The Neko Saiyan

By Kidan (A.k.a. Blackwolf and Umi)

Well after a long debate with myself I decided to throw away the remake project. It just wasn't getting enough reviews and I was told that I should break it into four chapters. I'm Sorry people but it's not going to happen.

Anyways, Since you asked for it, you're gonna get a flash back to Ranma and Kasumi. I might rewrite the last part (again) of the prologue to match this. In any case it deals with Ranma and Kasumi.

The first part of this chapter is a flash back to he day Ranma arrived at the Tendos.

Okay a few thing you should know. Like with Neko Warrior Ranma, Kasumi is younger then her cannon counter-part.

Here the ages.

Ranma: 16 going on 17

Kasumi: 18 just had her birthday.

Nabiki: 16

Akane: 15 ( Don't yell at me its my story.)

Also I'm not sure if I'll being in Nodoka in this chapter or not, Seeing as how this part takes place six months before Ranma faced off against Raditz. Let me know and I'll do another flash back.

Warning: Bad Grammar alert and LONG Chapter.

Chapter Five: Ranma And Kasumi

Her heart was heavy as she looked out the window into the back yard. Below her was Kuririn and the young boy Gohan. Even though they were quiet they still made some noises as they spared with skills that a normal martial artist didn't have.

Then again who said that she was a normal martial artist? At first she had no equal, then came Ranma. That bought a smile to her face. Their first meeting didn't really go too well. Kasumi remembered that day like it was yesterday.

One year and six months ago.

"I'm Ranma Saotome, Sorry about this." the young man of sixteen said. Soun Tendo went into tears and tried to grab Ranma in a hug. However the Saotome youth had others ideas and ducked under Soun arms and spun around him to face a younger girl with bluish black hair.

When Akane Saw ranma her blood started to boil, there was just no way that she was going to marry a boy. "PERVERT!" Akane yelled as she throw a punch at Ranma. With a smile Ranma ducked under Akane's fist and foot swept her off her feet.

"Ouch that had to hard." Nabiki comment. Ranma looked at her. "Not really it was just Whoa!" Ranma yelled as he side steeped Akane's follow up after she got off the ground. "I will not marry some stupid Perverted JERK!" As she said this she was throwing a one two combo and some kicks.

Of course her speed was nothing that Ranma couldn't handle. As he lead her outside he took in his surroundings. When he saw that the Tendos had a Koi pond he thought up a plan. Akane came running after him. "Stand and fight!" She yelled out.

"Naw, come and get me you uncute Tomboy." Ranma said as he pulled down his eye lid and stuck out his tongue. "What did you call me?" Akane was seeing red how dare he call her name.

With a mighty yell Akane jumped at Ranma.

Seeing this Ranma could only smile. As Akane neared him hi reached out grabbed the front of her Gi and throw her into the pond. "There that should co...oh shit." Ranma said as he saw a wave of cold water heading his way.

During this whole time Kasumi was sitting at her table drinking her tea. "Hey where did Ranma go?" Nabiki asked as a red haired girl walk in. "Umm, well you see umm I'm..." Ranma was trying to say. Genma saw this and said. "Oh what have I done this deserve this?" Ranma glared at his father. "What gods have I pissed off that my only child is cursed to turn into a weak little girl?"

"WHAT!?" Two voices cried out. Then with blinking eyes Ranma and Kasumi looked at each other. Nabiki smiled, she could make a lot of money on Ranma girl form. Not like they needed the money anyways since Kasumi won some local and national martial arts tournaments. Nothing big mind you just enough that the Tendo girls was set for life.

Ten minutes later...

"So you see Tendo, Because of Ranma foolish behav...I mean because the guild didn't warn...WILL YOU STOP THAT!?" Genma yelled at his son who was hitting him at every point of the tail he knew was wrong. "Tell the truth and I will." Ranma replied back. Genma growled at him but knew Ranma was just going to keep hitting him. "Because of my foolish ways, both myself and my son are now cursed." Genma looked at Ranma.

The next voice they heard was that of who most thought was the kindness person on earth.

