ranma looked at him and blinked."You can talk?" The cat nodded. "Are you hear for the water?" Asked the cat. Ranma blinked again. His scenes was going haywire. "I was told that if I climb the tower that I would become stronger." Ranma told the cat. "But How can a cat help me?" Korin laughed at that.

"My, my I have never had anyone asked me that before. My Name is Korin and I'm the keeper here." Korin said "With this water." Karin said holding up a jug. "You will become stronger, then you are now." Ranma starred at the cat.

"Im not buying it." Ranma said as he crossed his arms. "That there is just normal water." if it was possible Korin eyes widen. "How did you know?" Ranma step forward. "I under went the Neko ken. I have heighten senses." Ranma said truthfully. Korin nodded. "I See. Then I have no choice. You See I would normally have someone chase me around for a few days or weeks. But seeing as how you underwent the neko ken I can't help you but I no someone who can." With that Karin handed Ranma a radish staff. He then monition Ranma to follow him to the top of the tower.

After Telling Ranma what to do and after placing the pole in the hole Korin said. "Say hi, to Kami for me when you see him." Ranma almost fell off the pole as it climbed high into the air. After while the pole slowed down at the base of a sky high building of some kind.

Using the latter he once again started a climb he felt defiant his arms and muscles was getting weaker and weaker. When he got to the top he saw several gardens and one single building.

Standing in front of the build was an over weight man wearing a white turban a red vest and white pants. "Mr. Popo is wondering, why you are here?" The man asked in a soft slow voice.

"Ummm, this cat named Korin sent me up here." Ranma said. "I See. Please wait there a moment longer." With that The man Name Mr. Popo went inside the building. While waiting Ranma looked around. He saw something in one of the garden, it was a plant out of place. Walking over to it Ranma knelt to the flower and started to replant it.

Mr. Popo Saw this act of kindness, with a nod from Kami Mr. Popo left to talk to the young man.

"Mr. Popo have talked with Kami-sama. Mr. Popo is willing to train you in what he knows." Ranma Stood up and bowed to Mr. Popo. "Thank you Mr. Popo." Ranma said.

For the next three years Ranma training under Mr. Popo isn't as easy as he thought it would be.

Ranma was given weighted clothing heavier then anyone could imagine, but over the three years it took Ranma to finish training, Ranma endeared the hard gravity of the look out.

While under training Ranma help tend to the gardens and other choirs as well. At the end of the three year Ranma Bowed to Mr. Popo who was not just a sensei but as a friend. Ranma never did Meet Kami but he also thanked him as well.

When Ranma left Mr. Popo turned to Kami. "Kami-sama, Are you sure he can help the others?" He asked Earth's guardian. "Yes. He has a great power with in him. Same I can't see the future."

Kami Said the big man.

Once back down on earth Ranma paid a visit to Korin. "Thank you Master Korin." Ranma Said

"Hey it was no problem. Here Take these." Korin said handing Ranma a bag for beans. At Ranma's questing look Korin smiled. "Those beans are called Senzu. And they hold enough protein in then that it gives you tens day worth of food in just one bean." Korin said. Ranma nodded. It would sure be helpful. With that the young martial arts made his way back down to earth.

When he saw his son again for the first time in three years Genma could only blink at the power Ranma had with in him. "Come on Boy it's time to go." Ranma said nothing as he walked with his father.

During this time They made they're ways back to Asia. Once back in Japan Genma had enrolled Ranma in school. It was an all boys school were he meet a boy his age named Ryouga Hibiki. It was hard at first but Ryouga and Ranma forged a friendship in a sense.

A Year Later

Ranma had to once again Go back on the road. But not before Ranma and Ryouga had one last Spar. It was fast and hard and Ryouga almost won but Ranma pulled one last move. "Keep training Ryouga, I want to fight you again." Ranma Said as he waved at his friend. "So Pop, where we going now?" Ranma asked.

