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30. Kiss

They had been imagined. They had been dreamed. Real. Fleeting. All of them with a great deal of passion behind them, even if it hadn't been obvious at the time.

'Why am I thinking this way? What is wrong with me?' Hisana thought with a sigh.

She felt like she was rushing towards something, desperate to reach it, but afraid at what she could find there. She searched like she was possessed, and loved Byakuya with an equal intensity.

It couldn't last. Hisana was aware of this, but she couldn't stop now. It felt like she was a hair's breadth away from finally grasping what she wanted – a complete life with her husband, with her sister back into her care. She was standing at the top of a hill, in Hisana's mind, ready to tip and roll. And once she started rolling, there would be no stopping until the end. Where the end would be, she had no idea, but Hisana was determined to try and ensure that she getting her sister and keeping her husband were at the end.

'Even if I were the price?' she idly wondered.

Her mind was wandering too much when she was alone. She was spending all her days feverishly searching without paying mind to anything else. It was like a word on the tip of her tongue – she felt so close to getting what she wanted. Hisana couldn't explain where the feeling was coming from, but it spurred her on and gave her strength.

Hisana felt her forehead. She was feeling a little warm, but she quickly put it down to her unusually cold hands and the amount of rushing around Rukongai she'd been doing for most of the day.

Everyone seemed busy nowadays. She searched while Byakuya worked towards his captaincy. He had told her it was close, since he had almost perfected his only recently acquired bankai. Apparently Captain Ukitake had been raving to the other captains about his protégé, which would help Byakuya get voted in as a captain. In the evenings after dinner Byakuya had taken to going out on to the veranda and practicing into the night. Sometimes she would drag him in after a few hours, but other times she was so tired herself she hadn't the energy to bring him in and retired to bed alone. It hadn't bothered her though – she understood that becoming a captain was his version of her finding Rukia. Unlike her, it seemed he would achieve his desire.

"I wish…" she whispered to herself.

"… to be quiet and go to sleep," a tired Byakuya said, entering the room and slowly changing for bed.

Hisana watched him, the faint moonlight allowing her to just make him out. He slid into the bed and gracelessly collapsed into a heap beside Hisana, who continued watching him. Byakuya seemed to become concerned by the way her eyes were glued to him and propped himself up slightly.

"Are you all right?" he asked, reaching out to stroke her hair. It was a rare moment of affection for Byakuya, which Hisana savoured. She settled down, her tiredness like a vice to her mind. Her hands wound around his body and she briefly kissed his forehead.

The kiss seemed to put Byakuya at ease, for which she was glad.

"I'm fine," she told him, closing her eyes and snuggling into his body's warmth.

She wouldn't worry him.

There was nothing to worry about.


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