"What are you some kind of monster?" Kasumi said. "My own father made mistakes in my training but Never did he thought of going to China and getting me cursed." Kasumi stood up. "It's amazing that Ranma isn't like you. Thief, liar, kidnapper. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't put you in hell?" Kasumi had her hands at her side in a tight fight.

That was when Ranma stood up. "Miss, My father maybe a lot of things, but he did what he had too, even though he didn't really train me, sold me for food and then ran off with me after said trade."


Ranma shook his head. "He is still my father. Even though I'm faltered I don't need people defending me." Ranma said looking at his father. "Now what's this I heard about an arrangement between our clans?" He asked.

"Yes well." Soun coughed. "Before you or my daughters where born, My old training partner and I had decided during our celebration of defecting He who shall not be named., have decided that in order for the school of anything goes to truly be one we have decided to join the schools with a married between our two children."

"Isn't that a little old fashion now a days?" Ranma asked giving Soun Tendo a look. "I mean it is the 21st century." Soun laughed a little. "Funny, that's what my daughters said." Ranma sighed, he didn't like the idea but it was for honor. Then a Idea hit him, no what that was just Akane hitting him with a chair.

With a sigh Ranma caught the chair, and pushed Akane back out the door and into the koi pond once more. "She really need to cool off." Ranma commented. "Mr. Tendo, as much as I would like to unite the school, I can't. See pops haven't really been training me in the Saotome school."

Ranma said.

"However. I will Spar with your daughters, If they can keep up with me I will honor the engagement." Everyone blinked. He just gave The Tendo girls away out. Kasumi stood up.

" I except." She said. Ranma looked at Kasumi and blinked. He could tell she was strong.

"Okay." Was all he said before his father got up into his face.

"Now listen here boy, I put a lot of time and effort into making you a martial artist. You will honor this engagement or..." Ranma grabbed the front of his fathers gi. "Or what band me from the school, Disown me? Go ahead. Then that will leave you with nothing." Ranma said.

Genma was sweat dropping. He Stepped back and let Ranma do his thing. " Okay this will be pretty easy. If anyone of your daughters land a hit on me while I dodge." He glared at Akane.

"Or if you can keep up with me for more then five minutes."

Soun looked at Ranma. "What about Nabiki she isn't a martial artist." Ranma thought for a second. "Okay I'll fight with one of your daughters." Soun looked at at his two martial artist daughters and thought this though. "Father, I like to fight him." Kasumi said.

Everyone looked at her. Ranma shook off this feeling that Kasumi was a little more stronger then she let on. However Ranma nodded. "Should we go to the Dojo?" Ranma asked. Kasumi looked at Ranma for a few minutes, then she shook her head. "No we should go to the High Schools baseball field." Ranma nodded and followed Kasumi to the field.

Furinken High School Baseball field.

The family made there way to the baseball field There Stood Ranma and Kasumi. Kasumi was wearing a blue gi and blue slippers. Ranma was wearing what he wore when he arrived at he Tendos. A red silk chines shirt and black pants. Mister Tendo stood in the middle of the field as the referee. "This fight will only last five minutes." Soun Started. "If kasumi Touch Ranma in any form during the fight He will have to pick one of three Tendo daughters to marry." Ranma nodded.

"If Kasumi does not land a hit on Ranma then the engagement is off." Everyone but Genma nodded. That damn boy, he'll ruin my retirement before it even started. Genma thought to himself. It was true He didn't learn anything goes but several other forms of martial arts from masters that Genma never heard of other then Roshi.

The Girl Kasumi however looked familiar somehow like he seen here somewhere before.

Akane and Nabiki was making bets over who would win. Akane placed two hundred yen one Kasumi while Nabiki place three hundred on Ranma. "BEGIN!" Soun cried out.

Kasumi ran at Ranma at high speed, but held back with her punches and kicks as she moved around him. Ranma knew she was testing his defense against her. Ranma dodged in and out of nearly all of the attacks. Ranma was catch up in all the dodging that he did feel the small tap on Ranma's pigtail, nor did Kasumi know she tapped him.