Genma looked at his son. "Its called Jusenkyo, It will be the last place we go to." Genma said feeling that the fifteen year old training was complete. He just had to test him. Seeing no other way Genma Swam across while Ranma flew thanks to his training on Kami look out.

Once in China Genma and His Son made for the training grounds. Once there, they saw hundreds

of springs. "Welcome to Springs of Jusenkyo." a fat China man said. Genma nodded. "Coming boy?" Genma asked as he jumped on a pole.

Ranma Soon followed. "Anytime or ready pops." Ranma told his father. "Don't think I'll go easy on you, boy." Genma yelled out just before he launched himself at Ranma who jumped up and caught in the air and knocked Genma into a pool below him. "What wrong pops? Done already." Ranma Said.

"That Spring of Drowned Panda." The Guild said. Ranma just blinked and was shocked when a panda jumped out of the spring. " whoever fall into spring take body of panda." Said Panda started to swing at Ranma who was to shocked and was knocked into another Spring. "That would be spring of drowned girl. Tragic Story of girl who drowned there 1500 year ago. Now who ever falls in spring turns into girl." At the guilds words Ranma opened that top of her shirt and took a peek. Letting go of the collar, the now red headed girl calmly climbed out of the spring.

She just stood there dripping wet , then a blue aura surrounded her. "POPS YOU'RE A DEAD MAN!" with that and seeing an angry son turn daughter Genma decided to run. The guild just shrugged. "This happen all the time."

Two months Later

Nerima, Tokyo, Japan

"YOU DID WHAT??" Screamed an enraged Ranma. Genma sweat dropped at that. "Listen boy, an old friend and I arranged it before you was born." Genma said backing up. "We thought it was in the best interest for the schools." Ranma sighed. "Fine lets go, but Im warning you, any funny business and I'll have a new panda fur rug."

Tendo Dojo.

My life sucks. Was the thoughts of one Kasumi Tendo as she hung up the day's laundry. For the last ten years she had taking care of her family. Ever since her mother's death. At nineteen this young woman have not only mastered four forms of martial arts but also healing spells from her mother side of the family.

She was hoping that one day she would become a doctor. That changed when her mother got sick and passed away shortly after that. I mean really how boring can my life get? No friends, no boy friend, No Life, is it so much to ask? As if answering her prayer her father Soun Tendo called for a family meeting.

The members of the Tendo family sat around the table. Next to Kasumi, was her young Sister Nabiki, next to Nabiki and the youngest Daughter Akane. "So Dad what's up why called the meeting?" Akane asked. Soun Tendo Sweat dropped, His youngest was known for her temper.

"Well you See, Your fiancee Well be come at anytime now." When the bombed was dropped

He waited for the explosion, he didn't have to wait long.

"WHAT!?" All three yelled out. Akane jumped to her feet and punched her father in the back of the head. "What era do you live in?!" Akane yelled at her father. Soun was in tears. "Oh great Akane now you'll get him started." Nabiki said. No Sooner as she said that , that Soun Tendo started crying. "Waaaaahhhh!! My little girl hates me."

"Quick, someone do something before he floods the house again." Nabiki said. Kasumi just sighed. "Father, Akane didn't mean it, right Akane?" Kasumi asked. Akane Just nodded and Soun Stopped crying. After calming down Soun started to explain Ranma's train years training in the martial arts.

Kasumi was just bored out of her mind, not really caring at any point. Really father, your such a baka, engaging us when we was born. Kasumi thought to herself. Just when things was getting good for Nabiki the door bell ranged. That's probably them. Getting up Kasumi walked to the door.

When Kasumi came back there was two people behind her. "Father, Sisters We have guests."

The remaining Tendos looked at them. Soun walked up to the young man. "You wouldn't happen to be..."

The Young man bowed. "Ranma Saotome...Sorry about this."

Just the Beginning

Ending Notes:

Well I would Like you to tell me what you think. Everything beyond this point Is Ranma, I might do some Short stories, telling how Ranma gets to where he needs to go. But besides that Everything beyond this point will now move into DBZ.