Disclaimer: Uhh… Everything belongs to Anthony Horowitz, except all the random stuff that's mine, but I don't feel like listing it.

A blonde haired teenager raced along the alleys of London on a bike. He continued onto a main road, and followed it to a school with a large field in front of it. He rode up to the building and raced in. He slid into his seat in Room 7 just as the bell rang.

This boy was Alex Rider. He was tall and muscular, with brown eyes that were unlike those of his classmates. Those brown eyes had seen more horrors than a grown adult sees in their life.

The teacher, Mr. Lawrence, walked in. "Settle down now!" he called over the class's voices. Gradually the chatter died down. "We have some special guests this morning everyone. I'd like to introduce Mr. Blunt and Mrs. Jones."

The two people Alex hated most in the world came into the classroom. He groaned and stood up. "What do you people want now?" he asked. All eyes and heads turned towards him.

"Actually, Alex, we're here to ask your class for a favor." said Blunt. "Maybe you'd like to step outside and have Mrs. Jones explain this to you."

"Whatever." Was Alex's terse reply before he sauntered out to the hall after Mrs. Jones.

"Is this some kind of sick joke?" Alex asked.

"No, we need help. A school in Southern Germany has been attacked numerous times. The strange thing is, all of a sudden, the attackers retreat every time before they ever do anything. We think they could be trying to get publicity before they make a final attack and follow through with it. However, if there is some other reason, we need to know before the school closes and leaves its thousands of students with no education. There is no one politically or otherwise important at the school, making it all the more puzzling. We need to prevent any other students from enrolling, so we have to fill all of the openings for the term. This means we need schoolchildren. We are going to ask-"

"No way. Absolutely not. You are not getting them mixed up in this. Besides, when you say 'ask' you mean force. It doesn't really seem to matter what I say. If any of them die, how could you live with yourself? I just don't get what goes on in your heads." Alex ranted.

"Like you said, it doesn't really matter what you say. You and the class leave for the SAS in two days. You don't have to tell them about yourself if you don't want to, but I advise that you explain why you are a MI6 spy," Was Mrs. Jones's calm reply. "Let's go back in."

The two walked back into the classroom, Alex feeling incredibly angry. Blunt was just finishing his proposal. "… so we need you to assist in the protection of the school. However, some of you may not be up to the job, so you will go into training and undergo a test to ensure that you are ready. Any questions?" he looked around at the amazed faces around him. "Good. You leave for the SAS camp in two days. Pack light, you will be given a uniform. No complaints, and keep this information private. Your parents will be told that you are going on a class trip to Germany. If they object, we will deal with it. I will see you on the plane." With that, Blunt walked out of the building, followed closely by Mrs. Jones. They got into a black Escalade and drove off, leaving Alex to deal with the inevitable questions.