Ranma was having fun this was the first time that someone can keep up with him in the martial arts. Sure there was that girl in China but that didn't count when he jumped over her and she fell off the log. Then there was Ryouga Hibiki, but that fight ended a month and a half ago.

Kasumi was sweating. She didn't know he would be this good. This reminded her of a boy back at the worlds martial arts tournament a few years back. She just ended her third year of training when her father decided that having her enter the W.M.T would be good for her.

Kasumi made it to the semi finals, She face Yamcha in her first round and ended up kicking him out of the ring, While She watch the young boy knocked out a unknown. Both Kasumi and the boy had one more fight before facing each other. Kasumi ducked under Ranma's round house and counter with a foot sweep of her own. Ranma jumped over the sweep and came down fast with a down ward fist, Kasumi rolled out of the way and jumped back up to her feet.

The two faced off once more. Either paying attention to the others as they fight. Genma watch his son and Kasumi spar. How was she keeping up with him? Ranma was thinking the same thing. Still I shouldn't used my chi attacks. Ranma thought to himself. Ranma upped the ante some more as he powered up some. Kasumi must have sensed this as she too powered up.

Now they were moving faster and stronger, for those that watched they had a hard time seeing what was going on. To them they saw nothing but blurs. Kasumi kept pushing Ranma more and more. Breathing a little hard Kasumi pushed her attack with a round house punch.

Ranma catch the fist and throw a scissor kick at kasumi who block with her palms. The two broke away from each other and stared. "Your not half bad." Ranma tells Kasumi. Kasumi grins. "Will I am the best in Nerima." Kasumi stated. Akane rolled her eyes. "GET YOUR OWN LINE!" The youngest Tendo yelled. "Ranma enough fooling around!" Genma yelled at his son. Soun looked at his friend. "You sure he's fooling around?" He asked. Kasumi looked back at Ranma. Said person just shrugged. "Your call Miss Tendo." he tells Kasumi. Kasumi shook her head. "I have dinner to make So lets call it." Ranma relaxed a little. "Sounds good to me."

Later that night.

"SHE WHAT!" Ranma yelled after Nabiki and Akane viewed the recording of the video that she had running during the fight. "Kasumi tapped your pigtail, it was a light tap but she still Got you Saotome." The Middle daughter said. "So Son, who will you pick as your fiancé?" Soun asked.

Genma was about to say Akane but Ranma beat him to it. "Kasumi." He Said.

Everyone but Ranma looked at the said Tendo. Kasumi stood up and looked Ranma in the eyes.

"So be it." was all she said before leaving the room to go to the kitchen. Ranma looked on as she left. "She didn't stay." Ranma said.

Present day.

Tendo Dojo.

Kasumi placed her hand on the pendent, that Ranma gave her for Christmas. Ranma had done so much for her during his stay, she missed him dearly. Deciding to leave her room she went down stair wear the young woman named Bulma was working on the plans for the rebuilt namekian space ship. "I Should have it done in a weeks time, will that be enough time for you to train Kasumi Goku?"

The Young man she knew as Goku nodded his head. "And Ryouga as well, I can't believe how powerful they are for humans." Goku said. Kasumi walked into the room, She wore a verison that all of Roshi's students wore only hers was a red shirt with a red pants suit, red and gold bracers,

for now she had her boots off but they like the rest was red and gold trim.

"Can we stop by Capsule Corps first I like to see if there's any change in Ranma Since he was brought in." Kasumi said. Bulma nodded and didn't see why not. "Ryouga said that there was something on Kami look out that will help us train. We will use that for awhile." Goku said.

Kasumi looked at him. "What do we need to bring with us?" Kasumi asked Ryouga. The former lost boy thought for a minute. It was odd that Kami was able to cure his directional problem so easily. "Not much if I remember right, The Time Chamber has everything we need. "Taking a deep breath Ryouga continued. "However I believe a change of cloths will be needed."

Kasumi nodded. "I'll be ready in five minutes, we should go now before Goku's wife has a change of heart." Everyone nodded. Kasumi went back up stairs and packed three pairs of her uniform that Ranma gave her.

Down stairs Everyone was ready to go. In the back yard Akane was talking with Ryouga.

"But I want to go with you." Akane whined. Ryouga just shook his head. "Akane it will take longer to train you in ki attacks and built you up to were everyone else is." Ryouga said. He gentle laid a hand on her shoulder. "I'll be careful I promise." He told her. Akane looked at him. "You better or I'll never forgive you." Akane said as she lean in and gentle kissed him.

After breaking the kiss Ryouga had a goofy look on his face. "How are we getting to Capsule Corps anyways?" Ryouga asked. Bulma just smiled. "We'll fly there once everyone is ready then You, Goku and Kasumi can head over to Kami lookout from there."

Upstairs Kasumi sat on her bed. Her hand was holding the pendent Ranma gave her.

She started to remember the last time She, Ryouga and Ranma fought together. The person was named Herb. Like Ranma he had a curse that changed him into a girl.

Flash Back

One year and several months prior.

Its was a pretty peaceful day in Nerima, even though a little over two months ago Ranma and Kasumi had to face the chines amazons. Kasumi sighed she had very little time before school ends for the year and her graduation will be here before she knew what happen.

Ranma was doing better in school with her help but he seems to have little time with all the fighting that both Mousse and Ryouga engage him in. She wished there was more she can do.

Kasumi wondered what kind of life she was going to have with Ranma. Was it going to be good? Bad? Weird? Kasumi didn't know for sure but one thing for sure was that there would never be a dull day again.

"I'm Home!" Kasumi yelled out, as she made her way to the sitting room, She walked in to a angry group. "What's going on?" She asked. "Ranma got locked in his curse again." Akane said.

Kasumi looked at Ranma. "How that happen?" Kasumi asked. Akane and Shampoo filled her in at what happen.

It seemed that a long dead tribe of Chines warriors called the Musks came to look for the hot water kennel, a part of their legend that dates back to a thousand years. Two Men grabbed both Akane and Shampoo as they walked around.

When Ranma and Ryouga walked to the cat café Ranma had to catch Akane from being hurt.

Ranma yelled at Herb for throwing her. One thing lead to other and ranma ended up locked in his curse. So after talking with Cologne They know where to look for the kennel. "I'll go with you to make sure that you two say out of trouble." Kasumi said with a smile.

"Pack for a long trip then." Ranma said. "Ryouga thats..." Ranma said trying to stop Ryouga from walking off but it was to late seeing as he walked into a closet. With a sigh Ranma went up stairs to pack some things.

About ten minutes later Ranma Ryouga and Kasumi was on the road. "RYOUGA! THIS WAY!" Ranma yelled as he punched Ryouga in the back of the head. Kasumi took led as she followed the map. During the trip Ranma spared with both Kasumi and Ryouga when ever they stop to make camp. Ryouga never expected that Kasumi was a better fighter then Akane.

Skilled in every sense of the word. When Ryouga asked how she became so good Kasumi smiled a beautiful smile that nearly floored Ranma and said. "Well you see...That's a secret." That day Ryouga learned that a face vault really did hurt.

It was a day into the trip and some how Ryouga lost their money, so the three of them had to work in a bath house that to make some money. While they worked Ranma spotted his prey.

"HEY YOU!" Ranma yelled as he throw a rock at Herb.

Said princess turned around only to get hit in the face by the 'Rude one.'

"You have something I want." Ranma said crossing her arms under her breasts. Outside the bathing area Kasumi and Ryouga had similar problems. The problem called Lime and Mint.

It also didn't help that they was both trying to grope a feel from Kasumi.

In the bath house Ranma blocked a punch thrown by Herb, blocked or other wise the punch still throw Ranma into the rocks. "You life is forfeit." Herb said as she raised her hand. Ranma started muttering something under his breath. "Any last words Rude one?"

Ranma looked up. "Yeah I Do, KA...ME...HA..ME...HA!" With that a beam of strong Ki shot from Ranma's hands and hit Herb in the chest Knocking him back into the bath house wall. "HOW DARE YOU!" Screamed Herb as she got back on her feet.

Ranma smirked. "All can't take a little pain?" Ranma mocked. This had the result Ranma wanted as Herb flew at Ranma and attacked him. Ranma didn't see it coming and failed to dodge the attack. This bought Ranma to his knee. "Now who's the one that can't take any pain?" Herb asked.

Ranma looked up. "Heh, is that the best you got?" Ranma raised up on his feet. she spitted blood out of his mouth. "You know if I didn't know any better I say that you hit like a weak little girl." Again Herb attacked Ranma fast and hard, This time Ranma was ready by jumping up into the air and Landed on herbs back knocking the Musk Princess into the ground.

"Surfs up." Ranma yelled as he attacked her, only to get knocked off by a kick from Herb.

"I See that you are more powerful then you let on." Herb said. "Let us continue after I regain what I lost!" Herb yelled throw some type of powder into Ranma eyes.

Outside Ryouga flew into Kasumi after getting hit by both Mint and Lime. "Mint, Lime we're leaving get it together and move out. The two looked at each other, Kasumi helped Ryouga up and get into a stance. Then the three left. "Where's Ranma?" Kasumi asked.

"Right here, Move it!" Ranma yelled as she ran after the Musk. Kasumi and Ryouga looked at each other before following after Ranma. "You think Ranma planed this all along?" kasumi asked Ryouga. "Who knows."

Mt. Horai.

The three ran across the bridge after chasing after the musk only to ran into the wall. Ranma looked up and saw them jumping from rock to rock while Herb flew. "Get how do we get up there?" Ryouga asked looking up. "Simple we follow, hurry it up." Ranma ordered as she flew up after Herb.

When the three reached the summit there wear surrounded by monkeys. Ranma just grinned, he then Powered up to his full power scaring the prime mates off. "Whoa!" Ranma looked at Ryouga. "What?"

"Had know Idea you was that powerful." Ryouga said to Ranma. He miss the look Ranma gave Kasumi though. The three moved out following Herbs trail once more. "Oh Shit" Ranma cursed.

Herb reached the water fall just as Ranma and the others moved throw the dense forest.

"Now Ranma You Face Prince Herb." Herb called out after changing back into his birth form.

"Should have known." Ranma said. "How about it Herb? One on one." Herb looked at her.

"So be it, if you win I will allow you to become a man again." Ranma nodded and turned to the others. "Kasumi, Ryouga you can take on Mint and Lime." Ranma then turned back to look at Herb.

Kasumi stared at Lime, the one who wore the tiger like armor. Her cold eyes stared at him.

Ryouga looked at Mint the one in the wolf like armor. Even though he looked young he know that he was dangerous. "You sure about this Ranma?" Ryouga asked. Ranma just nodded her head. "I'll be fine."

Herb didn't think so as he attack Ranma, He released a powerful ki blast that not only knocked Ranma off her feet. "RANMA!" Kasumi Yelled as she blocked a punch from Lime. Kasumi then Kicked him in the groin and ran to Ranma's side. "Anata?" Kasumi knelt next to him trying to shake him awake.

Ranma wasn't used to fighting in his female form and know matter how many times she seems to tell him he never listen. "WAKE UP YOU BAKA!" Kasumi yelled a second later she rolled out of the way with Ranma in her arms just as a punch made a hole in the ground. "YOU JERK!" Kasumi yelled at Lime. "You could have killed her." Kasumi stood back up and locked eyes with Lime. Then aura of blueish red energy surrounded her as she powered up.

Then she went after Lime punches and kicks moving to fast for the young warrior to block.

At the time Ranma started to ster. Ranma then jumped to her feet as a powerful blast landed next to her. She glared at Herb. "You'll pay for that." Ranma yelled as she flew at Herb. "KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!!" Once again she fired off her ki attack hitting Herb in the chest and face.

Herb stumbled back and held his face. Herb flew at ranma and started fighting him and not holding back anymore. The punched throw Ranma into the rock bed. I'm not strong enough, Kasumi was right I need to practice in my girl form. Ranma got ready to fire off another Kamehameha wave but was stopped just as Herb Landed a powerful punch to her mid section. When Ranma doubled over Herb throw a powerful uppercut to Ranma chin sending her into the air Herb then Jumped and double fisted up into the air some more Then flew past her and hammer punch her back to the ground.

Ranma landed hard into the ground Only to scream out in pain as Herb slammed down on her with his feet. "Give up you well never defeat me. "Never Say Never SOLAR FLARE!" Ranma yelled out as she closes her eyes just as a powerful beam blinded Herb.

Slowly getting up Ranma ran for the spring that was felled with hot water for the kennel.

Ranma was about to jump into it when a boulder smashed her into the mountain wall. "Not so fast Ranma." Herb said. "Its been fun, but sadly this has to end here and now." Ranma looked at him.

Spiting blood out of her month and clearing it away with the back of her sleeve Ranma glared at him. "Your all talk but I know your weakness." Herb looked at Her. She'll probably regret this but she had no choice. "KASUMI NOW!" Just as Ranma yelled this Both Kasumi and Ranma open their shirts to show off their breasts. This some how Stunned Herb Long enough for Ranma to jump into the spring.

Once in the Spring Ranma felt the change He then took out a Senzu bean and quickly ate it.

With his strength back to full power Ranma jumped out of the Spring and fired off Several ki blasts at Herb. Landing on his feet Ranma glared at Herb. "Man to Man." Ranma said as he ran at Herb and unload a fury of Punches to Herbs body.

Ranma then charge Ki into his legs. "LIGHTING KICK!" Ranma yelled as his kicks moved at a fast speed striking at herbs body. Herb for his part tried blocking as many kicks as he could to no yield. Herb landed hard on the ground Ranma moving to his broken body. "You know you taught me something Herb." Ranma Said Kneeling next to him. "You taught me that I need to train my female form." Ranma said standing up.

Ranma waited for Herb to get up. This fight was almost over.

Meanwhile Kasumi was fighting Lime. After she showed her breasts Lime couldn't think straight.

It was the same with Mint as well seeing how Ryouga had no problem showing the young warrior his place. Kasumi Spin kicked Lime Over To Ryouga as Ryouga punched Mint the result Mint crashing into Lime knocking them both out.

The Musk was down, and they knew it.

"It's over Herb." Ranma said. Herb looked at the pigtail boy. "Then finish." Herb said back.

Ranma looked at him. "No." Ranma said before turning away from him. He stopped to look back at him. "For one thing I can understand why you was looking for the kennel. Live well Prince Herb of the Musk."


Tendo Dojo.

That day Kasumi saw the full power of Ranma. Its be a year since she last fought with him in the field of battle. The last time was when Ranma fought with Saffron, the God of the people of the Phoenix. Shaking her head Kasumi stood up with her pack and once more made her way down stairs.

"All Set?" Bulma asked the Tendo eldest. "Yes I like to See Ranma now." With that they made there way to Bulma's Hover car and took off with the others flying behind them. I'm coming Ranma. Hold on.


End Chapter.

Author Notes: Well That was a hard one since I had to fine a manga that had the Herb fight in it.

While it chases from the cannon fight I like to State before I get reviews say that Herb can asorb Ki. I Found no poof that Herb can do this. how ever it seems that he can stop the Hiryu Shoten Ha. The one thing I did fine was that he can control Ki. but how good is that when he is caught off gruad? So I Dont want to hear people say that the Kamehameha Wave can't hurt him.

Two flash back and more will come as time goes. Again I might do a small rewrite for the prologue (Again.) Where Ranma and Kasumi fought in the WMT. And Yes He did lose to her.

The Lighting kick is like the kick Chun Li of Street fighter does, Only faster because of his training.

Hoped that you like this chapter as you know theres more to come and well we see a Fight between Vegeta and Kasumi? Well That's a Secret.

Kidan Out.